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Here's where we will tell you about home improvement companies that specialize in cabinets for the kitchen and other cabinetry needs including cabinets for built-in closets, and cabinets for libraries and bedrooms and cabinets for any room in the house. Not all cabinets are traditional and some of the new cabinetry includes materials besides wood.


Update February 21, 2017  Dezign Blue is a complete kitchen and bathroom remodeling company but what makes them different is they come to your home and offer complete shop at home services. They will measure and give you a complete consultation and deliver plans for your project in 48-hours all for $465. Unlike other design services, this is a complete package price and they will give you an unlimited number of revisions until you are satisfied with their plans and project design.

When the plans are ready, Dezign Blue then goes to work with contractors and suppliers and installers to complete your bathroom and kitchen projects. Dezign Blue works with private manufacturers of cabinetry and specializes in getting the best prices on Ikea products. Dezign Blue also deals with other major manufacturers so that you can get your choice of the best product and they will handle the installation for you.

Dezign Blue also discounts what you would normally pay for Ikea installations. And Dezign Blue also gets advanced word on sales from its industry sources. Typical discounts on installations can be 35% or more.

Dezign Blue is a full service company, and while based in Los Angeles, they serve homeowners and businesses all over Southern California, nationwide and around the world.

For one low price, Dezign Blue takes the guess work out of bathroom and kitchen design and saves you on the cost of cabinetry and installation and saves you the headache of driving around from company to company and from store to store. Dezign Blue comes to you and takes over the complete remodeling project. You can easily save more than their flat-rate fee by using Dezign Blue. Our Best Buys TV Show report will be added here soon.

Dezign Blue
Southern California, Nationwide, Worldwide Service


Update September 3, 2015  I was amazed the first time I walked into the Westlake Village showroom of Imagineer Remodeling Corporation because it was more than beautiful and was filled with new technology I didn't realize was available. At first the pristine cabinetry appeared to be way too expensive for any average homeowner to afford, but after speaking with Imagineer Remodeling’s owners, I discovered that this one-of-a-kind contracting company deals directly with manufacturers in Europe who manufacture the designs and features affordably, cutting out the middle man and that lowers prices to the consumer.

Imagineer Remodeling builds cabinetry for kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms or any room of your home or office by incorporating unique materials to make the cabinets more functional and efficient. Instead of traditional wood frames and wood doors that can warp and show wear after years of use, Imagineer Remodeling uses non-traditional materials including stone and man-made products to create cabinetry that will last a lifetime and will not warp or damage from day-to-day use. Traditionally, wood cabinets can become damaged from moisture and water in kitchens and bathrooms, but with Imagineer Remodeling, custom-made cabinets use high-quality materials that resist water damage. Among the materials used in the majority of the custom cabinetry is “MDF” or medium density fibreboard, which is not only attractive, but it's strong enough to walk on. There are also aluminum frames used to construct cabinets that won't warp and won't be damaged by use. The aluminum frames will literally allow you to completely transfer a kitchen or cabinets from one home to another when you plan to move.

There are hundreds of styles, colors, finishes and materials available for you to design your own custom room or completely redesign your home with Imagineer Remodeling. Their knowledgeable designers can even mock-up and design virtual models of your renovation or redesign ideas to show you what your home will look like after the project is complete. While this might all sound pricey, Imagineer Remodeling offers services at about one-third of what other companies might charge for similar, European imported home contracting materials.

Imagineer Remodeling’s Westlake Village showroom is conveniently located just a few minutes off the 101 Freeway, west of Woodland Hills. They proudly serve all of Southern California and beyond.

Imagineer Remodeling’s array of design options offers any homeowner the perfect combination of beauty, function and superior materials. What makes them unique is that they are one of the first companies in the nation that has brought these expensive European designs to the United States and made them affordable. They offer many unique, custom carpentry work and you’ll see many shapes including rounded corners, and hardware and designs that make your cabinets much more functional and convenient to make your life much simpler. They also integrate space saving designs such as doors that swing up instead of swinging out, making the home more user-friendly and compact.

Our Best Buys TV Show report is below.

Remember that this company is more than kitchen remodeling. Their carpentry and cabinetry includes living rooms, bedrooms, libraries, entertainment centers, game rooms and more.

Imagineer Remodeling Corp.
790 Hampshire Road, Unit F
Westlake Village, California 91361
CSLB #993805

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