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On this page is our archive of reports on the 99-Cents Only Stores.  Please contact the 99-Cents Only Stores directly for their current deals.  There are almost 299 of the 99-Cents Only Stores.  Products may have changed since we prepared these reports.  For locations of the 99-Cents Only Stores go to or call (888) Lucky-99.


Update May 11, 2012  Start your summer fun at the 99-Cents Only Stores this year.  Once again they're loaded with the essentials for the beach and pool and for your summer parties.  You'll save on essentials from flip-flops to beach toys, party plates to plastic drink cups, beach mats to luau decorations.  And of course, you'll always find the perfect 99.99-cents price tags.  Watch our Best Buys TV Show report below then dive into the savings at your nearby store.


Update April 27, 2012  Make The 99-Cents Only Stores your first stop for buying Mother's Day essentials.  If your mom finds out that you paid more elsewhere she will make you feel very guilty that you did.  You will find great gift items including candles, fragrances, picture frames and you can't beat the deal on gift bags.  There are also party supplies and you can even put together a new set of glassware and dishware for mom.  Don't forget the chocolates!  See our Best Buys TV Show report below.


Update February 23, 2012  The 99-Cents Only Stores have all the luck of the Irish for your 2012 St. Patrick's Day celebrations, and lots of Easter goodies too so you can binky like a bunny to celebrate Easter this year.  There is a tremendous selection of party essentials and decorations for both holidays.  And for St. Patrick's Day all sorts of lucky hats and socks so you can dress up to look and feel like you have the luck 'o the Irish.  You can even pick up a pack of shot glasses here for 99.99 cents a pack.

For Easter, I was very surprised to see a giant and wide selection of quality Palmer chocolates with packs of bite sized chocolates and packs of larger Chocolate Bunnies and there are white chocolate candies too.  You will love the selection of party essentials including plates and napkins and cups and all sorts of wall and table decorations.

For your Easter Egg Hunt there are baskets and plush egg holders and of course lots of fillable plastic eggs in various sizes and with lots of different decorations.  You have to see the giant fillable egg that can hold some really big Easter treats.  Gift bags are only 79.99-cents.  Our new 2012 Best Buys TV Show report on St. Patrick's Day and Easter deals is below.


Update January 5, 2012  The 99-Cents Only Stores can help you keep some of your most important New Year Resolutions.  Let's start with that very popular first resolution: lose weight.  Yes, the 99-Cents Only Stores can help with a large selection of sugar free foods including sugar free candies and cakes and cookies and drink mixes.   Another way to lose weight is to eat healthier -- and the 99-Cents Only Stores can help you eat healthier with a large arrays of quality fresh fruits and vegetables.  There are deals made with local farmers to deliver fresh produce to the 99-Cents Only Stores so if your New Year Resolution is to eat from more food groups the 99-Cents Only Stores are there to make it easy and at great prices that won't sour your appetite.

In addition to eating healthy, you want to stay healthy and you can picking up essential cold medicine, and things to keep others healthy including face masks and auto visor tissue dispensers at 99.99-cents each and packs of tissue refills are also only 99.99-cents.  Another resolution might be to keep a cleaner home and office and the popular cleaning supplies including brand name cleaners are at the stores.

And now arriving at the 99-Cents Only Stores: supplies and essentials for Valentine's Day including long-stem chocolate roses at only 99.99-cents for each long stem chocolate rose.  And at that price everyone can afford a dozen long stems... of chocolate roses!


Update November 18, 2011  Once again, Santa's biggest helper is the 99-Cents Only Stores because here is where you are going to save on all of your Christmas essentials from greeting cards to Santa hats to party supplies to gift wrap and gift boxes and bows and ornaments and decorations and everything in between to keep you in the holiday spirit.  The newest holiday decorations and ornaments are in stock including the new snowflake ornaments in jumbo sizes and snowflakes that light up.  There are musical ties to wear to parties and Santa hats that you can personalize with a decorating kit.  There are camouflage Santa hats so Santa can't be seen making his rounds.  In fact, if you never do see Santa this Christmas it's because he was wearing a camouflage hat from the 99-Cents Only Stores!  So watch our report below for the best deals on TV for Christmas party and decorating and gift giving supplies.  And remember that gift bags at the 99-Cents Only Stores are only 79.99-cents and even giant stockings are always only 99.99-cents each.


Update October 26, 2011  Now is the time to gobble up your Thanksgiving savings at the 99-Cents Only Stores.  The stores are loaded with best buys including tools and essentials for the chef, party supplies and decorations, and essentials for your Thanksgiving dinner including dinnerware in white and dinnerware in harvest colors with each dinnerplate, soup bowl, or mug or cup priced at just 99.99-cents each piece.

For the chef there are cooking essentials including foil roasting pans at 99.99-cents and youll pay much more at supermarkets.  There's plastic wrap and aluminum foil, and you know the price.  And there is heavyweight steel bakeware in various sizes but always just 99.99-cents.

You'll be able to get a turkey baster, a popup timer, stuffing bag, and a turkey lacer along with oven mitts and pot holders.  Pick up a turkey lifter and carving knife at 99.99-cents each, or a pair of kitchen scissors, melon baller or can opener.

On the menu there are mixed vegetables and green beans and canned beets priced at only 69.99-cents a can.  And canned pumpkin, yams, and fruit cocktail and cranberry sauce, and whole white potatoes are only 99.99-cents each.

There's stuffing and mashed potatoes with brands like Hungry Jack and Betty Crocker for 99.99-cents.  And you can bake some Duncan Hines or Pillsbury brownies, or some hot rolls for the party.

Now set the table with the help of the 99-Cents Only Stores.  For the casual feast there are packs of decorative plates, cups and napkins at 99.99 cents each.  Or have a formal dinner with a dinnerware pattern in harvest colors and you can get a dinner plate, bowl and mug for 99.99 cents each.

And pick up some party decorations including centerpieces and table top items and Thanksgiving balloons and turkeys around the house.  Serve some hot chocolate while you watch football.  You'll feast on these deals at the 99 cents only stores and look for some specials at a limited number of Southern California stores including 750-ml bottles of California wine at only 99.99-cents each.

Watch our Best Buys TV Show report below and feast on the savings for this Thanksgiving... and stock up for Christmas and holiday entertaining too.


Update September 22, 2011  Be sure you make the 99-Cents Only Stores your number one haunt for Halloween supplies this year-- because your budget won't be Dead On Arrival when you get their great deals.  This year the 99-Cents Only Stores really scared up some great deals for kids and adults and for pets too.  This year, they even conjured up Halloween pet costumes for dogs and cats.

The 99-Cents Only Stores are loaded with bags of the popular brands of trick or treat candy at only 99.99-cents a bag.  You'll find Blow Pops, and Lemonheads, Tootsie Pops, 100Grand bars, Baby Ruth, Three Musketeers and more.  And you'll find all the party supplies you need to host the ghosts and spirits of the neighborhood including packs of plates, cups and napkins.  And there are plastic Halloween drink cups and Halloween goblets for the adult goblins for their over-21 holiday spirits.  Yes, you will definitely have a howling good time with plenty of decorations to set a chilling mood.  There's even a skeleton you can have drop in from your ceiling.  When the kids go out into the night they can be armed with giant trick or treat bags and buckets and they can be protected against a bump in the night with flashlights glow sticks and glow wands to ward off the evil spirits.  And you just have to have the photo of your two long-lost cousins -- it shows them as they were a hundred or so years ago and how they look today as skin and bones but without the skin.  And of course you'll find the essential pumpkin carving kit.

This year the 99-Cents Only Stores will let you build your own costume with costume essentials for clowns, princesses, witches and pirates and all kinds of hats.  There is Halloween hair color and save the leftovers for St. Patrick's Day -- if you know what I mean.  Don't get scared when our TV report appears below and Alan Mendelson disappears.


Update July 28, 2011  Get ready to go back to school, and get ready to get back to work, with the best buys at the 99-Cents Only Stores.  You will find the essentials you need for school including paper, notebooks, binders, glues, pens, math tools and parents will appreciate the best buys on snack packs and lunch items.  And many of these best buys are also perfect for your home office including printer paper, index cards, clip pens and stick pens.  You'll also find some special deals here for starting the year off right like a box of chocolate truffles for your teacher and the price is only 99.99-cents.  Wach our TV report below.


Update May 12, 2011  Once again, your local 99-Cents Only Stores is your first stop for summer pool, beach and party fun.  They have the essentials ranging from sunscreens to beach party essentials and the price is always 99.99-cents even though other stores might charge as much as $10 for the same items.  There are toys for the pool and toys for the beach and backyard like flying discs and classic beach balls.  They even have Disney flip flops and Disney toys and Disney sand molds.  You will love a beach mat and while the price is cut to 99.99-cents there's no cutting of the size so this is a best buy.  Watch our TV report below.


Update May 4, 2011  It's time for graduation parties and graduation gift giving and the 99-Cents Only Stores have what you need for that graduation bash and to help send that graduate off to start a new life and a new career.  It's easy to add up the savings so you don't need a degree in advanced math to do the shopping.  And you don't need a degree in finance or discount merchandising to locate the best buys.  They're here and ready for your party and graduation fun.  And just in case you have a wedding party or a wedding around the same time as that graduation, we have those other essentials too.  Watch our TV report below.


Update April 29, 2011  You will enjoy your wedding bells and avoid the big wedding bills when you do your wedding shopping and party planning at the 99-Cents Only Stores.  The stores are stocked with essentials for party planning and gift giving.  You'll find so many great deals that your wedding can also be a royal affair.  Everything is here including decorations, tableware for your party or even for gift giving.  All kinds of high end wrapping supplies and gift bags and gift wraps and bows.  There are great deals on wedding favors including picture frames and even jewelry sets.  Looking for a perfect wedding gift that won't have you sorry about the wedding bills?  Then pick up a set of Libby glassware at 99.99-cents each piece and you'll look like you spent a fortune.  The 99-Cents Only Stores have fantastic gift bags that you'd buy elsewhere for six dollars or more but here the jumbo gift bag is only 99.99-cents and smaller gift bags are only 79.99-cents.  Our TV report is below.


Update April 20, 2011  Make your mother proud, and don't make her feel guilty, by spending too much money for Mother's Day.  Shop for her at the 99-Cents Only Stores where you will find great deals for Mom.  You know your mother wouldn't want you to spend more when you can get great deals for only 99.99-cents.  Stop the spending madness and the guilt at the 99-Cents Only Stores.

You'll make a great impression with a fancy gift bag for only 79.99-cents and these same bags can sell for $5 or more in other stores.  Make Mom think you have money to burn without actually burning your money by shopping elsewhere.

Now fill that gift basket with Mother's Day essentials including photo frames at only 99.99-cents each, replica fragrances by Jordache that have an aroma similar to Ed Hardy for Women, Paris Hilton, Eternity and Beautiful.  Mom will love the adorable jewelry boxes including a musical jewelry box.  There are bath and spa essentials at the 99-Cents Only Stores, and even mylar balloons at only 99.99-Cents each (but there might be an extra charge for the helium).  And put some name brand cosmetics including eyeliner, lipstick and gloss in that gift bag too -- you'll find them all at the 99-Cents Only Stores.

And every Mom wants a special Mother's Day card and there are plenty at only 99.99-cents each and these greeting cards can several dollars in other stores.  And give mom a festive party with party plates, napkins, cutlery, cups and decorations with each package priced at only 99.99-cents each.  Watch our TV report below.


Update March 4, 2011  Be quick like a bunny and hop over to the 99-Cents Only Stores where you can start and finish your Easter shopping with everything from gift baskets to chocolate bunnies to party supplies including Easter-themed plates, cups, napkins even cutlery.  You will find the traditional woven bamboo baskets as well as the new plush baskets and Easter felt baskets for a modern look.  And to help you get in the spirit of Easter you'll find all sorts of displays and decorations even costume essentials like masks and bunny ears.  If you prefer an Easter gift bag instead of an Easter basket the 99-Cents Only Stores have the new designer bags priced at only 79.99-cents each and these come with all kinds of creative artwork.  You will absolutely adore the selection of Easter candy ranging from decorated chocolate bunnies to the Palmer Yummy Ducky, Palmer Peanut Butter Bunny and the Palmer Fudge Bunny and there are snack bags of popular mini candy bars including Milky Way, Snickers, Nestle Crunch and Butterfingers.  If you want to put together an Easter basket to impress there are bags of artificial grass, all kinds of fillable eggs for your egg hunt and basket stuffers including toys for boys and girls.  Some of these Easter toys are great for year-round outdoor fun including a jump rope and a fantastic giant rabbit bubble wand that you just can't put down because it's so much fun.  So much all in one place -- the 99-Cents Only Stores.  And you know the price -- 99.99-cents or less.  With these best buys you'll binky like a bunny.  Watch our video report below.


Update February 21, 2011   Once again the 99-Cents Only Stores are leading the market with great deals that will help you throw a party like a professional party planner.  If you want a St. Patrick's Day Party you must start at the 99-Cents Only Stores with party essentials including decorations and yard glasses and cooling mugs that you can fill with your favorite beverages.  And there are also party essentials for other events as well including a fantastic new line of gift bags that can cost as much as $6 elsewhere but at the 99-Cents Only Stores are priced at 99.99-Cents or 79.99-Cents.  There are also party supplies to fit any color scheme or any event including birthdays, sports parties, baby showers, weddings, or "just a come as you are party" or a "party for the sake of partying party."

There is a new line of gift bags that feature glitter, shimmering pearlized paper, ribbon handles, high-end artwork that are priced at 99.99-Cents or less.  And now, new jumbo gift bags with designs and higher prices that you usually find in specialty card and gift stores but are only priced at 99.99-cents each at the 99-Cents Only Stores.  You'll also find luxurious gift wrapping essentials that will make everyone think you are a professional gift wrapper -- or that you paid a professional gift wrapper to do your work.  Our video report is below.


Update January 18, 2011   Just in time for Valentine's Day shopping -- you can buy love and a lot of things to help you celebrate love -- for only 99.99-cents or less at the 99-Cents Only Stores.  If you are planning a Valentine's Day party for adults -- or for kids at school -- your 99-Cents Only Store is your party headquarters and you will save as much as two-thirds off the price for Valentine's Day cups, plates, napkins, decorations and party decor and essentials.  If you are giving gifts -- you'll find best buys including picture frames, jewelry, jewelry boxes, and more priced at only 99.99-Cents.  There are boxes of Valentines for schools -- like 33 in a box -- and there are jumbo Valentines for only 99.99-cents that can sell for $10 or more elsewhere.  I love the 99-99-Cents Valentine coffee mugs that come with a bag of chocolates.  And speaking of chocolates and candies -- the 99-Cents Only Stores are loaded with your favorite brands.  Get your Valentine large gift bags for only 79.99-cents each and these are made by American Greeting and Hallmark and can sell for $5 and more elsewhere.  I was really impressed with the large gift bags that come with a musical gift Valentine card attached to the bag and you get it all for 79.99-cents and you will love the "love song" that the card plays when opened.  There are Valentine socks with hearts and other symbols of love and the heart of the matter is that you can love these socks even when it's not the love holiday.  There are chocolate roses and boxes of chocolates all for 99.99-Cents each.  And for those special Valentine's Day plans there are chocolate scented candles, fur covered handcuffs, and other adult surprises.  Watch our video below.


Update December 26, 2010   Shopping at the 99-Cents Only Stores must be on your list of new year's resolutions, and the 99-Cents Only Stores can help you keep those other new year's resolutions too.  Is a diet on your list?  The 99-Cents Only Stores have the Diet Dots supplements-- 99.99 cents a package.  There's the Cali Girl Brand dieter's tea -- 12 bags per package.  The Crystal Light Pure Fitness On The Go Packets will help.  There's Diet Snapple -- Singles To Go Packets -- various flavors.  And West Soy lowfat soy milk drink -- one quart packages.  Help your work out resolution with ankle supports, and work out socks.  Take an exercise break with a Fullbar -- don't pay more elsewhere.  And in case the work outs don't work quickly enough get a waist trimmer for men and women.  I tried it-- you wrap it around your mid-section for an emergency "slimming."  And if the work out was too much -- there's a menthol pain relief sleeve.

Is your resolution to clean up?  The 99-Cents Only Stores have all of the popular and name brand household cleaners including Ajax and Palmolive and Lysol and Arm & Hammer.  There are plenty of clean up essentials including sponges, mops, brooms, dust pans, dusters, and air fresheners including Airwick.  Is your resolution to organize?  The 99-Cents Stores have organizers for shoes, drawers, jewelry, desk items and more.  And change your toothbrush when youre supposed to-- the 99-Cents Only Stores make that affordable.

Everyone should resolve to "be green" in the new year and the 99-Cents Only Stores can help with a reusable 99-Cents Only bag that can be used even in those other higher-priced stores.  But unlike the bags that the others sell, this bag is only 99.99-cents.

Make this your #1 New Year's Resolution -- shop at the 99-Cents Only Stores.  Our video report is below.


Update November 5, 2010   The 99-Cents Only Stores have the right stuff so you can say Ho Ho Ho as you hold down the costs of your Christmas and holiday decorations, gift giving and partying this year.  But you have to shop fast (real fast) because many of these deals will be snapped up and there are limited quanitites.  For example, there are large tree ornaments that can retail for up to $8 at other stores but are only 99.99-cents here.  There are holiday gift mugs that come in a box (you don't have to gift wrap these) and these are only 99.99-cents each but can retail for as much as $10 each elsewhere.  You will love the assortment of boxed holiday cards and some of these boxes have up to 18 cards and were marked $9.95 on the package but the price is only 99.99-cents here.  For going from Christmas party to party you'll find hats, scarves and gloves at only 99.99-cents.  There are gift boxes and gift bags and the gift bags are an exceptional value at only 79.99-cents each.  There are stockings that are big enough for plenty of stocking stuffers and candy to stuff those stockings.  I even found a stocking big enough for a new car... OK, not a new, but certainly big enough for a laptop computer, a set of car keys, and enough perfume and cologne for the rest of the century.  I was very impressed to find everything you'll need for your holiday parties including coordinated plates, cups and napkins.  And there is a great selection of microwave and dishwasher safe dinner plates, bowls and mugs with a seasonal pattern and each piece is priced at only 99.99-cents.  If you are giving gifts, the 99-Cents Only Stores have gift boxes and wrapping paper, and gift tissue and wine bottle gift boxes.  You really will find just about everything you need for the holidays here-- except for that new car that you'd like to see in your driveway with a ribbon on it.  But, the 99-Cents Only Stores do carry lots of ribbon and bows.  Watch our video report below.


Update October 19, 2010   You can feast on the Thanksgiving savings at the 99-Cents Only Stores.   There are quality home decorations for inside and outside, and plenty of table decorations and mantle decorations.  Plenty of cake mixes and cookie mixes too as well as household essentials such as roasting tins and pans and party platters.  What is really great is that the 99-Cents Only Stores are stocked with dish sets and tableware that is microwave and dishwasher safe and the dinner plates and salad plates and bowls and each piece is only 99.99-cents and can be used year round.  There are also packs of quality tableware including hefty spoons and forks and knives for 99.99-cents for six pieces.  There are water goblets and kitchen knives for cutting and preparing dinner.  In the fresh produce section get your ingredients for a great fresh salad.  Also quality canned vegetables at a price you won't believe.  You will want to gobble up these Thanksgiving dinner deals and more seasonal specials.  Watch our video report below.


A Halloween 2010 Frightastic Alert   Did you know that Halloween is now the second biggest holiday for spending?  Only Christmas is bigger.  And you don't have to worry about Halloween burying you in debt because there are spooktacular Halloween savings at the 99-Cents Only Stores on everything you'll need for a haunt of a party or to make your home comfortable for visiting ghosts, goblins, witches and super heroes and princesses too.  You will find lots of costumes and costume accessories to create a costume or enhance a costume and of course the savings will make your blood curdle.  And make all of your ghostly and ghastly friends comfortable with a fully decorated Halloween feast complete with all the party essentials and a few appropriate axes, rats, spider webs and goblin bobble heads.  And with the great 99-Cents Only Stores savings, you can invest in a new coffin for your favorite vampire.  In fact, you'll save so much it's freightening and you'll have to pick up a few extra bags of candy to make Halloween night sweet.  It will be a howling party with the correct Halloween tableware, decorations, treats and candy.  Oh, pick up a little coffin for those extra treats you want to take with you into the great beyond.   You'll find those little coffins and all sorts of pumpkins, bags and other trick or treat essentials at the 99-Cents Only Stores where you'll enjoy 99 shrieks of money-saving joy.  Watch our video report below, and beware of the ghosts, witches and demons that will pop up before your eyes and will want to go home with you!  It will be a terror if you shop anywhere else for these essentials.  (Silver bullets not included.)


Update September 9, 2010   There are new deals that just arrived at the 99-Cents Only Stores that are great for home, school and the office.  For home there are sandwich bags that are perfect for packing lunches and snacks for school and for work and you will love the discounted prices.  And speaking of snacks, the 99-Cents Only Stores are loaded with packs of your favorites including puddings and apple sauces and snack packs.  Also for home -- lots of hair products and accessories and yes, these will help you get ready for school and work.  There are brushes and hair ties for the gym, and even hair dye touchups to hide the gray.  And for the office and school, new supplies of pens, notebooks, folders, desk supplies, writing and art tablets are arriving.  And one of the best buys is a zippered binder that includes a file folder that can be removed and this is an incredible value at only 99.99-Cents each and is great for school and work because it is durable and has a handle and comes in "corporate colors" as well as colors that are popular with students.  Watch our new video report below.


Update August 4, 2010   You will go to the head of the class, and get rewarded with an A+ in back to school shopping when you buy your school supplies at the 99-Cents Only Stores.  You'll find package deals on pens, mechanical pencils, scissors and markers and highlighters, and all of the back to school essentials.  Watch our new video below.


Update  July 16, 2010  Pray for a late summer or a fall heat spell because you might win $99,999.99 if the high tempeature in downtown Los Angeles reaches 99-degrees on a special day this fall.  And on other days when the high temperature is 99-degrees you might win $99.99 or $999.99 from the 99-Cents Only Stores.  Watch our video report below for details and check their website for more info about the 99 Days of Summer and how a hot day can mean a hot jackpot.  You can enter this contest for free at participating 99-Cents Only Stores in Southern California, and that's most of them in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura and parts of San Diego Counties.  This certainly will be a hot contest and a heat wave in the fall could lead to the big steamy payoff of $99,999.99 which could get you about a hundred thousand items from the 99-Cents Only Stores or plenty of "dream money" to fund your wildest.  The heat is on and so is the countdown to the big day that will have you hoping for heat.


Update June 30, 2010  Start your beach fun at the 99-Cents Only Stores where you will find swim goggles for grownups at 99.99-cents and these retail for $7 elsewhere.  There are also mask and snorkel sets at only 99.99-cents that you'll find elsewhere for almost $8.  The kids will leave packaged beach toy sets packed with a car toy at only 99-cents that can cost $13 elsewhere.  There are all sorts of inflatable beach toys and tubes and beach animals at only 99.99-cents each and these can retail for up to $9.  There are Disney beach toys as well, and shovels and sifters for the sand -- and please remember to fill in the holes when you're finished at the beach.  This is also your place to get your beach lunches with hot dogs and buns and fresh fruits and vegetables.  And don't forget your barbecue supplies including bags of charcoal and everything is 99.99-cents.  And there are kids' bathing suits and flip-flops for kids and adults.  And don't forget your 99-Cents Only Beach Ball and now there are 99-Cents Only flying discs.  Watch our video report below.


Update June 18, 2010  You will save on July 4th party supplies at the 99-cents only stores where you can give yourself some financial independence with best buys for your table.   There are red, white and blue chip and dip platters just 99.99 cents, and red white and blue tumblers only 99.99 cents each.  July 4th serving bowls are only 99.99 cents.  And you will love the look of the star ice cube trays-- not only for this holiday, but when you celebrate your movie premier.  And a star tray also does double duty for this holiday and that Hollywood party.  You will also find patriotic door covers -- yep it covers your whole door.  There are food plates and desert plates -- each pack 99.99 cents.  And get in the mood with hats, decorations and more.  For your Fourth of July barbecue the 99-Cents Only Stores have all sorts of barbecue supplies including charcoal and tools.  I really loved the paper napkin weights with patriotic themes --  Freedom, Liberty and America.  These will go perfectly with flags for your table and flag weights for the helium-filled balloons which are only 99.99-cents each.  And now that your table is ready, let's shop for the barbecue.  The 99-Cents Only Stores have ketchup, mustard, mini watermelons, hot dogs and buns, and AMERICAN cheese.  You need dessert too.  There are red, white and blue ice pops.  Saving money is patriotic at the 99-Cents Only Stores.  Watch our video report below.


Update June 10, 2010  It's Luau season for backyard fun and parties and the 99-Cents Only Stores can make your luau a success with party essentials including decorations for you and the party area.  Set your table with luau cups and plates and table decorations, Hawaiian decorations and centerpieces, banners and signs and trinkets.  Dress yourself for that luau with flower leis, a flower bra (not kidding see our video below) and flower ornaments for your sandals.  And of course all of these quality decorations are only 99.99-cents.  Yes there are party Margarita glasses that will add to the decor and festivities.  And to serve your luau feast there is everything including barbecue supplies, charcoal, outdoor condiment containers, grilling tools, lighters, matches and more.  You'll show the true skills of a luau party planner while you save at the 99-Cents Only Stores for these essentials.   And here's an idea that true party planners already know about: buy extra luau supplies and decorations for the cold winter months when you can warm up your friends with an indoor luau party, and don't forget about luau and Hawaiian-themed costumes for Halloween.  They're all here at the 99-Cents Only Stores.


Update May 27, 2010  Let's be realistic: you don't want to waste your money and your Dad certainly doesn't want you to waste your money when it comes to Father's Day shopping and that's why you must shop at the 99-Cents Only Stores for those essential gifts for Dads.  In fact, the bargains were so great at the 99-Cents Only Store in Burbank that when I went there to prepare this report, I couldn't wait for Dad's Day and bought myself dress socks that I had to have.  These were name brand, designer dress socks at only 99.99-cents a pair and I've spent $10 for similar dress socks.  Don't kid yourself -- Dads need socks.  They always need socks.  And there are tees and boxer briefs for Dads too and these are also essentials that are only 99.99-cents.  Dad will be proud that you stretched your dollars -- even the dollars that Dad gave you as part of your allowance.  You will also find what I like to call "replica fragrances" and neckties at only 99.99-cents and these can sell for $11 or more.  There are frame sets -- two desk or table frames -- that I like to call two-fers and Dad will appreciate that you are getting two desk frames for 99.99-cents.  There are all sorts of Fathers Day gift items and decorations for parties and helium-filled party balloons, even Fathers Day gift pens that other stores are selling for $5 and up -- but they're all just 99.99-cents here.  And while you're shopping, stock up on those socks and boxer briefs and ties because they'll also come in handy for birthdays and the holidays.  Yes, you can even start your Christmas shopping now because socks and briefs and ties make great stocking stuffers as well as Dads Day gifts.  Watch our video report below.


Update May 27, 2010  I'm not kidding.  A four year college education can cost a hundred grand or more, so if you are planning a grand graduation party you should head over to the 99-Cents Only Stores for lots of graduation party supplies at 99.99-cents including decorations, invitations, and those all important thank you notes for the gifts you hope you'll be getting.  Yes, even for high school graduations you need the 99-Cents Only Stores so you can save money for those college bills.  Watch our new video below.  And for your final school or college assignment -- shop for that graduation party at the 99-Cents Only Stores.  You'll find party plates, dessert plates, napkins and cups all with a graduation theme.  There are also picture frames priced at only 99.99-cents to frame that graduation photo which cost a fortune to get!  And if you are going to graduation parties this year you will love the stylish gift card holders because every graduate needs a gift card to get ready for their next assignment in life.


Update May 15, 2010  Start your summer outdoor fun at the 99-Cents Only Stores with all sorts of party supplies for Memorial Weekend, and barbecue supplies.  There are all the tools you'll need for the cookout, and party supplies include plates and cups and napkins all in a Patriotic theme for Memorial Day.  For the cooks there are plenty of tools including tools to clean the grill -- and these are a must.  Don't forget the matches and the lighters and the grilling products like charcoal and special flavor enhancers for grilling.  And for you party decorators there are all sorts of decorations including Flags, banners, ribbons, garland and party decor and hats and costumes to put your guests in the mood for the weekend and to start their summer fun.  Watch our new video below.


Make the 99-Cents Only Stores your wedding party headquarters.  There are now some amazing wedding deals at select 99-Cents Only Stores, and because there are limited quantities of these exceptional wedding items some limits may apply.  For example, there are wedding cake toppers that can retail for $30 or more that are only 99.99-cents; there are sets of wedding champagne flutes for only 99.99-cents and this package of two flutes sells for as much as $13 elsewhere; and you'll find jumbo wedding candles for only 99.99-cents that can retail for as much as $35.  There are wedding party favors that are only 99.99-cents here that can sell for $5 elsewhere.  Other wedding essentials at only 99.99 cents include garters, wedding figures, party favors including jewelry boxes, and there are even 2-piece wedding cake serving sets at only 99.99-cents each that could cost you $25 or more elsewhere.

You'll find wedding gift bags at only 79.99-cents each, and cups and plates and napkins for your party.  Yes, there are things you must have for the bachelorette party, and all kinds of supplies for wedding gifts.  The lucky and happy couple will enjoy those wedding bells, and the parents will have an easier time with those wedding bills.  Watch our video report below.


Update April 21, 2010   Some companies will charge you a lot of money for a pre-packaged earthquake preparation kit.  But you can build your own kit and save a lot of money by buying the essentials at the 99-Cents Only Stores.  In fact, unlke those pre-packaged earthquake kits, you can put these "earthquake supplies" in your cupboards and work them into the rotation of your food and hardware supplies and replenish them as you use them.  The result will be that you will save money year round and be ready in case you need them for any emergency.

There are assortments of batteries and flashlights and bottled water and bandages and cold packs and hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol -- and everything comes in a size that is discounted at only 99.99-cents.  You'll save here even if your're just buying bottled drinking water.  And you should always have extra 9-volt batteries on hand for your smoke detectors so you don't have to endure that beeping during sleep-- and you know exactly what I'm talking about.

There are sections set up for earthquake supplies in the stores but you will also be smart to stock up on canned tuna and canned salmon and pick up some gardening gloves which can come in handy after a quake.  At these prices you really can afford to have earthquake kits in your home, your work, and in your car.  Watch our video report below.


Update April 21, 2010   The 99-Cents Only Stores are packed with must-haves for your Cinco de Mayo fiesta and for Mothers Day gifts and parties.   

Let's start with your party on May 5th.  There are plenty of plates, cups, utensils and decorations to set your party's theme.  And lots of authentic Mexican food favorites include brand name Chipotle Sauces in mild, medium and hot varieties.  There are Picante Salsas, and refried beans and every container is priced at 99.99-cents.  Everything is always a fraction of the prices you will find at other stores.

For Mothers Day there are fancy gift bags at 79.99-cents and you can easily pack ten money-saving values in your gift bag for about $9.99 because these deals are all priced at 99.99-cents each.  You'll find bath salts and foot therapy kits for Mom, and scarves by Jones New York and other designers -- and every item is priced at only 99.99-cents.

What really impressed me were Jordache fragrances that smell like major designer and celebrity perfumes.  These Jordache perfume sprays are modeled after brands by Paris Hilton and Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds, and Obsession and Eternity.  And these Jordache perfume sprays are priced at an incredible 99.99-cents each.  My advice is to stock up on these for gift items not only for Mom but also for birthdays and even for your own use.  Hey, you could even start getting these for your Christmas shopping.  And if you look closely you'll find replica fragrances for men also including "smell likes" for Ed Hardy and Hugo Boss.  In the "fashion world" these replicas are called "knock offs" but you just might want to call them "deals" and "bargains."  Basically you're getting about the same thing without the brand name and without the expensive packaging and marketing costs that the big brand name and celebrity merchandise have.  Watch our report below.


Update April 1, 2010  There are great deals at the 99-Cents Only Stores that make them the first stop for your summer and beach fun.  Stop in and you'll find everything from the sun screens that you must have to the beach toys that will keep the kids entertained to the sandals and bathing suits that the whole family needs.  There are also those classic 99-Cents Only blow up beach balls and kites and frisbees to keep the fun coming at the beach or even in your own backyard.

You really need the Coppertone sun screens for the face and other Coppertone sunscreen products that are only 99.99-cents each and you will recognize that other stores sell these Coppertone sun protection products for as much as $9.72.  There are also Coppertone lotions for kids and Banana Boat Kids Lotions.  The SPF levels go up to 70 on these products and you need them whether you're at the beach, or in your own backyard and just spending more time outside.

There is also Solar Sense Clear Zinc Spray at only 99.99-cents.

Dress up for summer beach fun with straw hats for men and women in various colors and styles at only 99.99-cents each and these are the same straw hats that others sell for up to $17.  And there are all sorts and styles of flip flops including flip flops that the kids will love with characters like The Simpsons, Curious George, Barbie and my favorite -- Marilyn Monroe flip flops.  If you collect Marilyn Monroe you need to add these flip flops to your collection.  The flip flops are always only 99.99-cents and these can retail for ten-dollars or more.

There are Mossimo swim clothes for ladies at only 99.99-cents and these can retail for $16.99 at other stores, and swimsuits for infants and lots of beach toys always at only 99.99-cents.  I like the sand sifters and sand molds and Disney beach toys all priced at 99.99-cents each.  There are even sets with a swim mask and goggles for only 99.99-cents.

And you'll have 99 tons of fun with the 99.99-cents Beach Balls and soft-edge frisbees.  Watch our video report below to see how the 99-cent beach ball bounces....


Update March 29, 2010  You'll feel like a savvy, professional party planner when you shop for your birthday, wedding or baby party -- or for any party supplies -- at the 99-cents Only Stores.  You'll find quality party supplies including plates, cups, napkins, tablecloths, favors, decorations and more in popular colors and with popular themes too.  And yes, you'll find original manufacturer price tags on many of the packages that show you save 60% or more when you shop at the 99-Cents Only Stores.

You can throw a party for 12 for about $9.99 with a tablecloth, and for each guest a food plate and a dessert plate, a food napkin and a beverage napkin, and packs of cups, cutlery, streamers and balloons.  You could spend $30 elsewhere for this party set-up.

In addition to themed decorations and party goods, 99-Cents Only Stores have the perfect colors for any party including Pretty 'N Pink, Baby Blues, Rockin' Blues, Passion Pink, Sub-Lime, Lemonade, Pumpkin Orange and Candy Apple and you can mix and match these popular colors when you choose your plates, napkins, tablecloths, decorations and more.

You'll also find other party essentials including gift bags at only 79.99 cents, and at only 99.99 cents there are packs of hats and blowers and containers for favors, and something "baby boomers" might really appreciate -- long burning matches so you can light all of those candles, even if you are stopping at 29.

And for a little extra fun, you'll find those "miracle candles" that fire up again and again. 

With your savings you will be the perfect party planner and enjoy your party more.  Watch our video report below.


Update March 11, 2010  Hunt for Easter eggs this season and not for Easter gift baskets, party supplies and Easter decorations because you will always find the lowest prices at the 99-Cents Only stores.  This year, you can put together your own Easter Basket loaded with chocolate and toys and other Easter gifts with every item including the basket and cello wrap and gift items price at 99.99-cents or less.  Easter Gift Baskets that ready to be filled are priced at 99.99-cents and gift bags are priced at only 79.99-cents.  There are name brand toys including Hot Wheels and Disney items priced at 99.99-cents.  There is gift wrap for the season priced at 99.99-cents that has a price tag of $2.59 printed right on the packaging.  If you load up your own gift basket with purchases at the 99-Cents Only stores your gift basket will cost only about one-half or one-third of what similar gift baskets will cost at other retailers.  Watch our video report below.


Update March 2, 2010  Shop at the 99-Cents Only Stores for your St. Patrick's Day party supplies, costumes and more.  There are cups, plates, mug, decorations, balloons, costumes all priced at 99.99-cents and you'll love the selection, the quality and the savings.  Keep the green in your pockets as you shop for the wearing of the green.  Watch the video below.


Update February 23, 2010  The grass is always greener when you do your shopping for spring gardening at the 99-Cents Only Stores.  When I was at their Burbank store today, shoppers were grabbing large blooming live plants faster than store personnel could stock the display.  There are all kinds of gardening tools for 99.99-cents that could cost up to $7 elsewhere.  And you'll love the various pots and planters at 99.99-cents that have the original factory tags showing they should sell for $3.95.  Get an extra pair of gardening work gloves for your earthquake kit and yes, these are only 99.99-cents.  There are seeds and bulbs and seeding pots and organic grow soil and plant food spikes and all of them are a fraction of the price you will find elsewhere.  Watch the video report below.


Update February 18, 2010  You should be doing more to eat healthy and the 99-Cents Only Stores can help with their selections of fresh fruits and vegetables.   You can save a lot of money by avoiding supermarkets that sell packaged vegetable selections and shopping instead at 99-Cents Only where you will get more for your money.  Even fancy fruits cost less at 99-Cents only stores, and if you want to make your St. Patrick's Day party special get the unusual delicacy of green cauliflower not at the 99-Cents Only Stores -- and as usual you won't spend much of your green to get this green cauliflower.  Watch our video report below.


Update February 9, 2010  Did you know that the 99-Cents Only Stores discount top brand foods that you will use every day including Kraft salad dressings, Dole salads, Prego pasta sauces and more top labels.  We put together a three course pasta dinner for a family of four shopping at the 99-Cents Only Stores and found that the ten items on the menu cost less than $9.99 and when we priced the same items in other supermarkets the total was about $30 more.  Watch the video report below.


Update February 2, 2010  Yes, the 99-Cents Only Stores carry fresh fruits and vegetables at discounted prices.  You can pay half or even one third of what some supermarkets charge for the fresh foods you buy all the time.  Watch our new video below.


Update: January 26, 2010   You can get romantic in the recession for 99.99 cents.  The 99-Cents Only Stores are your Valentine Headquarters where you can buy great values for your sweetheart and say "I love you" while you save.  Among the special items are a chocolate rose at 99.99-cents that sells for $2.99 elsewhere, and a box of 15 Queen Anne chocolate covered cherries for 99.99-cents that you might pay $5 for elsewhere.  Get your mylar balloons and party supplies here.  There are Valentine glass picture frames that are about 90% off regular retail prices, and Valentine gift bags and gift wrap that are only a fraction of the original prices on the original tags and wrapping.  For a special Valentine get the chocolate and strawberry edible body paint and there is also a stencil kit set available that lets you paint the chocolate and strawberry flavors into designs that say "Love" and "Kiss Me" and you'll know what to do.  You'll also find at the 99-Cents Only Stores boxes of 32 Valentines that are perfect for school, even Valentine cards that have a small bottle of perfume.  Watch the video of Valentine specials below.

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