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Here's where we will tell you about companies that can provide new flooring for your home, including renovating your flooring or adding flooring to garages.   These quality companies offer tile, hardwood flooring and laminates.  Also check our other sections including our various other sections including our "Home Improvement / Contractor" and "Flooring / Wood Restoration" and "Carpet and Rugs" pages for other flooring ideas, best buys and deals.


Update December 5, 2017  I was told this morning that Amigo's Carpet and Flooring in North Hollywood is going out of business and all merchandise must be sold by December 21st for the closing of the warehouse store. Amigo's is a liquidator and gets deals on extra carpet and extra flooring bought by builders and surplus carpet and flooring from manufacturers. It is known for its giant inventory of carpet remnants and some of these remnants were from hotel and office building projects and are large enough for an entire house. There are other remnants just for a room or for a closet. Amigo's offers a service that turns remnants into area rugs by finishing the sides of the remnant to fit the dimensions needed.

The carpet remnants are priced as low at $2 to $6 per yard for smaller remnants, and from $4 to $12 per square yard for larger remnants. Take note that these prices are per square yard, and not per square foot.

 Right now in the warehouse store there are 300 remnants that are room-sized and hundreds of remnants that are the size for a closet or bathroom.

Remember they can bind the remnants to turn them into area rugs.

Amigo's Flooring
13406 Saticoy Street
North Hollywood, California


February 27, 2016  Glamour Flooring in Woodland Hills offers quality flooring materials and complete installation services for Los Angeles County, Ventura County and Orange County. Glamour Flooring has a showroom that is just off the 101 Freeway and there is free parking. Glamour Flooring offers hardwood flooring, travertine, marble, laminate flooring, granite counters and tile and carpeting. You will not only find discounted prices but you will find Glamour Flooring has their own installation crews to give you fast, expert service. You can visit their showroom or call them for a free in-home visit and consultation where they will show you samples and give you your measurements and a price estimate.

Their showroom is set up so you can get an honest look at how their hardwood flooring will actually look when installed. There are giant samples of the hardwood flooring that cover a wall of the showroom so you don't have to make your decision looking at small samples. Because Glamour Flooring provides various flooring and trims and mouldings as well as full installation services this is a one-stop shop. Our Best Buys TV Show report is below. Remember to mention the Best Buys TV Show for special prices and discounts.

Glamour Flooring
21030 Victory Boulevard
Woodland Hills, California 91367


Update June 10, 2015  Advantage Carpet Flooring Outlet in Chatsworth is conveniently located just off the 118 Freeway and it is also near the 101 Freeway. Homeowners from throughout the Los Angeles area come here for big savings direct from factories and carpet mills, and for the latest exclusive carpet and flooring designs. You will find discounted carpet direct from the mills that includes full rolls as well as large remnants that can be used to carpet several rooms in your home. There is also high-end hardwood flooring available including imported hardwood flooring that is only available at the top vendors in the industry. And along with the high-end hardwood you will find a large selection of budget hardwood flooring and tile.

One of the relatively new products available at Advantage Carpet Flooring Outlet is the luxury vinyl flooring that looks like hardwood. If you want the look of hardwood but you are concerned with heavy traffic and possible water damage then this luxury vinyl flooring is for you. There is also a large selection of brand name tile and carpet. Advantage Carpet Flooring Outlet is open 7 days a week. Our Best Buys TV Show report is below.

Advantage Carpet Flooring Outlet
9216 De Soto Avenue
Chatsworth, California 91311


Update September 30, 2014  The Floor Center in Burbank, California is a quality flooring company that provides excellent service, the best installations with its own experienced craftsmen, and competitive prices so that they can beat the big box stores on many popular items.  The Floor Center carries hardwood and laminate flooring as well as tile, carpet and vinyl flooring.  Several things set The Floor Center apart from other retailers including the big box stores such as their experienced craftsmen who will give you the best installation so that your flooring lasts a long time.  The Floor Center also has professionals who will properly measure your home so that you don't buy unnecessary flooring.  While many companies do accept returns of unused flooring material you could face hefty restocking fees so you you should always try to avoid purchasing unnecessary materials.  You will find the most popular brands and styles and a very attentive staff that promises the best service.  Our Best Buys TV Show report is below.  They're open Monday through Saturday.  They also offer window coverings including shutters.

The Floor Center
2219 West Burbank Boulevard
Burbank, California 91506


Update July 8, 2011  As soon as you drive up to the Flooring Warehouse Center in Gardena you will immediately know that you are at a true outlet -- because it looks like one.  It is in a low cost warehouse district and you will immediately see that they are not spending a lot of money on fancy lighting or a storefront or fixtures -- and that means there is more value for you, the customer.  It's true that here at the Flooring Warehouse Center what you see is what you get, because they have pallets of flooring right there and rolls of carpet right there and pallets of tile right there for you to pick and have delivered.

Flooring Warehouse Center only sells high end brands of carpet and hard wood and laminate flooring and tiles but everything is deeply discounted to below regular wholesale prices because they only buy liquidations and closeouts from factories -- and inventory from other stores that are going out of business.  This is why you can save up to 50% below regular wholesale prices that other businesses and contractors might pay.  Flooring Warehouse Center alse gets "seconds" and merchandise with minor flaws from the factories and mills and these seconds might include carpet that has a change in the color or an out of place line of fabric in a pattern.  But as we like to say when we examine seconds -- if the flaw is not a problem for you, then you will save a lot of money.

Flooring Warehouse Center is open to the public but it is already well known among realtors who will buy new carpet or flooring here to help sell a high priced home, and contractors will shop here to serve their retail customers.

Flooring Warehouse Center is also known as the Carpet Warehouse Center but these days they have just as much flooring product as carpet.  The store is at 18014 South Vermont Avenue, Gardena.  The entrance to the store is actually on 182nd Street and South Vermont Avenue.

Call (310) 329-3612 or go to for information.  Expert installation by licensed, bonded and insured contractors is available.  Our TV report is below.


Update September 26, 2011  At Westside Tile and Stone in Canoga Park you will find savvy consumers and decorators from Beverly Hills, Pacific Palisades and Malibu shopping.  And the reasons are evident: Westside Tile and Stone has a tremendous selection of elegant tile including the new, trendy glass tile that can be used on walls, around swimming pools, even on floors.  The designs are magnificent.  Westside Tile and Stone features the top manufacturers and designers of tile.  The store is staffed with expert designers and installers to make your shopping and purchasing convenient and efficient.  They even have a bargain bin.  But the main reason for coming here is the elegance you can see and feel.  Westside Tile & Stone is at 7631 Canoga Avenue, Canoga Park.

Call them at (818) 704-9222 or go to for information.  Remember, when you shop here you are shopping with experts with decades of experience and decades of contacts for getting you the best available.  Watch our TV reports on our "Home Improvement / Tile" page.


What you will like about Done Right Discount Flooring is that they live up to their name.  Yes, it's done right.  This is a family owned and operated business with a great reputation in the Torrance area.  Done Right Discount Flooring is not only popular with consumers, but it is also popular with contractors and installers who get an extra discount here.  Yes, consumers will also find low prices, but if you send your contractor or installer to pick up your flooring supplies there will be an extra discount.  Done Right Discount Flooring also does installation work and gives free estimates.  Stop in the store for its carpet, tile, wood flooring and wall tiles including glass tiles.  Done Right Discount Flooring is at 1645 Sepulveda Boulevard in Torrance.  Call them at (310) 539-9856.  And watch the video below.


S&S Hardwood Floors and Supplies has three locations in the Los Angeles area including Gardena, Los Angeles and Canoga Park in the San Fernando Valley.  This is a factory direct discounter of hardwood floors, laminates, adhesives, exotic woods, tools and it offers one stop shopping for the professional, contractors, developers and do-it-yourselfers.

S&S Hardwood Floors and Supplies has a staff that offers more than a quarter century of experience and knowledge of wood flooring and installation.  Delivery service is available and there is a giant inventory always on hand that makes it possible for you to pick up your materials the same day you order them.  S&S Hardwood Floors and Supplies has a high quality product at half the price of the national brands.  Call them at (888) 797-WOOD or go to their web site at for information.

The three showrooms are located at:

17010 South Vermont Avenue, Gardena  (310) 323-4222

5205 West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles  (323) 936-2444

7634 Deering Avenue, Canoga Park  (818) 347-4600

Watch the video below to find our more about this factory direct discounter. has been a family owned business for more than 32 years and they sell and install everything from carpeting to hardwood floors, great looking tile entries, baths and kitchens to long lasting laminate flooring. They also install staircases and showers, along with countertops in a wide range of materials such as granite, travertine, tile, glass, metal in various combinations.

Want a perfect garage floor let epoxy it using only Solids Industrial Epoxy.

Check their web Site at or call them at 714-743-3474 or 951-278-2216 for service throughout Southern California.


Here on our new media website "Moneyman" Alan Mendelson who is the original Best Deals TV Show reporter on KCAL9 and consumer advocate, shows you the best deals on TV, and the best buys, bargains and where savvy shoppers go to save, and how to get the most for "your money" with the best of Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura County, Riverside County and San Bernardino County.  Our Best Buys TV Show has the best TV deals and is the only regularly scheduled weekly best deals TV show in Southern California.  We show you the best buys and best deals on TV and more deals and bargains on and and watch for our Las Vegas TV show Vegas Best Buys.  Some of the content can come from paid advertising and from our advertiser paid TV infomercial programs.  The Best Buys TV Show is a paid infomercial program which may also include news and information which is not sponsored or paid for by advertisers. has the highest ranking among competitive sites in Southern California according to the independent website ranking companies and and our Best Buys TV Show is the most watched shopping and consumer information show in Southern California.

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