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Update September 13, 2015  Online gaming and online casinos are now a reality here in the United States as they already are around the world.  Several U.S. gaming companies already operate online casinos in Europe and these are probably "trial runs" for when online gaming and online casinos will be legal in the United States.  Several states now license online intra-state poker including Nevada where Caesars, the owner of many casinos, has an online site under the WSOP brand.  It looks as though as many as 15 states will have online intrastate poker soon following Nevada's lead and full online casinos could be months away.  Legislation has been introduced in Congress that could establish full online poker and online casinos in the United States as nationwide operations.  Here we will give you tips about payment systems for online gaming for our website users who are in areas where online gaming is already legal and operating.  This article includes paid content.


Update September 13, 2015   You have to be careful when you go online.  We've all heard the horror stories and we may have had some of our own problems.  But some of the online gaming sites have set up safe methods to protect your online gaming experience and to help you enjoy online gaming more.  Here are some of those methods for gaming payments.

The world is now highly digitized, and everyone is crazy about it. With people willingly submitting to technological change-ups, online gaming developers realize the need to keep up. The emergence of different methods of online gaming payments is an evidence of this revolution.


UKash makes use of a prepaid system for their e-cash and e-commerce business.  It is linked to more than 400,000 merchants around the globe.  Barely 8 years in the business, it has been noted as one of the fastest rising technology ventures in the United Kingdom.  UKash enables users, especially those with online gaming accounts, to make payments.  However, the system is not suitable for person-to-person transactions.  UKash is designed for online payments to participating merchants.

The company has plenty of partners including sports betting, lottery and casino operators. Click here to get a glimpse of sports betting sites that accept Ukash.


A British electronic payments services provider, Neteller is widely used for online shopping, bills payments and money transfers.  It is also extremely popular among online gambling firms. Its framework allows users to directly withdraw from their bank accounts.  This feature is especially helpful for seasoned gamblers.  Simply signing up for an account and on your favorite online gaming site pick Neteller as your mode of payment.  But, use this system wisely.  The obvious setback of this mode is that gamblers would have easy access to their money and it can be lured to uncontrollable spending. 


PayPal is perhaps the most successful company of the online payment era.  The system allows a person to transfer money to another user or to pay via internet transactions.  Being a global brand, PayPal is widely accepted in most countries and is a convenient mode of cashless and cardless payment.  The PayPal website has an interface that is straightforward and easy to navigate.  You won't be bothered with a barrage of online advertising which is a good thing for busy people that get irritated when they have to close pop-up windows every now and then.  With Paypal, cashing in and out is easy and safe.  Further, if you are an avid casino player, PayPal casino sites would be your best bet.

While there are other safe payment methods around for online gaming fanatics, UKash, Neteller and PayPal offer ease and convenience.


Update September 13, 2015  Caesars Entertainment is now promoting free online gaming on various social media websites in an attempt to boost interest in visiting its brick and mortar casinos and probably to prepare for more online gaming should online gaming expand.  Caesars already has online poker for players in Nevada.

You need not be a Nevada resident -- just be within the state of Nevada to play online poker for real money at which is the Caesars online poker website.

Ironically, Caesars Palace and the other Caesars-owned casinos in Las Vegas actively promote the online poker site to hotel guests.  You'd think that Caesars would rather have its hotel guests in its actual brick and mortar casino, wouldn't you?  Caesars probably figures that introducing the online casino to hotel guests will boost revenue for when players are not in the casino but are in their rooms or elsewhere in the Vegas area during their stays.

There is outdoor advertising including billboards in Vegas promoting their online WSOP poker website.  One problem for online poker players on the Caesars site is that "cashing out" involves a trip to a casino cage and some players report that "comps" from online play are minimal.

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