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Ocean Seven Roofing is returning to our Best Buys TV Show. This full service roofing contractor has a process to seal hard to find leaks. See our "Home Improvement / Ocean Seven Roofing" page.

Termite season starts soon and the recent rain will mean trouble for homeowners. Watch our TV report below and get more information about ECOLA Termite and Pest Control Services on our "Termite Control / ECOLA" page.


Remodeling Guys is on our "Home Improvement / Garage Conversions" page.
Mortgage Broker Kam Zarnegar is on our "Mortgage / Kam Zarnegar" page.
Visions In Furniture is on our "Furniture / Visions In Furniture" page.
Tibi Home Designs is on our "Home Improvement / Mold, Asbestos" page.
Payless Kitchen and Bath is on our "Home Improvement / Payless" page.
Top Wood Shutters and Windows is on our "Home Improvement / Shutters, Blinds" page.
The Appliance Outlet is on our "Home Improvement / Appliance Outlet" page.
Pottery Manufacturing & Distributing in Gardena is on our "Pottery" page.
L&T Japanese Automotive is on our "Auto Repair / Tires / Maintenance" page.
The Ski and Snowboard Outlet is on our "Ski and Snowboard Equipment and Clothes" page.
Credit Report Scrubbers is on our "Credit Help / Credit Report Scrubbers" page.
U.S. Direct Lender is on our "Loans / US Direct Lender" page.
Podiatrist Dr. Fardin Hakakian is on our "Health / Foot and Ankle" page.
Dr. Linda Salvin is on our "Health / Strawberry Laser" page.
Realtor Jorge Granados is on our "Real Estate / Jorge Granados" page.
Hollywood Piano is on our "Music / Hollywood Piano" page.

Independent mortgage broker Kam Zarnegar has more than 100 sources for loans. See our "Mortgage / Kam Zarnegar" page. Ask about his $1,000 cash guarantee to have your mortgage ready for your closing. He's getting loans for buyers with only 5% down and no tax returns.

If you have a problem with mold, asbestos, water damage or smoke damage in your home Tibi Home Design can remove the problem and restore your home. Watch our TV show report  on our "Home Improvement / Mold, Asbestos" page.


Give your home a new look with new shutters, blinds and shades and replacement windows from Top Wood Shutters. See our "Home Improvement / Shutters, Blinds" page. At $15.95 per square foot solid bass wood shutters are a great value. 

Credit Report Scrubbers with an office in Santa Monica can help you and your business improve your credit report and credit reputation. See our "Credit Help / Credit Report Scrubbers" page for information. They can help you add positive credit reports so your business can seek start-up and new business financing.

Visions In Furniture in La Mirada is having a clearance sale on floor models, top brands including Ashley and custom Made In The USA furniture. Click here.

Payless Kitchen and Bath has shop at home design services for remodeling your kitchen and bathrooms. Watch our TV show report on our "Home Improvement / Payless" page. 

The Ski and Snowboard Outlet has two giant locations with a huge inventory and low prices. See our "Ski and Snowboard Equipment and Clothes" page for new, first quality snow and cold weather clothing for kids.

The Appliance Outlet in Northridge has the best prices on the finest brands. Watch our TV show report on our "Home Improvement / Appliance Outlet" page.

Our "Health / Foot and Ankle" page has information about treating bunions and what podiatrist Dr. Fardin Hakakian can do for you.

The Remodeling Guys offers garage conversions so you can have more living space or extra income. Click here for our "Home Improvement / Garage Conversions" page.

Pottery Manufacturing and Distributing has  new arrivals for dressing up the interior and exterior of your home. Click here.

L&T Japanese Automotive offers expert car care. See our "Auto Repair / Tires / Maintenance" page.

Watch our half-hour special report about Hollywood Piano on our "Music / Hollywood Piano" page. They have new and pre-owned pianos and offer lessons.

If you're facing a balloon payment with a private money loan you can replace that loan with a regular mortgage from U.S. Direct Lender in Encino. Click here.

Realtor Jorge Granados helps first time buyers and real estate investors. He helps sellers by advertising their properties on TV. Watch our half-hour TV show about him on our "Real Estate / Jorge Granados" page.

Realtor Pascal Angelini of Dilbeck Real Estate in Burbank and Glendale offers advice and tips on short sales and buying and selling. See our "Real Estate / Pascal Angelini" page.

Thanks for watching and good shopping!  Thank you for making us the most watched consumer information and shopping TV show in Southern California.  Alan Mendelson

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