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Here's where we will tell you casino stories.  These could be stories about good luck and stories about bad luck, and beginner's luck, and jackpots that were hit or jackpots that are building.  It is like our casino gossip page. If you have a casino story -- or if you hit a jackpot -- send us your story to and if you have a photo send it along too. If you put your big win on we'd love to see the video and post it here. Share your big wins and jackpots and bad beats.


Update July 8, 2017  I took the photo below at Caesars Palace in June of 2016. I was playing craps and near the craps table was a roulette game. The results board at the roulette table got my attention because out of the last 18 spins, 17 of the numbers were red numbers. Also, of the last 18 spins the number 14 showed up 3 times, the number 7 showed up 3 times, and the number 36 showed up 2 times. When I spotted this I said to the other craps players at my table "look at those reds!" and one of the craps players went over to the roulette game and took a seat.


So what do you do, and how would you bet, if you saw results like this at a roulette game? Do you bet on red or do you bet on black? Or, do you get into the Christmas spirit and bet on green for Zero or Double-Zero? Because roulette is a relatively slow game, and it takes several minutes between spins, I got a chance to send my cell phone photo to several friends. One said to bet red and the other said to bet black. Unless the wheel was rigged (and I am sure it wasn't) both had just under a 50% chance of being correct and having a winning bet.

While seeing a results board like this one, with so many numbers coming up one color, is not an ordinary sight, it does happen. If you hang around casinos enough you might say it happens pretty often even if it doesn't happen every day.

And what about those repeating numbers coming so close together? Well, that happens too. Sure the odds of numbers repeating like that are high but that's when you look in the rear-view mirror. The odds never change on each individual spin so that if a spin shows 7 then it's still a 1 out of 38 chance (on a wheel with 36 numbers plus 0 and 00) that the next spin will also be a 7.


And if you think that's crazy, look at the photo below of the same roulette game at Caesars Palace taken over the 4th of July weekend in 2017. This time nearly all of the numbers are black. So what do you bet on for the next spin, red or black? Is it a black wheel or is a red number due? Well, this time, a few more black numbers were rolled and then the red numbers came and about an hour later there was a distribution of red and black numbers. These streaks happen. When you have a random game, streaks can happen. Sometimes the streak is red and sometimes the streak is black. Sometimes it's odd numbers and sometimes it's even numbers.



Update June 23, 2017  We all love to see a Royal Flush at video poker. Even if it's not us who hit it, we love to stop and look at those sequential hearts, clubs, diamonds or spades with Ace-high. It's such a pretty sight and a rare sight -- happening about once in 42,000 plays for most video poker games. Getting a royal flush in a Deuces Wild game is most difficult because we never throw away a deuce so we would hold a "royal flush with deuces" while in other games we would throw away the 2 for a 1/47 chance for a royal.

If you have a photo and a story about a royal flush send it to us. And take a look at these photos and read the stories behind them.

I saw this happen myself during a recent visit to Las Vegas. I was out with friends who enjoyed going to local bars which offered video poker, some slot machines and karaoke. In between the time they spent singing (and drinking and dining) they played video poker. One young lady was dealt two royals in less than 24 hours at two different bars. The first time she was dealt a royal she was betting just two coins on a 25-cent per coin machine. The second time she was dealt a royal flush she was playing five-coins at 25-cent per coin. Note that the $1,000 pay for the five-coin royal flush came on a deuces wild came. It's harder to draw a natural royal at deuces wild because in proper strategy you never throw away a deuce. In fact, drawing a royal in a deuces wild game happens about once in about 45,000 hands while in other games drawing a royal happens once in about 40,000 hands. But no matter what 52-card game you're playing, the chance of being dealt a royal hapens once in 629,740 hands.

Dealt royal flush at deuces wild with five coins.
This happened on June 17, 2017 in Las Vegas.

The night before the same player was dealt a royal
but with only two coins played.

Below is a photo of a royal flush with only two "royal cards" in the original deal. In most video poker games you would hold an Ace that is suited with another high card for the possibility of hitting a royal, but it's such a long shot you wouldn't really expect it to happen. When you are dealt 4 cards to a Royal the odds of drawing that single card is 1 in 47 and we all know how difficult drawing one card can be. If you're wondering, the odds of drawing 3 cards to give you a Royal are about 1 in 16-thousand.

You wouldn't hold the Ace and Queen of hearts, however, in a game such as Deuces Wild. There were no other possible "hold cards" in the original hand dealt so the Ace and Queen were held following proper strategy. Most players in this position would be hoping for another high card just to get a "break-even winning pair" but in this particular case the other three "royal cards" showed up in the draw for a Royal Flush jackpot.

Holding two cards for a Royal Flush in Bonus Poker
and hitting it has odds of about 1 in 16,000.

Below is a photo of a sequential royal flush -- the cards in perfect order. It's hard to hit a royal and it's much harder to get a royal in sequence. At some casinos there are special bonuses paid for a royal flush that appears in sequence either high to low or low to high. There was no bonus for the sequential royal in the photo below. Red Rock Casino in Summerlin, near Las Vegas, pays progressive bonuses on sequential royals (high to low or low to high) at various denominations. In the photo below only one Royal Card was needed and the space for it fit the sequential royal.

Sequential Royal Flush
Low to High in Hearts

While the odds of getting a royal flush in most video poker games is about 1/42,000 the odds of being dealt a royal flush are a bit higher -- about 1/629,740 I think the figure is. Usually players are dealt three or four cards to a royal flush and they have to agonize over the draw. Sometimes you have to break up a paying pair or you have to break up a paying flush or you have to break up a paying straight when you have four cards to a royal flush and hope that you will get that 1/47 bonanza card. Of course when you are dealt a royal there is no thinking involved -- you just hold all the cards. Most modern video poker machines will automatically hold the royal flush cards when you are dealt a royal. I've seen many dealt royals and in all cases the machine automatically held the royal and the player was spared the agony of being sure all of the cards were held. The photo below is of a dealt royal flush on a progressive at Bellagio in Las Vegas.

Dealt Royal Flush at Bellagio
A 1/629,740 Chance

When you play a game such as 8/5 Bonus Poker the chance of a royal flush is about 1/42,000 hands. Those odds of getting a royal do not differ with the denomination. So, getting a royal at a 5-cent video poker game with the same pay table are the same as getting a royal at a 25-cent game, and a $1 game and a $5 game. But when you get that royal at a $25/coin game it seems a lot more special even though the chances of getting that royal were the same as if a 5-cent per coin game was being played. Below is a photo of a $25/coin royal flush hit at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas that paid $100,000. By the way, on a 5-cent per coin game a royal with the same odds of 1/42,000 would have paid $200.

A Royal Flush happens 1/42,000 hands in this game.
Some pay $200, some pay $100,000.


Update August 11, 2016  One of the most popular casino slot games is the Wheel of Fortune slot game from IGT. It's popularity is linked, of course, to the success and popularity of the TV show. IGT announced more million dollar-plus slot winners in the USA during July.

  • A $1,426,890 jackpot was awarded on Wheel of Fortune Double 3x4x5x Pay slots at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Mashantucket, Conn., on July 26
  • A $1,036,379 jackpot was awarded on Wheel of Fortune Red Hot Respin® slots atAtlantis Casino Resort Spa in Reno, Nev., on July 13
  • A $1,281,194 jackpot was awarded on Wheel of Fortune Double Diamond® slots atMain Street Station Casino and Brewery in Las Vegas, Nev., on July 9

IGT's Wheel of Fortune slots have minted more than 1,000 millionaires and delivered over $3 billion in jackpots throughout its history. IGT has paid more than $1 billion on the games since its inception in 1986.


Update July 27, 2016  Below is a photo of a stand-alone Red-White-And-Blue slot machine at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. I'm going to guess that this is the biggest single machine jackpot in Las Vegas. This machine used to be part of a multi-machine progressive jackpot. The progressive was never hit and under Nevada gaming law the casino has to keep the jackpot in play until it is hit. All of the other machines that were part of this progressive have been removed, but this single machine with the progressive jackpot remains. The progressive amount is frozen at $489,649 which is almost a half-million dollars for a $3 bet. I've seen and played this stand-alone progressive machine for more than ten years. The MGM Grand in Vegas used to have a stand-alone progressive machine with a jackpot of more than $2-million but it was hit after many years of constant play.

Last machine from a group of progressive slots
at Caesars Palace waiting to be hit.


Update July 9, 2016  Let me start by saying that I took the photo below off of Facebook. The Facebook member who posted this photo said he arranged pillows in his bed at a Vegas casino to appear as a body with a phone cord wrapped around it's neck. The Facebook member said he did it as a practical joke and he left a $12 tip for the housekeepers along with a note explaining it was a joke.

This was supposed to be a prank.
Original photo posted on Facebook.

I would never do this, and I don't think anyone should ever do this. I don't think any housekeeper would find it a joke. I think it would scare the heck out of them, and if I walked into a hotel room and saw that it would scare the heck out of me. I don't think a housekeeper would stop to read a note nearby. I know that if I walked into a hotel room and saw this I wouldn't stop to look for a note either -- and I would immediately scream and run out of the room if I hadn't already fainted.

I can only imagine how the housekeeper reacted. The housekeeper probably skipped a few heartbeats and then called security and since I doubt anyone would want to touch a body or tamper with evidence it wouldn't suprise me if Vegas police were called.

This was a very bad joke and it could have been a costly "joke" if police were dispatched or if someone became ill from the experience. Sure, you might get a laugh out of it, but think twice. Don't do this. Don't do this, ever. Our police have other things to do, and housekeepers don't need to be scared or bothered.

The more I think about this the more I am bothered. This is almost as bad as yelling "fire" in a movie theater or yelling "bomb" or "gun" or calling in a report about a terrorist. If you are old enough to gamble, you should be mature enough not to do something as dangerous as this.

Shame on the person who did it.


Numbers repeat, and numbers repeat often, even if the odds or chances of multiple repeats are high. On this same trip I threw three 11s in a row on my come-out rolls at craps, and a couple years ago I was at a table where a player threw 18 yos (11s) in a row and when I reported what I saw on a website dominated by "math experts" no one believed me. They don't have to believe me -- but it happened. Unfortunately, of the three of us at the table, not one of us had a bet on the 11. Betting on the 11 is considered a long-shot bet and seeing one 11 doesn't mean the next roll will also be an 11.

Want to consider long shots? How about being dealt a royal flush at video poker? The chances of drawing a royal flush on most video poker games is about 1 in 42,000 but on my previous trip I was dealt a royal flush at video poker which is a one in 649,740 chances event. See the photo below. This was at Caesars Palace on June 18, 2016.

Royal Flush dealt at Caesars Palace on
June 18, 2016. A 1 out of 649,740 chance.

Want to hear something even crazier? I've been dealt a royal flush four times in my life: once on a 50-hand video poker machine at Mandalay Bay, once for a progressive jackpot at Harrah's Rincon in San Diego, once for a progressive jackpot at Bellagio (see the photo for the jackpot that paid $31,005 on this page below), and the one in the photo above at Caesars Palace.

For something that happens once in 649,740 times I've seen other dealt royal flushes also. I've also seen the same numbers repeating two and three times on roulette wheels, and I've seen the same number rolled again and again and again at craps.

Sure, "the math" says you shouldn't win the lottery and "the math" says you shouldn't see an 11 thrown 18 times in a row, and "the math" says you shouldn't win at a negative expectation game such as craps or video poker or roulette but some people do.

Smart casino players do follow the math and know the math of the games they play. But smart casino players recognize that the math of the game gives you an expectation of what will happen. What has happened has happened even if the math says you shouldn't expect it to happen.

So the next time you play roulette don't expect to see a results board that is nearly all red, and don't expect to see the same numbers repeating on the same results board. But when it happens you can say "it happened" because it happens.


Update May 20, 2016  It's the dream of every poker player to have the losing hand in a bad beat jackpot situation. A bad beat jackpot is triggered, at some casinos, when a hand of Aces full or better is beaten by four-of-a-kind or better. Sometimes, quads beat quads, or quads lose to a straight flush.

At Harrah's Rincon Casino, also known as Harrah's Resort Southern California, in order for a bad beat jackpot to be paid, the losing hand must be Aces full of Jacks or better. That's really tough to get and it's especially tough to get a hand that beats Aces full of Jacks.

A bad beat jackpot at Rincon was triggered this week when one player had quad 3s, and another player had quad 6s. Both players held a pair as their hole cards.

When this bad beat happened, the progressive jackpot had grown to $17,948 and the loser -- the player with quad 3s -- received half of the $17,948. The player with the winning hand received 25% of the $17,948 and the remaining players at the table received what's called a "table share" and that is divided among those other players. This table was full so the the remaining 7 players shared that 25-percent.

At some casinos quads over quads or quads losing to a straight flush pays a "super bad beat jackpot" which could be $100,000 or more. My friend John who held the quad-6s sent me the photo below.

Quad-3s beaten by Quad-6s at Harrah's Rincon
triggers $17,948 Bad Beat Jackpot in May, 2016.


Update May 13, 2016  When you play the game of craps most players bet on the Passline which means you win if the shooter throws a 7 or 11 on the comeout, or makes his point before a 7-out. Some players bet Don't Pass which means they win if the shooter throws a craps on the comeout, or the shooter throws a 7 before repeating his point.

The Don't Pass player has a very tiny mathematical advantage over the Passline player, but that doesn't mean the Don't Pass player is going to win.

This is a story about a Don't Pass player at Caesars Palace. When I walked up to the table, this Don't Pass player was the shooter and he had his chips stacked up on the Don't Pass line looking like the Great Wall of China. He had established the point of 5 and he was hoping that he would throw a 7 before a 5 in which case he would win a lot of money. There were three other players at the table but none of them was making a bet. They were letting the Don't Player have his turn -- and hoping he would 7-out and the dice would pass to a "right-way" player, as those who bet on the Passline are called.

But the Don't Pass shooter kept throwing numbers. He was throwing lots of numbers. And lots of numbers. He was throwing everything but a 7. That's when I said to myself "maybe this guy is not going to throw a 7 anytime soon?" So, I decided to buy into the game. I put a $100 bill on the table and said "give me all the numbers across including the point for $64." It was a $10 table and $64 covered the 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10.

And the Don't Pass shooter kept throwing numbers, and more numbers. Pretty soon I had won my $64 back and he was still throwing numbers. That's when the stickman asked me if I would like to bet the Bonus Bets, also known as the Small, Tall, All. Since no one had made a bet yet on the Small, Tall, All I could even though the shooter had the dice.

I'll cut to the chase now. The shooter went on to keep throwing numbers and make passes, and not only did I continue to win more money on my bets on the 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10 but the Don't Pass shooter also hit the ALL by rolling everything from 2 to 12 without a 7. In all, I won nearly $1700 on the "hand" thrown by the Don't Pass shooter.

There have been other times that a Don't Pass shooter has had monster rolls making passes and rolling lots of numbers. It doesn't happen often that a Don't Pass shooter does this, but it also doesn't happen often for a right-way or Passline shooter either.


Update May 23, 2016  IGT has announed more wide area progressive jackpot winners during March and they include a Wheel of Fortune jackpot of $1,356,583 on April 23rd at the Red Rock Casino in Summerlin, Nevada. A $12,515,709 jackpot was paid on Megabucks at the Gold Dust West Casino in Elko, Nevada on March 22nd. A jackpot of $1,388,413 was won on a Wheel of Fortune slots at the South Point Hotel in Vegas. A $1,036,397 jackpot was paid on a Wheel of Fortune slots at the Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut.


Update March 24, 2016  One of the most popular slot machines in casinos across the country is the Wheel of Fortune game which is modeled after the popular TV show. And during February, the maker of the Wheel of Fortune slot machine IGT, had more million dollar winners. The million dollar jackpots come from "wide area progressives" which link machines from various casinos to create a massive progressive jackpot. First launched in 1996, the Wheel of Fortune slots have created more than 1,000 million dollar winners and have paid out more than $3-billion in jackpots.

IGT says that in February a $1,086,953 jackpot was awarded on the Wheel of Fortune® Double 3x4x5x Pay slots at Delta Downs Racetrack Casino Hotel in Vinton, Louisiana. And a $1,259,128 jackpot was awarded on Wheel of Fortune Double Diamond® slots at the Sycuan Casino in El Cajon, California. Also in February, a $1,744,044 jackpot was won on a Wheel of Fortune Double Triple Diamond slots at The Venetian in Las Vegas.


Update March 5, 2016  It's tough to hit a royal flush in any video poker game but it's even harder to hit a natural royal in any version of Deuces Wild Video Poker because in Deuces Wild you are never supposed to discard a 2 because it's a wild card. In most video poker games the chance of hitting a royal flush are about one in 40,000 hands, but in Deuces Wild because you hold the wild card, the chance of hitting a natural royal jumps to about 1 in 47,000 hands.

There is a nice payoff for a Royal Flush with Deuces which is another reason why Deuces Wild players are told never to discard a deuce. And of course quad deuces is another big payoff hand.

Casino player John C. sent me the two photos below of royals he hit playing Deuces Wild. Look at the first photo. John was on a triple-play Deuces Wild game when he was dealt three to the royal and he hit the royal on the top line.

On the middle line he was close to a hitting a Royal Flush with a Deuce but had to settle for an even-money three of a kind in Kings.

John C. was trying desperately to hit quad deuces.
He was happier with the tougher natural Royal Flush.
In the next photo sent by John C. he was playing a ten-game Deuces Wild machine when he again found himself dealt three natural Royal Flush cards. He hit the natural Royal Flush on the first line and he hit a Royal Flush with Deuce on one of the other games. He was playing a multiplier game called Ultimate X but unfortunately there was no multiplier in effect.
John C. hit a second royal at the same casino
on the same day on deuces wild. Still no ducks.


Update December 14, 2012  Yes, those million dollar jackpots do get hit.  Pechanga, the Native American-owned casino in Temecula had another million dollar winner on a wide-area-progressive slot machine operated by IGT this morning.  The million dollar jackpot hit on the Rocket Gaming Systems® “Gold Series” slots machines, just inside the casino valet area of the Pechanga Casino & Resort.  Jonny C. of Brea is now a millionaire, after hitting the triple “Gold Double Series” icons on the max bet to score a massive 1,034,063.31 jackpot at approximately 6-AM this morning.

Jonny C. and the winning machine at Pechanga
photo from Pechanga / by Mark Stock

Jonny shares a “Holiday Miracle” story with a fellow Pechanga guest, from Orange County as well, who, on the morning of December 12, 2011 lined up the three symbols to win $1,034,063.78.  For those keeping track, the two jackpots times-of-day were separated by only 4 hours, and that will intrigue casino-goers who think that jackpots always hit in the early morning hours. This particular wide-area progressive machine, located next to the Main Gift Shop, features a top jackpot that is linked to dozens of Native American casinos across the country; each contributing to the large award.  The machines immediately reset to another $1 million after the jackpot struck.  The Gold series is one of the more frequently won giant jackpots, with eight $1 million-plus payoffs this year, including one other in Southern California. Introduced in 2009, the Gold Series line has paid out almost $1 billion in prizes and 21 top progressive prizes.  Pechanga has six of the Gold Series machines, offered in $1 denomination and requires a $3 bet to pay off the big prize.


Update November 4, 2012  Sometimes everything goes "right" when you walk into a casino.  You show up at the casino when you have a "free play" promotion, and your favorite machine is not being used, and the winners keep coming... one after another.  That's what happend to me last night at Harrah's Rincon in San Diego County.

$300 turned into $9,000.
It was a matter of luck, luck and more luck.

I had $475 of "free play" which included my weekly promotion plus my "cash back" from previous play in September.  As every casinogoer knows, $475 can go rather quickly in a casino, especially when you are playing $1 and $2 video poker.  But last night I got lucky, and I started to hit winning combinations as soon as I sat down.  I was playing 8/5 Aces and Faces which is like Bonus Poker except that the "big quads" are the Jacks, Queens and Kings.  I didn't get any quad aces playing $1 and $2 Aces and Faces, but I did get more than my share of quad-10s and Kings and Jacks and Queens.  At one point, my original $475 of free play had grown to more than $2100 on that machine.  But all good things don't last forever, because about an hour or so later I had lost most of the winnings and had only $300 left.  The photo above is the result of what happened to that $300.  Yes, it grew to $9,000.

Since I was just using the "free play" money I wasn't satisfied going home with just $300.  I decided that I would risk the $300 and try for a bigger win, or just go home without any win.  But I also made my mind up not to hit the ATM for gambling money.  No cash withdrawls on this night -- I just wanted to see what my free play money could get me.

So, I went to the high limit Room at Rincon where I could play my favorite $5 Aces and Faces machine.  To be honest, the machine usually gets the better of me.  I would like to tell you that I am a big winner at video poker and the casino personnel shake in their boots when I show up in the casino -- but I can't.  The truth is Harrah's Rincon is building a huge expansion with a new hotel tower and a larger casino and I helped pay for a lot of it.  Wink  But not this time.  This time the machine was cooperating.  I picked the right cards to hold and the machine gave me what I hoped it would give me.  I was hitting quads.  Lots of quads, and even quad Aces which paid $2,000 in cash as a hand-pay.

DreamCard Winner.
$1,000 for quads.

The other quads -- jacks, queens, kings and smaller cards didn't require a hand-pay so the machine spit out tickets as the dollar amount on the machine exceeded $1200.  Soon I had a collection of $1,000 tickets plus the hand-pay from the quad aces.  I cashed the tickets and started to walk out of the casino. 

And that's when I spotted the DreamCard machines in the video poker section.  I decided to risk $1500 of the money I had won.  I put $500 in at first, and played it through with no big winners.

And on the second $500 in, I was dealt trip-3s with the DreamCard which gave me the case-3 for quads and a $1,000 pay.  I was now up a few hundred dollars playing DreamCard.

I kept playinging and went up and down.  DreamCard is a rough game to play.  Unless you hit big hands, you will go broke very quickly because you pay "double" for each hand.  Instead of betting the usual five coins per hand, this game requires you to play ten coins per hand.  So no matter if you are playing quarters, half-dollars or dollars -- this machine is sucking the money out of your wallet.  With DreamCard you either win big or you're busted.

How much are four ducks worth?
$1,000 when you play this game.

I got lucky.  I was dealt trip-deuces with a DreamCard and that gave me quad-deuces for another $1,000 payoff.  Hot dog!  Unfortunately, the DreamCard machine is set to "lock" if there is a payoff of $1,000 and while this win did not require a  W2G IRS tax form, it did require a hand pay.  So I had to wait for a floor person to show up to count ten $100 bills into my hand.  Frankly, I think that's ridiculous.  In the high limit video poker area, $1,000 payoffs on quads are common on video poker, and $1,000 payoffs on other slot machines are common and those machines don't lock up for a handpay.  But on the main casino floor, a win of $1,000 even though it doesn't require a W2G does lock up the machine and require a hand-pay.

Sorry, Harrah's Rincon, I think that is a waste of your time and a waste of the slot floor workers' time.  And if you think I'm going to tip for a $1,000 you got it wrong.  I smile and say thank you, but I'm not tipping for a win that should routinely be paid out by the machine.

DreamCard Winner. Quad Aces.
$2,000 and a nice way to end the night.

And then my luck continued.  Just a couple of plays later, I was dealt trip-aces with a DreamCard bonus, which gave me the case Ace for quads and a $2,000 handpay.  At the $1 level, each quad-aces paid $500 and I was playing five hands at a time.  This required a hand-pay and a W2G, and I did tip $20 to the slot attendant who made the hand-pay.  I think a $20 tip on a $2,000 hand-pay is a fair amount, though there are some video poker players who would tip more -- and some who wouldn't tip at all.

After this payout was in my pocket, I played only one more hand -- and I was dealt a pair of Jacks with a DreamCard which gave me trip-Jacks, and on one of the five hands I was playing I scored quads for $125 and $15 on each of the other four hands.  That's when I hit the cash-out button, got my "ticket" which I cashed at a cash machine, and off I went.

By the way Rincon changed its ATM and ticket redemption cash machines several months ago and the new machines work very well.  Unfortunately the one machine by the video poker room is sometimes out of service or has a long line, so I use the redemption machine by the table games area.  You can also use the cage.

All in all, it was quite a night.  And if last night's results would repeat about another five-hundred or so times, I might break even. Embarassed  It's nice to cherish the wins.  But I confess, the video poker machines have more of me than I have of them.


Update September 6, 2012  Just a few hours ago, the bad beat jackpot in the poker room at Pechanga Casino in Temecula hit paying a total of $243,657 for quads over quads.  Unlike traditional bad beat jackpots, at Pechanga Casino all of the players in the poker room at the time share in the jackpot.  This was the largest bad beat jackpot to be paid in California so far.

The "loser" of the hand Ly Ang Tong collected $73,124 when his quad 3s were beaten by Judy Court's quad 9s.  Ly Ang got 30% of the jackpot with the losing hand of 9-3-3-3-3, while Judy got 20% or $48,708.00 with the quad 9s.  123 other players in the room were paid $396 each.  The other seven players at the table share 30%, netting them $10,442.00 each. The jackpot set the record for biggest jackpot at the Pechanga Poker Room and was, far and away, the largest in all of California. The jackpot immediately reset to $110,000.00, making it remain the largest poker jackpot in the state.


Above you can see that it pays to lose.  What makes the Pechanga bad beat jackpot special -- besides its size -- is that all of the players in the poker room get a "jackpot share."  At most casinos only the players at the "jackpot table" share in the jackpot pool.  Some other casinos have also had "room shares" but Pechanga routinely has a room share giving lots of players a "jackpot story" to share.  Below is the photo of the "jackpot table."  Pechanga Casino provided the photos.



Update February 8, 2012  Some of the best advice you can get whenever you go to a casino is to join the casino's players club and always play with your member card.  You can get all sorts of free promotional gifts when you join a players club and they can range from a key chain to a coffee mug to a tee shirt.  Sometimes you might get some "free play" which could be $10 to insert into a slot machine or to make a bet at a table game.  And sometimes that "free play" can make you rich.

Well, Sylmar, California resident Diana Barragan is the new poster girl for beginner’s luck, and is probably the new advocate for joining the casino's players club, after hitting a $369,421.81 jackpot on a $1 Wheel of Fortune machine on her very first trip to Pechanga Casino in Temecula.

Diana boarded a bus bound for Pechanga this past Saturday afternoon.  She signed up for a Rewards Club card as soon as she got to the casino and she got $10 in EasyPlay (that's the "free play" term at Pachanga) as do all new players at Pechanga.   And, says Pechanga, with that $10 of free play Diana hit big and got the big check to take home and frame for the wall, while the real check goes into the bank.  See the photo below.


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