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One of the basic reasons for going to a lawyer is to create a will or a trust.  Some attorneys and financial advisors suggest a trust or a living trust has advantages over a will.  Here we will explore and explain wills and trusts and living trusts to help you and your family and ultimately your heirs and help you find ways to see that your final wishes are carried out.


Update March 19, 2017  The Trust Pros is a group of professionals who guide individuals and families to create a trust or living trust to be sure that final wishes are carried out.  All living trust documents are reviewed by an attorney.  The Trust Pros believe that a trust can be better than a will for many reasons including confidentiality, and speed in transferring assets, and for avoiding costs and time to probate wills.

Your family and life situation changes over time, so be sure your will and trust are up to date.

What makes The Trust Pros different from other professional who provide similar services is that The Trust Pros do everything privately.  They will even come to your home or to your office for a private, confidential meeting to discuss your needs and they will make "house calls" and office visits without any charge and with no cost or obligation.

A living trust can be more than a document that defines your wishes after death, it can also guide your family as to your wishes about medical care.  Trusts also help to be sure that your assets are quickly distributed to your heirs and that your minor children are cared for by the people you choose.  Our TV show report is below.  Again, call them for a free, no obligation consultation and remember you pay nothing unless and until you accept the final trust documents and plan they create for you.  Again, remember that all trust documents are reviewed by an attorney to give you peace of mind.  And also remember that The Trust Pros will come to you, which is ideal for those who are unable to travel or attend public seminars.  Why talk about your personal affairs in a public seminar with another company when The Trust Pros come to you for a personal, private meeting and with no charge and no obligation?

The Trust Pros

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