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Everybody loves antiques and they come in all shapes and sizes -- and even age.  Some people collect old furniture or old signs or old dolls or old stamps, comic books, telephones, maps, giveaways from casinos or gas stations, or a zillion other things.  Something doesn't have to be 100 years old to be a collectible antique.  Baseball cards from the 1960's are very collectible as are comic books, matchbooks, cigarette and cereal cartons.  Here is where we will tell you about places to search for an antique -- perhaps something that will look great in your home or will bring back memories of when you were a kid.


Update January 31, 2016  After a while chocolate and flowers just aren't special or meaningful anymore for Valentine's Day. There isn't much thought or caring that goes into chocolates or flowers, is there? So why not a gift that your Valentine will appreciate? Many guys and gals have hobbies and getting them something for that hobby would not only be thoughtful but it would also be treasured. Consider collectibles not only for women but also men and King Richard's Antique Center in Whittier has them ranging from china and crystal and dolls to chess sets and sports memorabilia and gaming items. There is more information about this antique center and collectibles mall lower on this page.

There is more information lower on this page.
King Richard's Antique Center in Whittier


Update April 21, 2015  If there was one word to describe Georgy's & Mami's Finds in North Hollywood it would be "huh?" You see, when you walk into this eclectic shop of antiques, collectibles, Americana, art, jewelry, clothing and furniture you will say "huh?" Yes, with a question mark because at first glance it's hard to figure the place out. But spend just sixty seconds glancing at the piles (literally piles) and stacks of stuff and cases of jewelry and collectibles and it will all become clear to you: this is heaven for those who want to dig and hunt for treasure. But the treasure isn't buried -- it's right here, and some of the special treasures such as fine art and rare musical instruments you will have to ask to see.

The best way to describe Georgy's & Mami's Finds is that it's a consignment house for people to sell their collectibles and art and keepsakes. And sometimes rare and very expensive collectibles come in the door. There is fine art valued in the thousands of dollars, and animation art in the hundreds of dollars, and musical instruments that may be centuries old and could appraise for tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars after being investigated and authenticated. You will also find political buttons and buttons promoting retail stores and TV shows and these are priced as low as fifty-cents each. There are new and gently used men's ties for $1 or $2 each. And there is authentic Native American hand-made jewelry with sterling silver and semi-precious stones.

Georgy's & Mami's Finds sells items on consignment and they also do some direct purchasing. You will often find consignments from estate sales as well as private collections. Be ready to spend time here looking and asking questions if you want to buy, and if you want to sell you will find staff that knows its stuff so you will be treated fairly.

The store is open pretty much every day of the year from 9 in the morning till 8 in the evening. Our TV show report is below.

Georgy's & Mami's Finds
10752 Burbank Boulevard
North Hollywood, California 91601


Update May 15, 2015  Huntington Harbour Antiques & Art Mall is a new gallery selling one-of-a-kind items at 16390 Pacific Coast Highway in Huntington Beach, California, which is on the water and it houses all types of art, collectibles, sculptures, antiques, rugs, memorabillia and jewelry. It is open Wednesday through Sunday and they will be having special events including auctions. 

Huntington Harbour Antiques & Art Mall
16390 Pacific Coast Highway
Hungtington Beach, California


Update November 2, 2013  Just in time for your holiday shopping, King Richard's Antique Center in Whittier has started a cash back and loyalty program that will immediately give you money back (a rebate) when you make a certain amount of purchases, and you will also receive loyalty points as part of a world wide loyalty program that includes many top retailers.  Basically the cash back is 2% of your purchase, and you get another 2% in loyalty points that can be used in the world-wide network of stores that are also part of the Lyoness Loyalty Program.  The cash back is immediate and as soon as you accumulate $10 of cash back it is deposited in your bank account.  Check with the store for details.


Update January 1, 2013  There are a lot of collectors who enjoy TV memorabilia and many antique stores today carry TV memorabilia.  And if you favor classic TV memorabilia then you want to be at King Richard's Antique Center on January 19th from 11:30-AM till 3-PM to meet Eddie Munster from the 1964-66 TV series "The Munsters."  Eddie (Butch Patrick, the actor) will be signing autographs at King Richard's.  Ask him about "Marilyn."


Update June 30, 2012  The 4th of July Sales Event at King Richard's starts today and continues through Wednesday.  The dealers at this antique mall will have sales prices up to 40% off on their items. The Antique Center will be serving hot dogs, chips and drinks on the 4th from 12- 4pm.  See more information about King Richard's below.  And you probably can find some collectibles as old as our nation.


Update June 2, 2012  Father's Day is June 17th and King Richard's Antique Center will be open all weekend -- and earlier -- so you can find a special "Mantique" for Dad.  A mantique is an antique that men like and it could be a vintage Coca-Cola machine or an old vending machine or old sport equipment or an old set of trains or some old 33 and 1/3 RPMs that will bring back memories for Dad.  You'll also find neon signs and auto memorabilia and vintage watches.  King Richard's Antique Center is at 12301 Whittier Blvd. in Whittier, California and you can call them at (562) 698-5974 or go to their website for information.


Update December 26, 2011  With Christmas behind us, the next big shopping event is Valentine's Day 2012.  And I am going to suggest a visit to an antiques dealer to find something unique for your Valentine.  For her there is old jewelry and old costume jewelry as well as ornamental crystal and keepsakes which she might cherish.  For him there are the "mantiques" or antiques that appeal to men including sports memorabilia, vintage slot machines and Coca Cola vending machines.  Remember that when giving a gift it is the thought that counts and if you happen to hit your target with a great and original thought Cupid might smile on you.  So consider antiques as a way to get away from the ordinary perfume, cologne or flowers.  Besides, guys really don't need flowers -- but an autographed baseball or football or jersey just might the Cupid's arrow that hit him in the heart.


Update November 30, 2011  I just got back from visiting King Richard's Antique Center -- a true antique mall -- in Whittier and if you are having trouble shopping for a particular gift for a particular person, you might find it here.  King Richard's Antique Center is at 12301 Whittier Blvd. in Whittier, California and you can call them at (562) 698-5974 or go to their website for information.

It calls itself the largest antique center in California covering more than one acre and this antique mall is packed with treasures in all of its 47,000 square feet.  It is also one of the oldest antique centers -- more than 30 years old. King Richard's Antique Center says that they "cater to all tastes and budgets."  There are more than 100 dealers of antiques, collectibles and memorabilia here with competitive prices.

On this visit, I found a lot of gift items that you could call "Mantiques" or antiques and collectibles that would appeal to men including vintage slot machines, Vegas gaming tables, sports memorabilia, hunting trophies, barber shop poles, and plenty of "Man Cave" items including Coca Cola vending machines, pinball machines, vintage auto parts, and western memorabilia.  Yes, every man cave needs to be loaded with quality mantiques.  You have to love the term Mantiques but you will also love some of the older things that are now collectible because of trends in the media.  For example, there is one dealer in the mall that has a display case filled with authentic, original Pan Am flight bags.  These Pan Am flight bags were given to passengers, often by travel agents, for carry-ons.  And the new Pan Am TV Show certainly will make these Pan Am flight bags popular for this shopping season.

And for Christmas you will find some older holiday decorations including classic motorized Santas that are sure to become a new family heirloom.  Our new Best Buys TV Show report featuring these best TV deals for antiques is below.


Update November 27, 2011  The College for Appraisers has classes and seminars at King Richard's Antique Center in Whittier, and on our visit to the antique mall we visited The College for Appraisers and were surprised to discover that this is a vital career offering good income in a relatively short period of time.  There is a strong need for appraisers in the legal industry, as well as from individuals with collectibles that they want to insure or make arrangements to donate or gift.  Lawyers will often consult with appraisers when preparing estates or wills.  The College for Appraisers offers classes in antiques including art glass, pottery, jewelry, metals, primitive arts and Orientals.  There are also classes in gemology and fine arts and automobile appraising.  Classes are taught at the King Richard's Antique Center and there is a distance learning program.  Some appraisers can earn $60,000 or more in their first year following about 7 months of study.  As appraisers build on their reputation and client-base, income can exceed $100,000 in a year.  It is a career that also offers part-time work. There is an AAS Degree Program as well as various certificate programs.

King Richard's Antique Center and Mall is at 12301 Whittier Boulevard, Whittier.  Call (877) 232-1980 or go to for information about the course work in Whittier or their home study program.  Our Best Buys TV Show report about how you can have a career as an appraiser of antiques and collectibles and jewelry is below.


Update October 31, 2011  One of the things I like about giving antiques as gifts is that they are unusual.  You can't go to Macy's or Nordstrom and find China from the 1880's or a gramophone.  An interesting gift can be colored glass from the 1930's or 1950's, or perhaps some old record albums with their covers suitable for framing.  Yes, there are still people who collect old tools, old telephones, and juke boxes and slot machines and these are always appreciated.  So if you are stumped this holiday season, consider giving an antique or collectible.


Update September 27, 2011  With the recent run up in silver and gold prices -- and now the recent selloff in the price of silver and gold -- you probably are more confused than ever about selling that old set of sterling silverware that you inherited, or that pair of silver candlesticks, or maybe that old gold watch or maybe that old gold coin with the funny looking lady on the front?

There are lots of questions going through your mind, and the big question probably is this: will the prices for gold and silver be higher tomorrow or lower?  Well, that shouldn't be the big question.

The big question really should be this: what is this thing and does it have a greater value as a collectible than as something made out of gold or silver?

Too often consumers take valuable collectibles to a gold buyer or dealer and sell the collectible for its bullion value which could actually be a fraction of its collectible value or value on the resale market.  Let's take each of those four items I mentioned:

Sterling silverware not only has a value based on its silver content, but some patterns of sterling silver are in demand because of their artistic design and because consumers may want to add to their sets with extra place settings.  Some couples start with a small "starter set" of sterling when they're first married and over the years they want to add a place setting or two, or perhaps some serving pieces or shrimp forks.  Look at for examples of what your set is selling for on the resale market and if it is in demand.  Check with local stores that sells sets of sterling to see if they are in the resale market but selling your sterling for its silver content is perhaps the last thing you should do.  Also, check sites such as which buy and sell used sterling sets.

The advice I gave you for the sterling silverware also applies to oher silver items such as silver candlesticks, trays, bowls, mirrors, and decorative pieces.

Gold watches can be worth many times their gold content.  Check ebay, and check various watch stores as many independent watch stores will buy older watches and watches are both collectible and can increase in value because of their rarity and design.  Everyone knows that there is a brisk buy and sell market for Rolex watches, but also for other brands.  Selling a watch only for its gold case or bracelet could be a very big mistake.

And then we come to gold and silver coins.  There is a very good chance that any U. S. gold coin you have today is worth much more than its gold content.  You must find out exactly what gold coin you have by date, mint mark and most importantly condition.  And then check websites such as and check several coin dealers for the best offer before selling.

What you might find out is the gold or silver item you have is worth much than the gold or silver and then you have to ask yourself if the collectible value of your item is likely to go higher or lower in the weeks and months ahead.  And with rare collectibles, the collectible value might have nothng to do with the value of the metals.


The Whittier Antique Faire is held twice a year.  Usually there will be 90 antique and vintage vendors showcasing furniture, collectibles, vintage clothing, art and more.  And the Faire features such events as swing dancing, a pie baking contest, a vintage dog costume contest, raffles and more.   It's usually held in the area at 13000 Philadelphia Street in Whittier.  It's hosted by the Whittier Uptown Association and produced by King Richard's Antique Center -- the largest antique center in California.  Go to or call (562) 698-5974 for information.  Watch the video below for a report on a recent Whittier Antique Faire.


King Richard's Antique Center is at 12301 Whittier Blvd. in Whittier, California and you can call them at (562) 698-5974.  King Richard's Antique Center calls itself the largest antique center in California covering more than one acre and this antique mall is packed with treasures in all of its 47,000 square feet.  It is also one of the oldest antique centers -- more than 30 years old.  King Richard's Antique Center says  that they "cater to all tastes and budgets."  There are more than 100 dealers of antiques, collectibles and memorabilia here with competitive prices.

On their website you will find a photo gallery illustrating what various treasures dealers are offering, and the website has a "wish list" if you are looking for something in particular.  You'll find dealers with Persian rugs, vintage dolls, retail signs, and of course furniture, fine jewelry, costume jewelry, vintage clothing, automotive memorabilia including original equipment for Ford and Chevy autos and other "boy toys," and Tiffany lamps, retro furniture, mid-century furniture and some reproduction furniture.   There is nostalgic candy -- the old brands that you can still enjoy today.  And you can relive your childhood with all of the toys and dolls.  You can also have your gold and silver jewelry and collectibles repaired here. 

You will also find new furniture, reproductions of antiques, and high-end designer handbags at low prices.  The Center and various dealers also buy.  And there is a school so you can learn to be an appraiser.  Call for information or go to the website to find out more about the classes to become an appraiser and how you can earn money.  Watch our video reports below.  


Update November 13, 2010   You can bring back the memories of Christmas past, and share those memories of Christmas past with a unique gift.  Many of the dealers at the King Richard's Antique Center have assembled a wonderful holiday collection of things that brought smiles to our faces decades ago including Christmas-themed Dr. Seuss, and original ornaments that our parents hung with pride on our family trees.  You'll find these decades-old ornaments still looking like new along with dinnerware with holiday patterns, table top, and china items.  You will enjoy having these vintage decorations to warm the spirit in your home this year and in the future. 

And when you shop for Christmas 2010 if you mention our Best Buys TV Show you will receive a free holiday gift from the King Richard's Antique Center. 

There are also classic gifts from Christmas past that many collectors will enjoy today including vintage Barbie dollars, Star Trek collectibles and Star Wars collectibles.  There are all sorts of collectibles that will make special birthday and party gifts.  How about picking up a vintage sled or a life-sized Santa to decorate your home for your holiday party?  If you just can't decide about which unique gift to give, you can also select a King Richard's Antique Center gift certificate to let someone else add a family heirloom to their collection of memories.  Our video report is below.

Here on our new media website "Moneyman" Alan Mendelson who is the original Best Deals TV Show reporter on KCAL9 and consumer advocate, shows you the best deals on TV, and the best buys, bargains and where savvy shoppers go to save, and how to get the most for "your money" with the best of Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura County, Riverside County and San Bernardino County. Some content on is paid advertising. The Best Buys TV Show is a paid infomercial program which may also include news and information which is not sponsored or paid for by advertisers.

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