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Nothing is better than custom, made-to-order furniture when it is affordable and fits your needs perfectly.  Sometimes, you need a special fabric or special materials.  Sometimes, you need a sofa that is an inch longer or or an inch shorter than what is offered in retail stores.  Sometimes you want a special look or special design or a special feature.  And here, we will tell you about where you can get custom furniture and made-to-order furniture that will also help you save money.  And for your other furniture needs please see our other furniture pages including furniture in Los Angeles, furniture in Los Angeles County, furniture in Orange County, and furniture in Riverside County.


Update September 23, 2016  Sofa U Love, the maker of affordable custom sofas, chairs and other furniture for the home, has opened a new designer location in the heart of the trendy Melrose Avenue shopping district. This new and special Sofa U Love designer boutique store is located near custom furniture stores who charge triple or more what Sofa U Love charges for high quality, made to order, full custom furniture.

The Melrose Avenue Sofa U Love location gives you expert guidance so you can design and choose exactly the sofa or chair for furniture item you need for your home or office. They don't cut any corners but they do cut prices because your sofa will be built exactly as you want it at their Los Angeles factory. This means quick, efficient service and delivery weeks before the competition can complete your order. And of course, Sofa U Love guarantees the lowest prices for any custom furniture.

Sofa U Love furniture comes with a lifetime warranty on the frames so the frames will not break, crack or squeak. Sofa U Love offers down feather cushions and pillows and your choice of hundreds of fabrics and leathers and if you have a fabric that you want them to use they will build your custom furniture using your fabric. Bring your designs and measurements and photos and ideas and they will build exactly the piece you want without any compromise. And remember their prices always beat the competition. Custom 7-feet sofas start as low as $1195. Our Best Buys TV Show report about the new Melrose Avenue Sofa U Love is below. Call them about convenient parking.

Sofa U Love on Melrose Avenue
8016 Melrose Avenue
West Hollywood, California 90046
323-653-2878 (Custom) for this location only


Update February 15, 2016  Sofa U Love is a custom furniture maker, but they make more than just sofas and loveseats and sectionals.  Sofa U Love has its own factories in Los Angeles County and it can design and manufacture the exact sofa, loveseat or sectional you need, with your choice of more than ten-thosuand fabrics in stock, also leather, and they can design and manufacture chairs and ottomans as well.

When you want something exact to your specifications, Sofa U Love does it and they can complete your order and deliver it in two weeks.  "If you can dream of it, we can make it," they told me, and they mean it.  And more importantly, they have the designers and the factory to do it.

Sofa U Love serves not only homeowners, but also designers and they build furniture to order for hotels, businesses, and even for Hollywood studios.  They can handle any order in any size, any fabric and any piece can be delivered in two weeks.  Your furniture will be custom made to fit your exact specifications -- even to the inch in height and width and depth.

Sofa U Love is famous for using down feather cushions at no extra charge.  And there is a free, lifetime warranty on their hardwood frames made with Alder wood which is the highest quality wood used in the furniture industry.  You can also purchase a 5-year fabric warranty which protects you against accidental damage of your fabric from spills of wine, damage from cigarettes, and damage from accidents caused by the kids or household guests.  Call them for information.

Sofa U Love has various showrooms in Southern California and they are open 7 days.  Go to or call them at (323) 464-3397 for information.  And there is now a showroom serving the San Francisco area.

Our TV report featuring their custom work is below.  Mention "Alan Mendelson" when you call for special offers.

In our December, 2011 Best Buys TV Show report below, we show you some of the samples available in their Pasadena showroom.


Update November 25, 2012  Green Cradle is the unique shop in Sherman Oaks, California, that sells organic home furniture, mattresses and bedding, baby furniture and products.  They also build custom furniture that has no chemicals and is environmentally responsible and made in the USA using only American products.  The custom designed furniture is manufactured in the USA with all materials from the USA and everything is environmentally friendly.  The custom furniture includes kids furniture and bedroom sets and dining sets and dressers and tables and chairs.  All of the furniture, including the children's furniture, meets all safety regulations.  See our report on the "Furniture / Los Angeles County" page.  You will see in our TV report how they can make custom mattresses with different support levels in different areas of the mattress.

Green Cradle
13344 Ventura Boulevard
Sherman Oaks, California 91423


Update October 24, 2011  Top Wood Shutters, the maker of fine wood shutters, now offers custom dining room and dinette chairs with the wood frames imported from Europe and these chairs are assembled here in the USA using cushions made in the USA and USA fabric or European fabric and coverings.  You can also provide your own fabric or materials for a truly customized dining room or dinette chair. 

Top Wood Shutters is also importing from China patio furniture including a variety of patio chairs and tables, and there is also a "hanging basket chair" that is priced hundreds of dollars below prices found on the Internet and at certain big chain and club stores. 

Top Wood Shutters is at 9142 La Rosa Drive, Temple City.  Call (888) 788-8977 or go to their web site at  For more about this furniture please go to our "Furniture / Los Angeles County" page.

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