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The Internet is rich with information about casino gambling including advice and tips about slot machine games, video poker games, table games and information about the hotels and resorts.  You can find data about room decor and casino decor such as carpet patterns and spas.  Well, here you will find information about the public restrooms.  How a casino operates and maintains its public restrooms says a lot about how it treats its patrons, and also how it treats its staff and how they will treat you and what concerns they have for their reputation.  If a casino has pride in its public restrooms it's a pretty good bet that they also take pride in their overall hotel experience and in how they run and maintain their games.  Here is where we will tell you about the best restrooms at casinos.  And quite frankly, I would rather be in a casino with good hygiene facitilities.  We are starting with the best restrooms in Las Vegas and in California.


Update January 24, 2016  I regret to report that one of the "VIP public restrooms" at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas has been changed a bit. It is still open to the public and you don't have to be a high roller to use it even though it is in a "high limit gaming area," but it's not as luxurious as it used to be. The restrooms are in the Palace Court high limit slots area, and the men's restroom no longer has a telephone in it. It also appears that the wall coverings and flooring has changed. These changes may have been made when the players lounge area which had a snack area with water and nuts and cookies was removed to make room for additional high limit slot machines. Compare the photo of the newly remodeled men's room below with the photo of the same rest room below it. The toilet has also been changed and the new toilet appears to be the same in the new hotel rooms at Caesars and not the previous luxury model that was in the same bathroom before. There is still a lock on the door so you can have your privacy. To enter this restroom you will have to look for an unmarked doorway in the back of the Palace Court high-limit slots area. I'm sorry that the cookies and nuts and bottled water for the taking has also been removed.

You can read my original report about this restroom in another article lower on this page.

Newly remodeled men's room in the Palace Court.
See how it originally looked in the photo below.

Phone by the throne in the original look of this
Palace Court high-limit slots restroom at Caesars.


Update May 10, 2016  The restrooms in the VIP Lounge at Bellagio in Las Vegas are probably not intended for use by the general public. After all, there isn't even a sign for the door to the VIP Lounge. If you are in the casino at Bellagio or in the lobby area, the doors to the VIP Lounge are blank, solid, and don't even have a window to peek into.

The VIP Lounge at Bellagio serves a dual purpose. There is a lounge area where invited guests and higher ranking members of the MLife program can enjoy wine and drinks and snacks, and it is also where the invited guests have a check-in area.

There are restrooms, of course, with cloth towels and push button controlled toilets. I didn't get a look inside the women's restroom but when I walked into the men's restroom and got near the toilet the lid rose. I've seen high-end toilets like this in stores selling plumbing fixtures and I know they can also be set to control the seat as well, but I didn't stick around long enough to see how the seat could be made to rise. I did briefly glance at the push button controls for flushing and cleaning which are mounted on the wall by the fixture.


Update July 27, 2015  You do not have to be a high limit player to walk into a high limit gaming salon in a casino and you don't have to make a bet to use the restrooms in the high limit gaming areas either. I walked into the high limit gaming area at The Spa Casino in Palm Springs, California and asked for the men's room and was directed to it and walked right in. It was amazingly clean and the sinks were all touch free. See the photo below. One thing I found unusual was after I entered a female member of the cleaning crew walked in to retrieve cleaning supplies from a storage closet. Since I was about to snap the photo I wanted to determine who was walking in so I looked around the corner and saw the female staffer. She saw me and said "I will be right here," as if to say go do your business sir and I won't be bothering you. Well I thought that was unusual. At other casinos either only a man would enter the men's room or before a woman would enter they would announce themselves first and then wait for the men to leave before they came into the men's room. But not at The Spa and not with this employee who thought being around the corner and out of sight of the urinals and toilets was sufficient. Strange.

The Spa Casino, Palm Springs
Men's Room in High Limits


Update March 27, 2014  I was very impressed with the cleanliness of the public men's room at the Chumash Casino, a Native American casino, hotel and spa in Santa Barbara County and only about a two-hour drive from most of the Los Angeles area.  The casino itself is open, clean, well-maintained, modern and I didn't find it smokey at all.  The men's room is touch free with motion censors to operate the urinals, the toilets (yes, no flush handle on the toilets), the water and soap dispensers.  There are Dyson hand dryers and also paper towels but the restrooms are lacking automatic paper towel dispensers and that was the only disappointment.

Chumash Casino Men's Room
Motion censor for flushing

Here's a photo of the men's room toilet in the large toilet stall on the left.  There is actually room to move around and the sink has touch free water and soap.  I think more casinos and public restrooms should adopt toilets with motion censors to know when to flush.  When there is a handle to flush the toilet we all think twice about touching it.  After all, we all have a pretty good idea what that last hand might have been touching before it got to the handle for the previous flush.


Touch free sink in large stall
with touch free flush control on toilet

The Chumash Casino gets high marks for the toilet stalls which not only have touch free flush controls because of motion sensors that detect when the user has stepped away, but also because each stall is large and has a private touch free sink.  What this means, of course, is that hands can be washed before opening the door on the toilet stall.  When I visited the men's room there was an attendant making sure everything was clean and tidy and indeed everything was and this was well after midnight.  In the photo on the right is the large toilet stall in the men's room near the main entrance to the Chumash Casino floor and in the reflection of the mirror above the touch-free sink is the toilet with a motion censor that will flush automatically.


Update November 15, 2012 I've been going to Caesars Palace for more than a decade, and I didn't know there was a restroom in the high limit slots area. Well, to be honest, I don't play much in the high limit slots area because even the lowest denomination games can be too rich for my budget. But on a recent trip, I stopped in to ask if they had a restroom -- and there was one. A slot floor person pointed to a door in the center of the high limit slots area. When I looked in the high limit slots area before I was certain that the door led to an office -- perhaps for a host, but I was wrong. Behind the door is a small lounge with a big screen TV, snacks including candies and nuts and chips and pretzels, bottles of water -- and the doors to the restrooms.  So, I took a peek inside the men's room.  I'm not sure everyone is welcomed to walk in.

Actually, it was what you would expect anywhere else at Caesars Palace.  It's clean, and neat, and tidy and lives up to the high standards you would expect to see and you do see throughout Caesars (see our additional report below).  Plenty of hand towels in the restroom, with a touch free urinal and it's a private restroom so you can lock the door while you do your business.  High limit slot players -- playing $100 or more per pull or push of the button -- deserve that, I guess.

Restroom in the high limits slots
at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

What was different about this restroom, however, was that next to the toilet (there are seat covers, not in the photo) is a telephone.  I'm not sure that I would want to have a conversation with anyone while doing my business in a restroom, but there's one just in case you need to call your casino host, boost your credit line, or let the restaurant know you'll be a bit late for your reservation.

Phone by the throne
to call your host, boost your credit line, etc.


Update January 18, 2018  Caesars Palace is known for its exceptional service and indeed the public restrooms at Caesars are kept exceptionally clean.  There is a restroom in the Diamond/7Stars check-in office.  Beautiful, well-kept, very clean, paper towels within reach but unfortunately if you want a touch-free hand-washing experience you won't find it here.  However, with the supply of paper towels there, you can easily turn the water on and off using a hand towel, and you can open the door handle with a towel as well.

Most of the public restrooms at Caesars are very well kept and clean. One commonly used restroom is near the gift shop and the Central Restaurant on the first floor of the Augustus Tower.  It's beautiful and clean and well kept and the faucets are controlled by motion detectors and there are plenty of paper towel dispensers. These restrooms have the modern design where the entrance to the restroom goes around corners so there is no need to touch door handles.  The soap dispenser is also motion-activated and I have to complement Caesars for having lots of tissue dispensers in the rest rooms and also in the gaming pits there are boxes of tissues for players to use -- just ask for them before you have to sneeze.

Caesars Palace also has a public restroom just outside the Forum Casino of Caesars at the entrance to the Forum Shops which is at the base of the steps and escalator.  This is one of the more spacious of the public restrooms and like the other public restrooms at Caesars it is well attended and this men's room has the reputation for being "the best" of the public restrooms at Caesars Palace.


Updated August 6, 2011  The Rio has small, private restrooms for men and women in its high limit slots room.  These are located against the back wall.  Clean and private.


Updated August 6, 2011  The M Hotel & Casino is the new resort built on the far south end of Las Vegas Boulevard in Henderson, Nevada.  Instead of using the public restrooms on the casino level, you will find very clean and modern restrooms with new "touch free" technology one level below the casino level on the banquet room floor.


Update December 20, 2011  Take a look at the high limit men's restroom at Bellagio in Las Vegas.  When I was there I couldn't help but notice the pyramid of rolled cloth towels-- an elegant touch.  But there is a touch-free sink there which is also appreciated, and as you look at the sink on the right is a supply of paper cups and mouthwash.  The liquid soap dispenser is not motion-controlled like the water faucet is, so you will have to depress the top of the soap dispenser.  The particular public restroom that I looked at is in the high limit slots area -- but anyone can walk in and use it.


Update August 5, 2011  Some, but not all casinos have restrooms in their high limit gaming sections.  Pechanga Casino in Temecula has both a men's restroom and a women's restroom.  It's one of the nicest looking restrooms among Southern California casinos with decorator sinks and fixtures, and it is very well maintained. What impressed me the most is that there are paper towel dispensers next to each sink with a disposal basket within reach which makes it easy to use the paper towels not only to dry your hands but also to turn the handles on the sink off.  Pechanga also provides a private sink in each of its stalls which also lets you shave or brush your teeth in private after a long run at the casino.  Pechanga gets a star for style and for decor and for privacy and for keeping these restrooms clean and fully stocked with soap and towels.  You have to love the lighted mirrors that I saw there.


Update October 17, 2011  The Bicycle Casino, which is also known as The Bike, went out of its way to have a well designed men's room across from the upper limit poker room.  This restroom can be described as totally "touch free" because of the sinks with water faucets that work with motion detectors.  Also, the soap dispensers have motion detectors and the paper towel dispensers have motion detectors, and so are the blow-dry machines.  And yes, there are motion detectors on the plumbing and the urinals are also touch-free.  The entrance to the restroom has you walk around a corner so there is no need to touch a door handle going in or going out.  If you don't want to use paper towels, the touch-free hand drying machines work well.  A few months ago, the new Dyson airblade hand drying machines were installed, but on our last visit they were replaced with other, touch-free blow dry machines.  Let me also add that the maintenance crew at The Bike keeps the facilities clean, and they do a good job, too.

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