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Here is where we will show you quality and affordable designer fashion jewelry including jewelry that you can have customized.  Check back often because we will be adding new fashion jewelry designs as the designer makes them available to us.


Update August 29, 2013  Below are samples of the one-of-a-kind, designer costume jewelry pieces designed by Debbie Mark.  These high quality fashion jewelry pieces are made from a wide variety of unusual beads, crystals and ornamental pieces collected from a range of international sources.  They are visualized and assembled with a sensitive, whimsical, festive and unique vision that sets Debbie Mark's work apart from other fashion jewelry designers.  Debbie Mark knows design and style that can express the personality of the wearer. Debbie is happy to work with a client to design unique custom pieces that will fit any wardrobe.

Debbie can be reached at


The designer, fashion jewelry pieces shown in the photo below, from left to right, are: (Far left) Classic Navy Blue and Pink 7mm pearl and Baby Pink bicone crystal necklace with 7 pink conical and pearl drops, total length 20" with Silver/Nickel-free Lobster Clasp. $60.00.

(Middle) Full color spectrum AB crystal 21" necklace with 3 sparkling cone shaped pointed 8x20mm crystal beads, interspersed with purple 3mm spacer crystals. There is a matching 7.5 inch bracelet. Both pieces are closed by Silver/Nickel-free clasps. $70.00 for the set.

(Right) Cosmic genuine Swarovski Astral Pink/Orange 20 inch crystal choker with four square crystals and three column crystals, finished with gold-tone findings. $60.00.

Debbie Mark Designer Fashion Jewelry
Debbie can be reached at

Below is a close-up photo showing the detailed work of Debbie Mark.  What makes this piece unique is the dazzling double colors, pink and orange, revealed in each crystal.  Designer Debbie Mark says it looks like the most spectacular sunset you've ever seen.

Detail Of Debbie Mark Designer Fashion Jewelry
Debbie can be reached at

Debbie Mark Fashion Jewelry

In the photo above, on the left:  Funky and trendy, this 20" choker is made from 20mm Magenta, Light Pink and Baby Blue faux pearls with a Rhinestone magnetic clasp. $55.00.

In the middle:  This unique 19" choker has 20mm Gold sparkle balls with spring spacers, and comes with matching earrings with a 2.5" drop on silver colored Nickel-free French wires. $65.00.

On the right:  This is an Exotic Island 20" necklace in Peach, Yellow, Orange-Yellow and Rust irregular-shaped pointed beads with a magnetic clasp. $45.00.


Debbie Mark Fashion Jewelry

In the photo above, on the left:  This is a hot looking Orange 23" necklace with a 1.5" Orange and White puffed glass heart. The necklace features Orange and White striped beads and crystals and a Silver Nickel-free Lobster clasp. $50.00.

Middle:  This is a gorgeous 18" Black bicone necklace with a 2" Rhinestone offset circle pendant with a Black metal clasp. $50.00.

Right:  This is a fashionable Blue and Gold 17.5" necklace that features a beautiful hand-blown glass three-dimensional Blue flower pendant with an Goldlen underlay. $65.00.


Debbie Mark Fashion Jewelry

In the photo above, on the left:  This is an attention getting Peacock Blue faux crystal 18" choker with a 20mm multi-colored Rhinestone flower focal bead flanked by two handmade enamel coordinating beads, closed with a Silver/Nickel-free Lobster clasp. $55.00.

Middle:  Celebrate Spring with a pure White 20" necklace of 6mm bicone beads with intricate and delicate hand-blown pastel flowers and leaves. $80.00.

Right:  Wear roses around your neck with this Pink and White AB genuine Swarovski crystal 20" necklace. This charming piece features a focal bead of Rose Quartz embellished with Rose appliques and Rhinestones. $75.00.


Debbie Mark Fashion Jewelry

In the photo above, these bracelets are all made on "Memory Wire," which will comfortably fit almost any wrist.

Left:  Chic bracelet with conical Black and White beads punctuated by Clear 3mm crystals. $25.

Middle:  Bracelet made of bold Magenta satin finish beads, interspersed with Lime Green and Orange crystals. $30.00.

Right:  Sporty Navy Blue and Gray beads, great with jeans or sweats. $25.00.


Debbie Mark Fashion Jewelry

In the photo above, on the left:  Crazy multi-color spiral pattern glass bead bracelet on memory wire. $20.00

Middle:  Millefiori multi-color bead bracelet on memory wire. $25.00

Right:  Larger version, with more loops, of the crazy multi-color spiral pattern glass bead bracelet. $25.00


Debbie Mark Fashion Jewelry

In the photo above, on the left:  This stunning Druzy Geode Agate pendant measures 2.5". It is on a 31" necklace composed of 8mm Green jade beads, Pink rectangular beads and Pink bicone crystals, interspersed with 3mm Lavender bicone crystals which emphasize all the colors of this beautiful pendant. $75.00.

Middle:  This 34" necklace made of brightly colored .5" felt balls and 1" multi-colored felt balls, will delight any kid at heart. $50.00.

Right:  This 31.5" "Lover's Heart" necklace is made of red beads, crystals and stones in a variety of sizes and shapes. It features a puffed red glass heart pendant, perfect for Valentine's Day. $60.00.


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