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This is our second page of the video poker strategy of professional video poker player and gaming author Rob Singer.  On this page we show examples of Rob Singer's strategy for another popular video poker game -- 9/7 Triple Double Bonus.  And below are links to other video poker game strategies.

In this next group, Rob Singer discusses playing hands in 9/7 Triple Double Bonus Video Poker.

15.  Some players will go by "the math" which says to hold the kicker when you have three aces, but not Rob.  In this game of triple double bonus, quad aces with a kicker pays the same as a royal flush, so holding three aces with a kicker is like having four to the royal.  But Rob plays this hand differently.  He wants to hold only the three aces to increase your chances for drawing quad aces which is a nice secondary jackpot.  He is giving up the 1/47 chance of picking up the fourth ace with the kicker for a payoff similar to a royal flush, but he is not only increasing his chance for the quad ace with his strategy but he says that you still have the chance for getting a kicker as well. 

Ac Ah Ad 5s 4c: OH=AAA4 @ $97.13; SP=AAA @ $78.32

16.  There is such a big payoff with quad deuces with a kicker that "the math" says to hold the kicker when dealt trip-ducks.  But Rob reasons that it is better hold just the three deuces improving the chance for quad deuces which is a pretty good payoff all by itself. 

2s 2h 2d 3c Qd: OH=2223 @ $54.57; SP=222 @ $45.01

17.  You might call this special play "going for the sure thing."  In triple double bonus quad deuces and quad deuces with a kicker (same with 3s, 4s, and aces) are worth so much that you want to improve your chances of getting that kicker or simply quads.  But Rob plays this hand differently.  The math says to drop the full house when dealt three deuces.  But Rob says holding the full house is really not that much of a difference from the expected value of just holding three deuces that may or may not improve.  So he says hold the full house. 

2s 2d 2h 8h 8c: OH=222 @ $46.53; SP=22288 @ $45.00

18.  Rob Singer says that holding two pair "shows the complete stupidity of optimal EV play," and those are his words just as he gave them to me when he showed me his notes for playing this hand.  He is giving up two pair to go for the big win by holding only the pair of deuces.  If he doesn't get another pair, or a full house, or those elusive quads he is losing his original bet.  But again, this is one of his special plays that he says you need to come out ahead in triple double bonus video poker. 

2c 2d 7d 7h 9c:* OH=2277 @ $8.40; AOH=22779 @ $5.00; SP=22 @ $4.72   This hand shows the complete stupidity of optimal EV play.

19.  Remember that Rob Singer likes drawing for aces, and aces are very valuable cards in triple double bonus video poker.  So you might not be surprised by this play -- forgetting about straight draws and holding only an ace. 

9h 10s Jh Qd Ac: OH=910JQ @ $4.04; AOH=10JQA @ $2.66; SP=A @ $2.32

20.  What would you choose?  Three to the royal flush or a pair of deuces?  In this hand, Rob chooses the deuces.  The math says that the pair of deuces is not as strong as holding three to the royal with two high cards that could make a break even pair, but Rob doesn't care about that.

10c Jc Qc 2h 2d: OH=10JQ @ $7.67; SP=22 @ $4.69

You can order Rob Singer's two books by sending an email to for ordering instructions.

"The Undeniable Truth About Video Poker identifies the shortfalls and fallacies of following the commercialized long-term strategy," says Rob Singer, "and it touches on how I have made the successful transition from a losing long-term strategist to a winning player who developed his own math-based play strategy.  Ramblin' & Gamblin' Thru Nevada is a month-long journey I took around every nook and cranny in Nevada, going to many out-of-the-way places, meeting people of all types, and playing in many of the state's casinos.  It is an adventure that goes far beyond that of gambling."  Each book is $5.

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