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On this page we will tell you about gaming tables, gaming equipment and games and where to find the Best Buys. Many families want their own gaming tables either for a recreation room or for double-duty as a dining room table, or for a family room. There are gaming tables ranging from ping-pong to billiards or pool, to the more exotic casino-type games including roulette and craps and blackjack and poker. Do you want a poker table in your man cave or do you want to have your own casino party? Check your local laws about what type of gaming tables and gaming equipment you are permitted to own. In the case of slot machines and video poker machines your state might require them to be at least 25 years old before you can can have them in a private home and in some states this kind of gaming equipment is not legal for private ownership at all.


Update July 31, 2018  Big Jeff's Craps Tables, the Orange County, California maker of custom craps tables for home and casino use, has new designs and styles with new layouts available. They ship all over the country. These custom tables are afforable and you can have a custom craps table built for you with prices starting at $1799 for a 6-foot table. Shipping to the East Coast of the United States is about $300 but shipping and set up in Southern California is free. So for about $2100 or less you can have your own custom craps table for your play room, den, office or man cave.

There are custom layouts available so you can have a layout with your own name on it in the colors you choose.

The newest designs include a rounded-end dealer area and a larger 40-inch chip holding area. There are also folding tables for easy storage. There are new felt designs that include many of the new and popular casino bets. Watch our TV show report below and see the photos of their designs.

Big Jeff's Craps Tables

Below are some previous TV show reports about Big Jeff's Craps Tables.

Big Jeff's Craps Tables makes each table to order
in Orange County and delivery is available.

You can choose from many professional layouts
for your personal, custom casino-style table.

Table covers are available so you can use your
table for blackjack, poker or other uses.

Most popular are the 6-foot and 8-foot tables,
and you can choose layouts and stains.

Custom layouts including felts with the Fire Bet
and Small, Tall, All Bets are available.


Update May 26, 2017  If Dad wants his own custom craps table for Father's Day, now is the time to get it because Big Jeff's Craps Tables is raising its prices on July 1st. You can order your own custom craps table with custom layouts including the layouts with the new exotic bets that some Vegas casinos are offering. Watch our TV show report below. Order quickly. There are also tables that fold up for storage.


Update May 27, 2015  If you want the perfect man cave centerpiece or something that will make your next party feel like a real "casino night" then you want to have your own craps table. Big Jeff's Craps Tables makes custom, made-to-order craps tables for your home or office, and at a price that is hundreds of dollars and as much as $1,5000 under what comparable craps tables are priced at by online vendors.

There really is a Big Jeff and he is a woodworking craftsman who loves the game of craps and is a craps historian and combined his love and knowledge of the game to build by hand customized tables. His basic table costs $999 and comes with your choice of a gaming layout in four colors, a "stick" for handling the dice on the table, five professional dice, a on and off "puck" and a boat or holdr for the dice. The table is made with a chip tray which is ideal for home use and is an added feature to make it easy for you to be the "stickman" and the "boxman" and to run your home game.

The price includes delivery and set up in Southern California, Nevada and Arizona. Yes, Big Jeff himself will deliver your table and set it up for you -- and he might tell you a few interesting craps stories too! Shipping is available outside this tri-state area.

You can also purchase a top for the table that can be used for poker, blackjack and Pai Gow games and that is priced at $250 with layouts that are available at an additional cost.

Jeff is a craftsman so he is also able to repair gaming tables so if you have a craps table or poker table that needs some work or maintenance Jeff is the craftsman to call.

Rentals are also available and Jeff can handle larger orders and he has supplied custom craps tables for casino companies. Customization of craps tables can include size and height as well as stains and colors and there is a large variety of customized layouts available for an additional charge. Remember that the house always wins in the long run so with your own craps table in your home game room or Man Cave you will always be a winner and you will have a place to practice your throws for when you go to a casino. Every high rolling family needs their own craps table. Our Best Buys TV Show report is below.

Big Jeff's Craps Tables

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