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Here you will find best buys for men's clothing and accessories such as ties and shirts and cufflinks and more.  Our men's clothing page includes suits and casual clothing and dress shoes and casual shoes for men.  Check our other pages for shoes and boots, women's clothing and fashions, and resale designer clothing and accessories, and discounted clothing for the entire family.


Update October 16, 2018  Hollywood Suits has a new VIP program that will save you money and give you bonuses when you shop in its stores or on its website. As soon as you sign up for the VIP Rewards Program you'll get $100 off your purchase of $399 or more and you get this bonus twice a year. The $100 savings is valid in the stores or online. With the VIP Rewards Program you'll also earn points on every purchase which can be redeemed for gift cards or clothing. To enroll in the program text "Suits99" to 578-227.


Update September 7, 2018  Here's a sneak peek at the fall and winter 2018 specials at Hollywood Suits. As you know, Hollywood Suits has the largest inventory of men's suits in the nation with the top brands including Calvin Klein, Vince Camuto, Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss, Armani and more and you'll find them all under one roof and in your size.

Use the special code "ALAN10" to get 10% off your purchase in the store or on their website.


Hollywood Suits is famous for its packages including a men's suit with a shirt, tie with a pocket square, a dress belt, a pair of cotton dress socks and a pair of dress shoes and all six items are priced under $200.


There are slim fit suits starting at $99.


There are 3-piece vested suits starting at $133.


And there are new wool suits starting at $133.


Hollywood Suits has new, made in Italy, 100% wool suits by Salvatore Lorente starting at only $399.


Get the new Italian made wool suits by Armani at $999 at Hollywood Suits, and these suits are up to 40% off department store prices.


Complete your wardrobe for the holidays with new designer shoes for $59 a pair by Steve Madden, Clark's, Bostonian, and you'll find Stacy Adams shoes starting at only $39.


Remember that Hollywood Suits sells luxury for less.

6420 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles 90028   (800) 784-8799 
15011 Beach Boulevard, Westminster 92683      (714) 908-5252
23030 Hawthorne Boulevard, Torrance 90505     (310) 303-3135 


Update June 7, 2018  Hollywood Suits is having a sale on casual clothing and gift clothing perfect for Dads and Grads. Watch our TV show report below.


Update December 20, 2017  Hollywood Suits is having a holiday sale and these discounted prices will continue into 2018. Our TV show report is below. Among the sale items:

There are sport jackets for men priced at only $29 and $39 and these prices will continue until these particular jackets are sold out. There are also 100% wool sport jackets that were originally priced at $229 that are now marked down to just $39.99 and once again there is a limited supply for this collection.

Hollywood Suits is famous for selling brand names for less. There are designer suits by John Varvato, Calvin Klein and DKNY starting at only $249 and there are suits from Salvatore Lorente that are made in Italy priced as low as $399, and you will also find Armani suits priced as low as $999.

Hollywood Suits continues to have its three-suit package deals and you can get 3 wool suits for only $299 and 3 wool and cashmere suits for only $399. The accessories are included and these package deals come with 100% cotton dress shirts, 3 ties, 3 hankies, 3 belts and 3 pairs of socks. And for only $75 you can get 3 pairs of leather shoes.

There are also stylish "vegan leather jackets" and reversible bomber jackets starting at only $59, and wool top coats and jackets starting at only $89. You will also find a deal on dress shirts. For only $49.99 you can get four dress shirts.

Don't waste your money buying your designer suits at department stores because Hollywood Suits sells luxury for less.


Update February 22, 2017  For a limited time, and while supplies last, Hollywood Suits is having a Buy One, Get One Free sale on selected sports jackets. They have the new Vegan Leather Jackets and the best prices on designer suits with the largest inventory under one roof. New spring styles are in. There are three locations where you will find their famous 3-suit package deals. Watch our TV show report below.


Update October 26, 2016  Hollywood Suits has three locations in the Los Angeles and Orange County area where you will find best buys on men's casual fashions, shoes, outer wear and of course the finest in suits, ties and accessories. See our Best Buys TV Show report below showing their deals for the 2016 holiday shopping season. Hollywood Suits is featuring this holiday season a 3-suit package at various price levels including 3 wool suits for $299 with 18 items such as shirts and ties and belts included in the price. You will find dress pants priced at 5 for $75, and leather shoes priced at 3 pairs for $75, and outerwear jackets for $39 and dress shirts priced at 5 for $75. Get these for yourself and as gifts for the holidays. There are also Armani suits that are priced so low we are not allowed to mention them on our website or on our TV show.

Below is an earlier report about Hollywood Suits including information about their 3-suit packages available at difference prices.


Update February 12, 2016  Hollywood Suits has specials on men's casual clothing just in time for Valentine's Day as well as for spring wear. You will find designer shoes starting at $59 a pair, jackets starting at $50, Calvin Klein tees starting at only $19.99 and Calvin Klein polos starting at $29.99.  There are also specials for men's suits including three men's suits for $199 and you get shirts, belts, ties and more with this three-suit package. Watch our TV show report below.


Update October 28, 2015  I am very pleased to announce that Hollywood Suits will be on our Best Buys TV Shows starting in November with great discounts on the finest men's suits and clothing including shoes and casual wear, as well as their famous 3-suit package deals with shirts, ties, socks, belts, and hankies. When I was the consumer reporter with KCAL Channel 9 I frequently reported on the great deals that Hollywood Suit Outlet offered included its package deals for a complete men's suit and accessories including shirts, ties, shoes and more. For a while you might have seen me on TV doing their commercials. Now, I am pleased to welcome them to our weekly TV show. I will be reporting on their current best buys. Hollywood Sut Outlet has changed a lot since I first featured them on the news more than ten years ago. There are now three Hollywood Suits locations. In addition to Hollywood, there is a store now in Westminster and in Torrance. Watch for more information and updates and my TV show report below. They carry the top brands and have a huge selection to fit anyone.

6420 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles 90028   (800) 784-8799 
15011 Beach Boulevard, Westminster 92683      (714) 908-5252
23030 Hawthorne Boulevard, Torrance 90505     (310) 303-3135


Update October 23, 2014  Just in time for holiday shopping, the L.A. Suit Outlet in downtown Los Angeles has deals on the newest styles of men's suits.  There are also package deals on better quality suits including 3 suits plus shirts and accessories for each one for as low as $360.  You can still get 3 men's suits for as low as $100 from the L.A. Suit Outlet because you are buying factory-direct.  You can also mix and match sizes and colors so you and two of your friends can share in one of these deals.  The L.A. Suit Outlet also carries gift items including shirts and ties and cuff links.  You can buy shoes and belts.  And there is tailoring while you wait so you can buy your suits and take them home with you the same day.  Watch our TV show report below showing some of the newest styles of men's suits.

L.A. Suit Outlet
380 East 15 Street
Downtown Los Angeles

3 MEN'S SUITS $129

Update June 15, 2014  Many companies advertise a deal like "three men's suits for $129" but the 3 Men's Suits $129 store that is part of our Best Buys TV Show family is in Baldwin Park and their outlet store is in downtown Los Angeles.

This company is the factory -- they are the source -- and that's why you can get three men's suits for just $129.  And you can mix and match sizes and styles and colors so you literally can come in with two of your friends and all three of you can walk out with a new suit and together you will pay $129.  And yes, you can buy a suit today and take it home with you today because there is a tailor for immediate alterations.

Because these suits are factory-direct there is no "middle man mark-up" and you are also assured of buying the newest styles and the newest colors.  The stores have the accessories to complete your outfit including ties, shirts, cufflinks and shoes.  Are you having a wedding?  Wedding parties can be outfitted.  If you need a suit for a graduation the graduate can get a suit here, plus another for Dad plus another for a brother or relative -- and the total price for all three can be just $129. 

Tuxedos are also available.  Don't rent a tuxedo when buying one costs about the same as a rental -- and you have the tux for your next event, too.  Our Best Buys TV Show report is below.

3 Men's Suits $129
3100 Big Dalton Avenue
Baldwin Park, California 91706

Outlet Store
380 East 15 Street
Downtown Los Angeles
213-749-8400 for all 3 locations


Update February 12, 2013  Warehouse Suit Sale in Gardena is a men's clothing superstore with a super selection and super prices.  Warehouse Suit Sale is a direct importer of men's fine clothing that is always discounted and it also carries what fine men's clothing stores used to always carry including cufflinks and jewelry accessories, shirts and ties, shoes, fragrances and tuxedos for sale and for rent.

Warehouse Suit Sale is very well known for its extensive big and tall department which includes big shirts and long ties to complement the big fashion suits up to 72-long.  There are even leather belts up to 66-inches.  And there are complete suit outfits for kids.  Warehouse Suit Sale recently made a special purchase of all-leather jackets and these were bought before leather prices shot up so these same jackets in other stores could sell for twice as much.  This fine leather jackets start at $89.99.

There are same day alterations available.  And there are tuxedos that you can rent and buy.  Warehouse Suit Sale also carries many name brands including the popular Steve Harvey brand as well as Calvin Klein and Hugo Boss.  This is one of the few stores that discounts clergy robes and clergy shirts.  Clergy robes start at $120 and clergy shirts start at $25,

You will be surprised by the fragrance department which features popular fragrances for men and women including classic fragrances such as Charlie by Revlon and Brut.  There are also current name-brand fragrances that are below Internet prices.  You will also find off-brand and discontinued fragrances.  Our Best Buys TV Show report is below.

Warehouse Suit Sale
333 West Alondra Boulevard
Gardena, California 90248


Update October 4, 2012  The L.A. Suit Outlet in downtown Los Angeles still sells three men's suits for $100 and as always you can mix and match the styles and sizes so three men can walk in and leave with three suits for a total price of one-hundred-dollars.  And now the L.A. Suit Outlet carries the new slim fit shirts and slim fit ties to go along with the very popular slim fit suits.  There is also a tailor for immediate alterations, and you will find a wide selection of discounted designer suits, and shirts, ties, belts, shoes and accessories.  Tuxedos are also available for special events and for wedding parties.  Our new Best Buys TV Show report is below.

L.A. Suit Outlet
380 East 15th Street, Los Angeles
(213) 749-8400


Update October 16, 2012  Warehouse Suit Sale in Gardena is a giant discounter operating out of a large warehouse that allows them to discount men's clothing.  Low overhead helps to keep prices lower.  There are also sections of the store selling suits, dress shirts, pants, and tuxedos and there is even a section with women's fragrances and accessories so when you shop for your clothing you can pick up a gift for your significant other.  Or, while you're shopping your significant other can pick up something for herself.

If you are looking to rent a tux, check out this place.  There are tuxedo rentals as low as $69.50 and you can choose from over 100 color and style combinations and this is a great deal for homecoming.  There are also suit rentals.  You can choose from designers including Yves Saint Laurent, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Calvin Klein.  Sometimes renting a suit for a special event makes sense if you are not a regular "dress clothes" customer and won't need a suit again for a while.

There are also dress shirts for formal wear, semi formal wear and dress shirts that go great with a pair of slacks.  Prices start at $14.99 and dress shirts with french cuffs for cuff links start at $16.99.  You'll find solids and patterns so these shirts are also great for casual wear with dress jeans.  Cuff link sets start at $15.99.  There are also men's fragrances, hats, belts and leisure suits.  And dress slacks start at $16.99.  Warehouse Suit Sale is open 7 days a week.

Warehouse Suit Sale


The L.A. Suit Outlet sells men's dress suits and sport jackets at factory discounted prices.  They manufacture and wholesale to other stores.  Their special is a package of three suits for a total of $100.  The three suits are modeled after European suits with Super 120 and Super 140 and Super 150 blended fabrics and these suits are well made and will retail in other stores for as much as $169 each.  But at the L.A. Suit Outlet you get three suits for a total of only $100.

There are no size restrictions and they have in stock suits up to size 58 so they can fit big and tall customers.  There are also slim fit styles in stock.  The L.A. Suit OUtlet also has a large inventory of discounted shirts, ties, shoes and accessories including cuff link sets, tie bars, tie tacks and vest sets.  They can outfit wedding parties and carry tuxedos and all the formal accessories the groom and groomsmen will need. 

The L.A. Suit Outlet is at 380 East 15th Street in downtown Los Angeles, and the store has easy parking and it's just two blocks off the 10 Freeway.  This factory direct discounter is open Monday through Saturday.  Call them at (213) 749-8400You will also find high end designer suits here and major designer brand suits here and they are always discounted.  They have a tailor so you can get fitted and have your alterations done at the store.  Watch our Best Buys TV show reports below.


Update October 26, 2011  You can still fight inflation by shopping for men's suits at the L. A. Suit Outlet because they still discount three men's suits for only $100.  And, they mix and match styles and sizes so you can come with two friends and all three of you can leave the store with a new suit each and the three of you will pay only $100 combined.  Now, this factory-direct outlet carries private brand suits that are manufactured in the same factories where more expensive suits of the same quality are made.  Watch our new Best Buys TV Show report below.

Below is our October 2010 report with their latest styles, including information about slim fit suits, vest sets, and discounts on higher end and designer suits too.

And below is our original report where we introduce their 3 suits for $100 package.


Update January 4, 2012  Modern Fyt (pronounced fit as in getting fit) is a discounter of quality men's clothing, and Modern Fyt tries to be the market leader when it comes to selling men's casual fashions as well as business and fashion suits, sportjackets, business shirts, ties, tie sets, accessories and more.  You will find a large selection of Polo fashions including the classic shirts that are discounted.  And Levi's bluejeans are always deeply discounted.  But Modern Fyt wants to be the complete men's store with discounts on everything from boxers to suits and from socks to accessories.  You'll find Polo fashions at 20% off retail, Ferrari fashions at 20% off retail, LRG fashions at 20% off retail and all Levi jeans are now priced at $39.99 and some of these were priced as high as $64.  Designer Shoes by Enrico Brandisi are all $39.99 and the regular price is $80.00.

Modern Fyt is in the mall in Buena Park, near the amusement park Knott's Berry Farm.  Modern Fyt is in the mall near Wal-Mart and across from Ross.  Modern Fyt is open 7 days a week during regular mall hours.  Right now there is a special on quality men's suits discounted to $99 each.  And you will love their selection of dress shirts and ties-- always discounted.  Our Best Buys TV Show report on this Orange County discounter is below.

Modern Fyt
8370 A On The Mall
Buena Park, California 90620


Update May 6, 2011  J-Bees is in the Lakewood Center Mall in Lakewood and it has a great selection on premium casual fashions for men and you will find that many popular fashions and brands are discounted.  Among the popular styles are Polo and Levis and True Religion and LaCoste and there are also men's dress shoes and casual shoes.  Look for the clearance rack where many big brands have prices discounted by 30-percent.  Of course parking is free and convenient and the shopping is easy and the selection and styles are top-notch for guys who want to be casual and impress.  J-Bees is at 45 Lakewood Center Mall, Lakewood.  Call 562-531-2911 for information.  Our TV report is below.

Here on our new media website "Moneyman" Alan Mendelson who is the original Best Deals TV Show reporter on KCAL9 and consumer advocate, shows you the best deals on TV, and the best buys, bargains and where savvy shoppers go to save, and how to get the most for "your money" with the best of Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura County, Riverside County and San Bernardino County.  Our Best Buys TV Show has the best TV deals and is the only regularly scheduled weekly best deals TV show in Southern California.  We show you the best buys and best deals on TV and more deals and bargains on and and watch for our Las Vegas TV show Vegas Best Buys.  Some of the content can come from paid advertising and from our advertiser paid TV infomercial programs.  The Best Buys TV Show is a paid infomercial program which may also include news and information which is not sponsored or paid for by advertisers. has the highest ranking among competitive sites in Southern California according to the independent website ranking companies and and our Best Buys TV Show is the most watched shopping and consumer information show in Southern California.

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