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Here is where we will have information and news and tips about earthquake safety and earthquake preparedness, and earthquake kits.  Earthquake safety is vital here in Southern California and every family needs some earthquake supplies.  Those of you living outside of California may need similar survival and preparedness kits in case of severe storms, flooding, hurricanes, extreme snowfalls or other weather emergencies.  Take a look at our tips and the selection of preparedness kits available here. 
Also take a look at our "Insurance" section for additional information and tips and a way to maintain an inventory of your home in case of an earthquake or other disaster.


Update September 9, 2011  As I write this wide parts of Southern California including Orange County and San Diego County and even parts of Mexico are without electric power.  What these residents and businesses are finding out is that big power blackouts are a lot like earthquakes and you need to prepare for them.  You need water, and food that won't spoil, and gas in your car's tank, and flashlights with batteries.  And you need cash because ATMs and credit card machines probably won't be working either.  Even telephone service could fail even though land lines are supposed to have their own power system.  Yes, cell phones can fail too so you should have a back-up plan for communicting with your family or a plan where to meet.


Update August 28, 2011  I couldn't believe what I was seeing on the news as Hurricane Irene was heading up the East Coast: shoppers in New York City in the local supermarkets were buying milk for their hurricane supplies as Irene approached.  Milk?  Nope, that's the wrong thing for your hurricane or other emergency supplies kits including earthquake supplies, because milk needs refrigeration and in an emergency such as a hurricane or tornado or earthquake you should anticipate being without power.

And don't buy those dry granola bars either.  Instead buy something that doesn't need refrigeration, is pre-packaged in handy foil so buys can't get at it, is easy to put into a pocket, won't spoil for a long period of time, and has moisture in it so you don't need to chase it down with water.  And what might that perfect food be for hurricanes and earthquakes too?  Of course -- Pop-Tarts.

Pop-Tarts can be eaten without popping them in the microwave or toaster.  They really are ideal-- and they are tasty and they are a convenient sources of calories and carbohydrates to keep you going when you need energy.  And they won't melt in the heat like chocolate bars will.

Pop-Tarts are really an essential miracle food.  I know because I went through several earthquakes here in the Los Angeles area and several hurricanes in Florida and Texas supplied with Pop-Tarts.  In hot and humid areas the plain Pop Tarts without icing will probably be easier to eat, but I do favor the strawberry and cinammon icings.

The other lesson learned from Irene and from previous storms and quakes is that when the power goes out ATMs don't work, so have some cash ready for emergency shopping after the event and until the power is restored.


"It is ultimately our own responsibility to be prepared because no one is going to do it for us," says Cari Butler an emergency preparedness expert, mom and owner of "Emergency Cafe."  Emergency Cafe has a one-stop web site that carries many items that your family might need in the even of an earthquake or emergency situation.

 “We all have such busy lives, says Cari, a native Californian.  “It is hard to find the time to go out and buy everything that we need for an emergency kit.   I started this company to help all of us that have it on our “To Do List,” but just don’t have the time to actually do it!”

At you can find complete kits for home, car, or office, assembled for both individuals and families.  Deluxe car kits come complete with a res-q-me tool that will assist you in getting out of your car quickly by cutting your seatbelt and shattering your window.

Each deluxe kit contains enough food, water, first aid, search & rescue, lighting, comfort and sanitation products to sustain each person for 3 days.

Emergency Café also offers a complete line of add-on items such as extra days of food and water, battery less flashlights, power failure lights, 5-year water storage systems, and more.

Prices of kits:

1 Person Deluxe Kit   $70

2 Person Deluxe Kit   $90

4 Person Deluxe Kit $175

5 Person Deluxe Kit $235

Visit for more items!  And get a 10% discount on ENTIRE order for Alan Mendelson viewers!  Enter "VAL 10" at checkout.


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