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Here's where we will tell you about home improvement items that will improve your home's safety and your family's safety.  In some cases, these safety items are actually home essentials and you must have them according to various state and local laws.  If you are buying a home, be sure your real estate sales person informs you about what is required in a home or ask your home inspector to verify and check that the home has the proper safety equipment which can include smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and explosive gas detectors.


Update September 23, 2016  On Saturday, October 29th from 9-AM till Noon, Lowe's and First Alert will bring you important information about fire and carbon monoxide safety at free events at the Lowe's in Central Long Beach and the Lowe's Northridge. Watch our TV show report below. Bring the kids because there will be activities for them, too. You'll be able to find out about the new First Alert alarms that have a ten-year life which means you won't need to make frequent battery changes with the new devices.


Update August 8, 2014  First Alert, the company that is famous for smoke and carbon monoxide and other alarms and home safety equipment, now has "protection on demand" personal safety alarms.  These small, compact and easy to use alarms can be used to detect if someone is trying to steal your luggage at the airport, or if someone has opened your hotel room door.  It can also be used by joggers and pedestrians to sound an alarm to summon help if they feel they are in danger.

It's called the POD for "protection on demand" and it's affordable and easy to use.  The POD also gives off an alarm sound that is louder than some smoke alarms.  The POD has settings so that the alarm can be triggered immediately or after a few seconds.  It can be hidden in your car to scare off someone who enters your car and that alarm can be programmed to begin after a few seconds delay.  Or, if you put it on your hotel room doorknob, the POD can be programmed to start the alarm immediately.  Put it on a suitcase at the airport with the POD programmed to alarm as soon as your luggage is moved.  It also comes with a built-in flashlight.  The POD is available at Lowe's for less than $30.  Our Best Buys TV Show report is below.


Update March 21, 2013  First Alert, the leader of the home smoke and carbon monoxide alarm industry, is unveiling designer-styled smoke and CO alarms.  The designer-styled alarms are meant to meet consumer demand.  More families are investing in designer styles when it comes to furniture, flooring, window treatments and wall coverings and they wanted smoke and fire alarms that would fit with their decor.  First Alert responded by developing two designer models -- one that is compact and flat and can be mounted flush to walls and ceilings and is called the P900, and the other is a small device that fits in the palm of a hand and is about the size of a votive candle and is called the Atom because like an atom it is tiny.

There is also new technology with these new styled alarms that will eliminate false or "nuissance alarms" from things like burning toast in a toaster.  The new technology can actually tell the difference between something like burned toast and a real fire.  Our Best Buys TV Show report is below.  These new designer smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are available at Loews and other home improvement and hardware stores and department stores.


Update October 16, 2012  I am very pleased to welcome First Alert to our Best Buys family.  First Alert is the leading manufacturer of smoke detectors and smoke alarms for the home, and for carbon monoxide detectors and carbon monoxide alarms for the home.  And don't be misstaken about this -- you need both.

We are all familiar with requirements and the importance of having smoke detectors, and now we all need to know and understand the need for carbon monoxide protection.  It's already the law in California for carbon monoxide detectors to be in all single family homes.  Starting January 1, 2013 landlords must install and maintain carbon monoxide alarms in every unit of their properties.  If your landlord hasn't mentioned this to you yet, you should notify the landlord.

Carbon monoxide is known as the "silent killer" and CO poisoning is actually the number one cause of accidental poisoning in the U. S. according to First Alert.  Each year more than 450 people die from CO poisoning and more than 20-thousand people are forced to go to hospital emergency rooms for treatment.  Here in California about forty people die each year from carbon monoxide poising.  CO poisoning is difficult to diagnose and early symptoms resemble the flu and other symptoms range from disorientation to unconsciousness, neurological problems to death.

Carbon monoxide alarms are simple to install -- you just plug them into a wall outlet.  Or you can get a battery operated alarm unit.  Those that are plugged in are required to have back-up battery power in case of an extended power failure.  They are also inexpensive and can easily cost less than the price of taking the family out to dinner.  Lowe's Home Improvement stores carry a wide variety of First Alert alarms with various affordable prices depending on the features you want.  I found a wide assortment of the various First Alert alarms at the Lowe's store at 4550 West Pico Boulevard in Los Angeles.  You can call this store at 323-617-9574 and the staff there is very helpful.

CO sources include heaters, fireplaces, furnaces, ranges and ovens and CO can seep into your home from appliances that are outside but near your home, and CO can easily enter your home from your car in an attached garage.  If you live in an apartment building with a garage under the building -- and this is common in Southern California -- there is a danger that CO can enter your home.

You should place the CO alarms near your bedrooms.  A CO alarm placed in your kitchen may give off false alarms.  If you hear your carbon monoxide alarm or smoke alarm go off or activate do not ignore it.  For more information go to First Alert's website at or call 800-323-9005 which is First Alert's consumer information line.  Our Best Buys TV Show report is below featuring tips from home safety expert Gigi Lubin.

The law says that if your home has at least one potential source for carbon monoxide you must have a CO alarm.

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