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This is our fourth page of the video poker strategy of professional video poker player and gaming author Rob Singer.  On this page we show examples of Rob Singer's strategy for some other popular video poker games called 9/5 Triple Bonus Poker Plus and 8/5 Super Aces Bonus and 10/6 Double Double Bonus video poker.  And below are links to other video poker game strategies.

And in the next group, Rob Singer's strategy for 9/5 Triple Bonus Poker Plus is outlined.  I had no idea about this game until I met Rob and he explained the basics of it to me.

27.  Before Rob explains how he plays this hand, he gives me an overview of the game.  But even without knowing this particular game, you can pretty much guess what Rob is going to go for -- the single Ace.  He is "the Aces man" afterall and he wants the big wins that come with quad Aces.  The "math" of the game favors a three-card straight flush draw.  But that's not what Rob favors.

Ac 4d 5d 6d 8h: OH=456 @ $3.54; SP=A @ $2.38

28.  We all know Rob pretty well by now, and we know that with this hand he will dump the two pair to go for the big win with quad 4s.  Sure, two pair is a break even hand and with two pair you have a chance for a full house.  But that's not what Rob wants.

4d 4c 9h 9s Kh: OH=4499 @ $8.40; AOH= 4499K @ $5.00; SP=44 @ $4.66

29.  This is really an unusual "special play" and Rob has a "special situation" for his "special play."  The special situation refers to his desire to have a session win goal.  If you are not familiar with this concept, go back to our first interview on the first page of this section devloted to Rob Singer for a refresher about his strategy to have goals and to stick to them. 

4c 5c 6c 7c 9c: OH=4567 @ $27.02; SP=45679 @ $25.00*   *Only made if holding the flush attains any mini or session win goal.

30.  Once again, a classic situation for Rob's special strategy.  Do you hold the dealt full house or do you give up the full house to hold the three deuces -- hoping for a fourth deuce to come along and a much bigger payoff?  But by now, we know what Rob will do. 

2d 2h 2c As Ad: OH=222AA @ $45.00; SP=222 @ $41.75

And in this group of hands, Rob Singer presents his strategy for 8/5 Super Aces Bonus Poker.  I love Super Aces Bonus because of the secondary jackpot of quad Aces without a kicker that pays half as much as a royal flush.  Quad aces show up about ten times more often as a royal flush does and getting paid half as much as a royal makes aces a very, very valuable card to hold.  And as you'll see in the various examples below that Rob gave me, he will dump other draws just to hold on to that ace and go for that nice secondary jackpot.  And frankly, I don't blame him for this.  Many times I've held the "correct cards" and found an ace popping up, or maybe two, and wondered if I had played the hand "wrong" would I have hit quad aces?  I've been at casinos with a bank of Super Aces Bonus machines and I've seen players hit quad aces three or four times in an evening.

31.  In this first example of Super Aces Bonus, Rob attacks a common problem hand.  The conventional play is to hold the open-ended straight, but Rob is holding that single ace going for the quad aces.  He wans the big win instead of a small win or -- if you miss the straight dra -- no win at all.  Holding only the ace opens up the chance for quad aces, a royal flush, a straight, a flush and even just a paying pair. 

Ac 4d 5d 6h 7h: OH=4567 @ $3.40; SP=A @ $2.58

32.  I've read the books, and I know the conventional play in most video poker games which is to hold the straight flush draw.  But Rob looks at two aces and reasons -- we're half way there to a payoff that is more than a straight flush-- almost ten times more and we're half way to getting it.  Sure, straight flushes do come, but so do the quad aces.  And in this game you certainly want the quad aces.

Ac Ad 2d 3d 4d: OH=A234 @ $12.13; SP=AA @ $12.04

33.  This is a bit more of a difficult case, but it's based on the same principle that the ace is too valuable to throw away even with four cards to a flush.  Rob elects to drop the flush draw and just hold the Ace.  The "math" says that holding just the ace when you have four cards to a flush is worth a lot less than the flush draw.  But he is the "Ace Man" and he wants to go for the big win.

Ac 2s 5s 8s 9s: OH=2589 @ $4.79; SP=A @ $2.58

And below Rob Singer presents an example of his strategy in playing 10/6 Double Double Bonus Video Poker.

34.   The conventional play, the "math" as it is called, says to hold two pair in double double bonus except when two of the cards are aces, and then you hold just the aces.  But this hand does not have aces.  Rob wants to increase his chances for the quad deuces jackpot in this hand by holding the two deuces.  He is sacrificing the better chance for a full house, for the slimmer chance of the quad deuces jackpot, and the possibility of an even bigger jackpot with quad deuces plus a kicker. 

2s 2d 8h 8c Jd: OH=2288 @ $8.83; AOH=2288J @ $5.00; SP=22 @ $4.45*   *This play only made in strategies having 100 of 300 ABP credits remaining.

A special note about Rob Singer's strategy in Double Double Bonus Video Poker:  Many casinos use the double double bonus game in their video poker tournaments, and in video poker tournaments you are limited to either a fixed number of hands to play or a short time period of play.  In effect this throws out the importance of all concepts of playing long term strategy or playing conventional strategy or playing by "the math."  Rob Singer's strategy might actually be the best strategy to use in a video poker tournament because it will maximize your chances for the big win.  Remember that in a video poker tournament you need the big wins as soon as possible to take the lead in the video poker tournament and to win the video poker tournament.  Luck more than skill wins a video poker tournament, and Rob Singer's strategy will give you the best chance for getting the lucky draws so you are the video poker tournament champion. 

And I will add one more note while we are on the topic of video poker tournaments -- when you have the option go for the royal flush, even if you are holding only two to the royal with a dealt straight.  The player who gets the royal flush is going to be well ahead of all the others in the video poker tournament.  I've been in tournaments where no one got a royal-- and each player only played two 20-minute sessions.  So one royal in a tournament could make a big, big difference in the final tally.

You can order Rob Singer's two books by sending an email to for ordering instructions.

"The Undeniable Truth About Video Poker identifies the shortfalls and fallacies of following the commercialized long-term strategy," says Rob Singer, "and it touches on how I have made the successful transition from a losing long-term strategist to a winning player who developed his own math-based play strategy.  Ramblin' & Gamblin' Thru Nevada is a month-long journey I took around every nook and cranny in Nevada, going to many out-of-the-way places, meeting people of all types, and playing in many of the state's casinos.  It is an adventure that goes far beyond that of gambling."  Each book is $5.

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