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Are you looking for the best place to buy a new or used car?  And are you looking for the best way to sell a car?  We'll tell you about the companies that are selling and buying cars and the deals they offer.  And, if want to buy a used car, you can get a best buy on a pre-owned or used car because the original owner took the big hit of depreciation.  Here we will tell you some of the things you should know to get best buys and deals on new and pre-owned and used cars, including certified cars that can get you a lower interest rate on financing.


Update July 6, 2016  Valley Cash For Cars in North Hollywood serves all of Los Angeles County and if you are within about 100 miles of their dealership at 11216 Burbank Bouldevard in North Hollywood they will come to your home or office to buy your car. They will even pick up cars that are in repair shops and they will buy cars even if you can't find the title or if you owe money. Valley Cash For Cars buys cars in any condition and they will buy cars with damage and in need of body work. Generally they prefer cars with fewer than 150,000 miles driven. They ask that you give them a chance to make an offer because there is always a need for used cars and for their parts. Valley Cash For Cars also buys RVs and motorcycles.

You will also find quality used cars for sale at their dealership and many of these cars are priced below the competition because Valley Cash For Cars buys many of their cars direct from consumers and they can save the cost of buying used cars at auctions where other dealers might bid prices higher. Valley Cash For Cars also has a broker service to buy new cars and using a broker can help you save hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Valley Cash For Cars has financing available. Our Best Buys TV Show report is below.

Valley Cash For Cars
11216 Burbank Boulevard
North Hollywood, California


Update August 28, 2013  San Bernardino Subaru has made a pledge to deliver the best customer satisfaction at its new location at 645 Auto Center Drive which is off the 10 and 215 Freeways in San Bernardino.  Part of the pledge for the best customer satisfaction is its policy of no pressure sales and to always offer the best available financing and they always offer fleet discounts even to individual car buyers.

I was very impressed when they told me that they offer fleet prices to individual buyers.  This means you don't need to own a business and you don't have to buy multiple vehicles to get their lowest prices.  For more about this dealership please go to our "Cars / New Car Dealers / San Bernardino" page.



Update June 17, 2013  If you have a car to sell, you owe it to yourself to get an offer from Trade In Solutions.  Trade In Solutions is an independent car buyer and they want you to bring in written offers from other dealers -- and then let them make an offer on your car.  Trade In Solutions asks that you schedule an appointment so that you will not have to wait to have your car inspected or to get their offer.  They have locations in West Los Angeles, Irvine and San Diego.

Trade In Solutions will give you an appraisal of your car free of charge, and they recognize that aftermarket modifications can sometimes increase the value of your auto.  They will check Carfax, the Kelly Blue Book, the condition of your car and market conditions to give you the best offer for your vehicle.  The vehicles they buy are 1997 and new models in running condition.  They also buy exotics and classic cars.

Trade In Solutions believes that they beat other dealer offers 99% of the time, and you are under no obligation to accept their offer.  Check other car dealers first and then go to Trade In Solutions.  And if you do accept their offer, they will give you a free shuttle ride home for a distance of up to 15 miles, and they can arrange for a $25 a day rental car when available.

The complete process of bringing in your auto to getting a check for it takes only 45 minutes.  Start by calling for an appointment at 877-306-9800 or go to for information.  Our Best Buys TV Show report is below and you'll see why consumers return to Trade In Solutions when they have a car to sell.

Trade In Solutions
West Los Angeles, Irvine, San Diego


Update June 11, 2013  Antelope Valley Chevrolet really appreciates when you buy a new car from them, and they really will offer best buys to get your business.  Because Antelope Valley Chevrolet is in Lancaster it has lower operating costs than many other dealers in Southern California.  For example, its real estate costs are lower.  For our Best Buys TV Show report please go to our "Cars / New Car Dealers / Antelope Valley" page.

Antelope Valley Chevrolet is a true volume dealer and they say they will never lose a customer over price.

Antelope Valley Chevrolet
1160 West Motor Lane
Lancaster, California 93534
Sales: (855) 211-4521 | Service: (855) 211-4522


If you have a used car to sell, check because this company moves its inventory to other dealers at auction.  The auto auction process is fast and that means has lower operating costs -- and that means more money in your pocket. serves car sellers and truck sellers all over Southern California.  And this auto auction company can help you make a fast and easy sale of your car or truck or SUV while it puts more money in your pocket.  Watch our video report below to see how the auto auction process helps cut operating costs for car dealers and how that can mean a better price for you when you want to sell your car.


If you are shopping for a new car, you don't have to spend days going from new car dealer to new car dealer looking for the exact model and trying to find the best deal.  Instead, go to the website which can shop for the exact new car you want through its network of many new car dealerships.  By shopping for you among many dealers you can get the exact new car model you want and get the best price. also can get you the best deal on a lease return through its relationship with banks and leasing companies.  Their service can also tell you when new lease returns will be coming up.  And also check them out if you have a car to sell.  Watch the video report below.


There is a company headquartered in Anaheim that can give you the best deal when you want to sell a car.  It's and this is a professional, full time car-buying service.  Because they have low overhead, they can give you better prices for your car than what many car dealers will give you.  This company buys all kinds of cars -- from old clunkers to new, high-end luxury models.  What really makes this company great, is that it comes to you to appraise your car, to make an offer, to deliver the check and to take your car when the deal is done. They really take the hassle and trouble out of selling your car.  Some of their services include an in-house DMV Department to handle the paperwork of transfering ownership.  No smog check is required.  They'll work with your bank of credit union to pay off your car loan when a deal is made.  And the best part is they come to you -- to your home or office -- to make the deal.  Call them at (800) 946-7700 and speak to a purchasing agent immediately.  Or go to their website for information and to get your sale started.  This company serves all of California and they can have an appraiser and buyer to your home or business right away.  Watch our video report below.


We've been shopping around for used and pre-owned cars and found that there are several things you should be looking for.  First, there is a large inventory of cars that are coming off leases from two and three years ago, and many of the dealerships with these cars have special resale financing to get them off their lots.  Some of these financing plans come from the automakers themselves.  Look for "certified" cars which have been checked over and meet factory standards for a pre-owned car, as these cars will be eligible for special financing rates.

You'll find the best buys on cars that have just come off of leases.  Look for financing rates around 2.9% or even lower on some cars.  Many car dealers told me that low rate financing is available.   Also look for best buys on "demonstrator" models which have very low mileage and big discounts.  Ask about those demonstrators and don't be surprised to see them driven for 100 miles or less.

These days you might also see a large number of repossessed cars.  But there is no difference between a repossessed car and any other pre-owned or used car because you still want to be assured of its condition and you still want a financing deal when you buy it.  Ask about return or exchange privileges if you buy a used car and then take it to your own mechanic who discovers a potential problem.

I've also been asked about buying cars at auction, including auctions of repo cars.  My advice is basically this: be sure you check out the car carefully before you buy it.  I've attended car auctions where it is impossible to check out a car because you are not allowed to start up the car; I've also been to auctions where there were no keys for the car and if you bought the car at auction you would be responsible for getting new keys and heaven knows what else.  So a basic question is this: do you know enough about buying a car to check for yourself under the hood, the drive train, the brakes, the lights, the engine, the transmission and so forth?  Can you bring along a mechanic?  Or, is there a warranty and return privilege with buying a car at auction?  Well, a warranty or return privilege is not likely.

Another issue with buying a repo car is did the previous owner take care of it?  They obviously didn't make their car payments so did they do the maintenance on the car before the repo man hauled it away?  Before the repo was the oil changed regularly and did the car get tuneups?  What condition are the tires in?  And do you have to pay cash or is their financing for that repo car you are getting at the car repo auction?

For these various reasons, you just might be better off getting a pre-owned certified used car from a dealership or from a used car dealer who will stand behind your purchse and might also offer a low interest rate financing plan.  And perhaps our best advice is this: invest some time in your car purchase because you could be driving this car for the next several years.

Here on our new media website "Moneyman" Alan Mendelson who is the original Best Deals TV Show reporter on KCAL9 and consumer advocate, shows you the best deals on TV, and the best buys, bargains and where savvy shoppers go to save, and how to get the most for "your money" with the best of Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura County, Riverside County and San Bernardino County. Some content on is paid advertising. The Best Buys TV Show is a paid infomercial program which may also include news and information which is not sponsored or paid for by advertisers.

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