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Toys for boys and toys for girls, and toys for kids of all ages.  We have found some great discounters for toys and here is where you will read about them and see the video reports about their best buys and deals and why they are able to offer bargains.  These discounters have toys for all seasons and all holidays including Christmas.


Update October 14, 2016  I am sorry to report that Megatoys will operate its outlet store only during regular business hours Monday through Friday. You should call in advance to be sure the outlet store is open.


Update November 15, 2014  Once again, MegaToys, the importer and wholesaler of toys, will open its showroom in Commerce to the public starting the day after Thanksgiving.  Watch our TV show report below.


Update November 20, 2013  Once again, MegaToys, the toy importer and wholesaler in the City of Commerce is open to the public.  You can buy many toys for boys and girls at $10 or less and there are toys including radio controlled cars, dolls that sneeze, and action figures.  You'll save 50% on many of these items.  Watch our TV show report below.

3525 South Garfield Avenue
City of Commerce, California


Update November 6, 2012  MEGATOYS for years was in downtown Los Angeles and it has been one of my favorite discounters of toys.  Over the years I featured Megatoys on the news.  Now I am pleased to showcase them again on our Best Buys TV Show.
I just got back from checking the new 2012 Holiday deals at MegaToys and they include popular toys that offer true value.  My favorite is a magnetic dart board -- no points, no damage to walls, and fun to play.  And I checked out the magnetic dart board and this is a high quality set so the darts will "stick" just as if they were traditional darts.  It's priced at only $7.  There are plenty of cars for kids to play with including radio controlled cars for as little as $6.  There are fashion dolls and you will love the fashion dolla set that includes various accessories for the doll including different shoes and boots because, as we know, every fashion doll needs a different out.  This fashion doll set is only $6.
There is also a doll that sneezes -- dolls get more life-like every year -- and it costs only $10.  And there are mugs with candy priced at only 75-cents each.  Give one to your kid's teacher.  Heck -- at 75-cents each give one to every teacher in the school.
Megatoys is a true discounter because it has a factory in China where it manufactures toys, and Megatoys is a wholesaler, importer and distributor of toys.  The company recently moved to Commerce and it is still open to the public, and there are extended hours during the Christmas shopping season.  The prices charged to the public are slightly above the wholesale prices charged to stores, so if you shop at Megatoys you will save substantially below retail prices. 
Call them at 323-887-8138 or go to their web site for more information.
We have our Best Buys TV Show reports from previous years below and our newest Best Buys TV Show report with deals for the 2012 holidays is below.


Update October 19, 2011  We just visited MegaToys to check on their early arrivals for the 2011 shopping season and we were not disappointed.  MegaToys is starting to get in low priced dolls and playsets for girls including fashion dolls with accessories priced at around $7 complete, and there are toy tea sets priced as low as $3 each.  This discounter also has radio controlled cars as low as $5 each and these have a very good range and speed.  There are packs of ten die-cast cars for a $1 or just ten-cents per car.  There are packs of play tools and all sorts of game packages all well under $10 per set.

What really made me take notice was a new type of "cash register toy" that I've never seen before.  Not only does it have a very low price, but it has real-life features including a scanner that beeps when you swipe the toy credit cards that are included, and the cash register is actually a workng calculator, and there is a make-believe scanner/bar code reader that you can use on the toy groceries.  And what really got my attention was that the "play money" that comes with the game includes 100 Euro bills.  And these mini-Euro bills almost look like the real Euro currency.

That is really a sign of how toys have changed: this cash register set has a working calculator, make believe credit cards, a make believe credit card scanner, a make believe bar code scanner, and make believe 100 Euro bills. 

Keep in mind that the discounts for this holiday season will be bigger than in years past because MegaToys has plans to move from its current warehouse location to a new facility so owner Charlie Woo really wants to clear out his inventory to make the move easier this coming sping.  Our first Best Buys TV Show report for the 2011 Holiday shopping season is below.


Megatoys continues to bring bargain prices to consumers because of its giant, nationwide wholesale business.  And again, Megatoys features the holiday classics as well as some of the new hot toys and gift items.  Megatoys has the new "food truck toys" including the Ice Cream Truck and the Taco Truck with music and sound effects for only $12 each -- and these can retail for $20 at the major discount chains.  Megatoys specializes in radio controlled cars at the 1/24 scale and these are priced as low as $6 each.  For younger kids, there are traction trucks and cars including the two piece truck and trailer Weekend Adventure sets for only $9 each and these retail for about $15.  I was very impressed to see a battery-powered race track that comes with two controllers, two cars, and two spare car bodies and more than seven and a half feet of track and this sells for $9.99.

This year, Megatoys has gift baskets and gifts appropriate for teachers such as holiday mug sets with hot chocolate or tea, and M&M gift sets that include a toy and lots of candy and a holiday mug.  The M&M gift set is only $9.99 and the mug sets with the hot cocoa are priced at only $2.75 each.  There are holiday bears at only $4 each.

Lots of toys and play sets for the young ladies including fashion dollars and tea sets and mini doll houses and some of these are in the range of $4 to $5 each.  The Betty Fashion Dolls which are 23-inches tall and come in fashion-forward clothing are priced at only $12.99 here.  And there are other playthings like a shopping cart that comes filled with toy groceries.

Finally, Dads and big brothers won't resist playing with the hopping Hummer battery-powered car, and Mom will just melt over the crawling dolls and the baby doll that makes life-like sounds, and these are all priced for under $17.   And there is something else that is very important: all of the toys at Megatoys meet safety standards for kids.  Our video report is below.

Watch the video below for the goodies that Megatoys had in stock for the 2009 Holidays.

Below is the video from our visit to Megatoys for the 2008 Holiday season.

Here on our new media website "Moneyman" Alan Mendelson who is the original Best Deals TV Show reporter on KCAL9 and consumer advocate, shows you the best deals on TV, and the best buys, bargains and where savvy shoppers go to save, and how to get the most for "your money" with the best of Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura County, Riverside County and San Bernardino County. Some content on is paid advertising. The Best Buys TV Show is a paid infomercial program which may also include news and information which is not sponsored or paid for by advertisers.

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