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Do you need help filing or paying your income taxes?  Well, here is some information and links to tax professionals who might be able to help you.


Update January 3, 2012  Hector Castaneda is a tax preparer and Enrolled Agent with the IRS, and his staff at Castalara Multiservices Office in Los Angeles can quickly and efficiently handle your income tax filings.  As an Enrolled Agent, Castaneda can represent taxpayers before the IRS when it comes to an audit or other purposes.  He is a specialist in preparing tax returns for individuals and businesses.  And he represents clients for IRS and California tax issues at all levels.

What makes this office different is that you can have your tax return completed in one day -- often in an hour -- as you watch.  And as you watch your return being prepared you will be able to immediately ask any questions.  The tax services here are offered all year, so that if you have to file an extension or need tax planning for future years they will be here to help you.  They have years of experience as well as the latest computer software to manage your tax return and they can file electronically which can speed your tax refund and eliminate the need for costly refund anticipation loans.

In fact, Castalara Multiservices Office will not try to sell you a refund anticipation loan because they don't want you to spend the extra money.  These loans which are paid off when your refund is received do carry high fees and costs which other tax offices might not tell you about.  But if your tax returns are completed and filed immediately -- as this office can often due -- there is no need to take out a loan against your refund because you will get your refund in a matter of days.  Our Best Buys TV Show report is below.  The office is right off the 101 Freeway and they offer service in English and in Spanish.  Their policy is never to sell unnecessary products or services.

Hector Castaneda, Enrolled Agent
Castalara Multiservices Office
5704 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028


Update February 9, 2011  Tax advisor Dave Tax (his real name as well as the name of his firm) in Newport Beach is advising his clients that the IRS will be slower this year in sending out refunds for overpayments on 2010 income taxes.

"When people file their taxes this year in anticipation of a tax refund they are finding that the IRS is delaying their refunds until March," Dave told me.  Dave says this is unfortunate and will hurt many families.  "Many people have waited all year and usually count on their refunds to pay bills from the holidays and for other personal necessities.  This is coming as a surprise to most taxpayers," Dave said.  I have to agree.  I didn't know about this until Dave tol me about it.

Dave did tell me that the IRS has announced these delays previously,  "but the word has not really been getting out for whatever reason."  Dave offered a few theories, including that perhaps the government does not want to make a big deal about paying out the refunds late.  "We think that there should be more publicity about the IRS delays this year," Dave told me.  Though I must admit I don't know of many businesses that like to advertise that they pay their bills late either.

Dave reminded me that "the IRS states that the delays are due in part to the changes in the tax laws."   Nonetheless, says Dave, "taxpayers should be alerted to this very important and significant delay in receiving their much needed tax refunds."For information about Dave Tax, call (949) 673-8299 or go to the Dave Tax website at for information.  The firm is in Newport Beach at 405 30th Street.  By the way, you might recall that Dave was one of the tax professionals I frequently featured on my KCAL-TV "Your Money" reports.


The Internal Revenue Service is looking for 4,606 Los Angeles County taxpayers who are due to receive a combined $5.2 million in undeliverable tax refunds.  These are refund checks that were returned to the IRS by the U.S. Postal Service due to mailing address errors.  Nationally, IRS is looking for 107,831 taxpayers who are owed a combined $124 million.  In addition, more than 15,000 California taxpayers are owed $16.6 million, or about 13% of the total.  All a taxpayer has to do is update his or her address once. Some taxpayers are due more than one check.


“We are eager to get this money into the hands of taxpayers, so don’t delay if you think you are missing a refund,” said IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman.  “The sooner you update your address information, the quicker you can get your refund.”  Average undeliverable refunds rose by 16 percent this year to $1,148 from $990 last year.  The vast majority of checks mailed out by the IRS each year reach their rightful owner. Only a very small percent (.29% this year) are returned by the U.S. Postal Service as undeliverable.

You can get help from the IRS through its website at or by calling 1-800-TAX-1040.


We've been hearing about this for a couple of years now, but now it is official.  Congress has passed a new law allowing the IRS to go after eBay sellers.  If you use eBay to sell just a couple of small items each year, you don't have to worry about the IRS knocking on your door or following your transactions.  But if you have an eBay business the IRS wants to see how well you do.

Remember that you are obligated under the tax law to report profitable sales.  If you have a garage sale and sell a used TV or used clothing for less than what you paid for it, you do not have to report this to the IRS.  But if you have a collectible or an autograph book that you sell in your garage sale or on eBay for profit, that profit can be taxable income and should be reported.

If you have one garage sale a year, or two, and don't make a profit on any items, don't worry about the new law or regulations.  But if you are a regular eBay seller or operate a garage sale or flea market booth regularly, watch out-- the IRS wants to know how well you are doing.



Don't believe any emails you get saying you are due an IRS tax refund.  The fact is, the IRS does not send out these emails -- only scammers send out emails.  Look at the email I just got:

After the last annual calculations of your fiscal activity we have determined that you are eligible to receive a tax refund of 63$.
Please submit the tax refund request and allow us 3-9 days in order to process it.
A refund can be delayed for a variety of reasons. For example submitting invalid records or applying after the deadline.
To complete your tax refund you need to click on the fallow link  (link removed because I don't want anyone to lose money to these scam artists) and enter valid MASTERCARD or VISA credit/debit card to get it.

Can you believe this?  The scammer is actually asking me to enter my credit card information.  Yikes.  And the worst part of it, is that some people will fall for this scam.  Don't you fall for it.  If you have a refund coming, the IRS will let you know by U.S. Mail.  You can check on your own refund status by going to the IRS' web site at

And just for laughs, there was one more indication that this was a scam: the text of the email gives the refund amount as 63$.  Well, in this country, and with the IRS, we write out "sixty-three dollars" as $63 and not 63$.

Here on our new media website "Moneyman" Alan Mendelson who is the original Best Deals TV Show reporter on KCAL9 and consumer advocate, shows you the best deals on TV, and the best buys, bargains and where savvy shoppers go to save, and how to get the most for "your money" with the best of Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura County, Riverside County and San Bernardino County. Some content on is paid advertising. The Best Buys TV Show is a paid infomercial program which may also include news and information which is not sponsored or paid for by advertisers.

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