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Here we present information from Elder Law Attorney Martha Jo Patterson who is often referred to as the Elder Law Mom.  We are rapidly becoming an older society, especially as baby boomers become retirees.  And with age come unique problems that our senior citizens can face.  These problems can include health care, disability, insurance, mortgages and reverse mortgages, crime, financial crime, nursing home care, and scams that target seniors.  Elder Law is now a specialty.


Update March 15, 2017  Elder Law Attorney Martha Jo Patterson and Geisler Patterson Law Education Center are offering a free one hour class about senior care called Senior Care 101. The free class includes information about managing in-home care, what essential legal documents you need and need to be updated and maintained, how to choose a living environment, and information to help you cope with the needs of a parent, relative or friend. To register for this free one-hour class call 818-474-1178 and remember that this free class will be given every third Wednesday in 2017. Here are the dates:

April 19
May 17
June 21
July 19
August 16
September 20
October 18
November 15
December 20
The one-hour class starts at 7-PM at the Geisler Patterson Law Education Center at 16933 Parthenia Street, Suite 135, Northridge, California. Again call 818-474-1178 to reserve your space in this free class.


Update January 28, 2016  Elder Law Attorney Martha Jo Patterson is offering a free audit of your estate plan. This is totally free and with no obligation and is open to residents of California. It is important to check and update your estate plan because your circumstances may have changed -- and the laws about estates may have changed since your created your estate plan. For example, your family structure might have changed with a marriage, or death of a relative, or a divorce. In some cases health insurance plans have changed their payments and benefits for consulting with more than one physician about a dementia diagnosis. And there have been changes in the tax laws regarding estates. You need to be sure your estate plan is up-to-date. For a free appointment and estate plan audit call Elder Law Attorney Martha Jo Patterson at 855-ELDER-77 or 855-353-3777 and these are toll-free phone numbers. Our Best Buys TV Show report about this free estate plan audit is below.


Update May 27, 2012  Elder Law Attorney Martha Jo Patterson is offering free information about getting help to pay for nursing home care, including free information about government benefits such as Medi-Cal that you paid for with your tax dollars.  These government benefits are not welfare benefits -- and you are entitled to use these benefits.  However, you might need the help of a lawyer to help you negotiate the system.  Watch our TV report below.  Then go to her website or call (855) ELDER-77 or 855-353-3777 for free information and to start the process.


Update March 8, 2012  Elder Law Attorney Martha Jo Patterson is offering an Alzheimer's resource kit free of charge from her website and this kit used to cost nearly two-hundred dollars.  These are care-giving tips for family members.  Also included in this free offer are tips to how to choose the right nursing home.  Some of the tips include how to search for on-line reports about the nursing home and what to look for when you make a personal inspection of a nursing home-- and one tip is to make your own surprise inspection on a day when a public inspection is not scheduled.  There are also guides about financial aid for families with an Alzheimer's patient and there is financial aid available.  Remember this free information is now available on the website.  Our TV show report is below.


Attorney Martha Jo Patterson frequently has free seminars about elder care at her offices at 21900 Burbank Boulevard, 3rd Floor, Woodland Hills.  Call to register and to reserve your free place at the seminars: (855) ELDER-77 or 855-353-3777


Update January 15, 2012  Attorney Martha Jo Patterson specializes in elder law and legal issues facing the disabled of any age.  She is a certified elder law attorney by the National Elder Law Foundation and has offices in Los Angeles and Orange Counties.  For information call (855) ELDER-77 or 855-353-3777 or which is her office website.

Martha Jo Patterson is keenly aware of some of the benefit programs for elder and disabled veterans that are not actively promoted by the Veterans Administration.  Because these veterans programs are not actively promoted by the VA or advertised in the media many veterans do not take advantage of these benefits.  It's as if these veteran's benefits are being kept secret.  Some of these veterans programs have restrictions because of income and wealth, but attorney Martha Jo Patterson knows how to properly structure the assets of a veteran so that they can participate in these benefit programs.  Some of these benefit programs can pay around $2,000 a month for care and these are tax free benefits.  You do not need service connected injuries to qualify for these benefits.  Our Best Buys TV Show report is below.

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