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There are Best Buys for businesses too, and here we will tell you about Payroll Services that cater to small and medium sized businesses.  Sometimes an outside contractor can help a business control their own costs and get the job done better than if a business has to create a new department or add duties to an existing department or to another employee.  In the case of a small business owner it sometimes makes a lot of sense to utilize an outside service provider that can help the business-owner save time and money.  For other business services please see our "Business Services" page by clicking here.


Update June 6, 2013  Green 60 Payroll Services is a payroll service designed for small and midsized business owners who want to save time and money on payroll bookkeeping, filing tax reports, and filling out checks and record keeping.  Those are just some of the services that Green 60 helps business owners accomplish.  Green 60 can process payrolls on a weekly or biweekly basis and file quarterly and annual tax reports.  It can also handle payroll taxes and it issues paychecks.  This service is ideal for small and midsized business owners because you can have Green 60 handle these business chores through a computer or smart phone access -- and you can have payrolls authorized and issued using a computer or smart phone from anywhere in the world.  The company also provides digital archives of your payroll history forever -- even after you are no longer a paying client.

Green 60 is easy to work with.  Just go to their website and set up your account.  Using their website you simply log in, enter employee hours, and then in about an hour Green 60 takes care of your paperwork and sends you an email that your payroll paychecks are ready to print.  You also have the option to set up direct deposit into your employee's bank accounts.  You can view and print W2s and paystubs and other reports from the Green 60 server.  Digital storage of your data is always free.

Green 60 does not outsource to a foreign country.  The company is headquartered in Newport Beach, California and that is where your support staff is located.  There are no set-up fees, and there is no fee if you want to move your payroll services to another company.  You pay for the payrolls you need.

So what does it cost?  You pay $19.99 per payroll for up to 5 employees.  Each additional employee is only $1 per payroll.  So, if you have 25 employees your total cost per payroll would be just $39.99 and there are no other costs or restrictions.

Watch our Best Buys TV Show report below.

Green 60 Payroll Services
3822 Campus Drive #119
Newport Beach, California 92660

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