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A mortgage broker is an independent company that lends mortgage money to consumers who want to buy a home or refinance an existing mortgage or who wants to buy investment or commercial property.  Sometimes, an independent mortgage broker can offer a better deal to consumers because it might have different loan requirements than a traditional bank might have.  You should consider shopping for a loan with mortgage brokers as well as traditional banks.  You might also find some mortgage brokers are more aggressive in helping you to qualify for a home loan. Here we tell you about independent mortgage broker Kam Zarnegar who has his mortgage office in Encino, California. He has been in the mortgage industry for 30 years and he has built up more than 100 sources for mortgage money.

Call Kam Zarnegar at 818-822-2492. That is his personal cell phone number and he lets you have it to show his dedication to service.


Update January 8, 2020  Independent mortgage broker Kam Zarnegar says that he's having success getting mortgages for buyers who can't produce tax returns for one reason or another. In one case, a buyer with only a 5% down payment is getting a loan of more than one million dollars with only presenting his bank statements. Another buyer with a 20-percent down payment is getting a loan for more than two million with bank statements and without tax returns. Kam says he's getting these loans closed because his money sources have become very aggressive in placing loans.

Also, ask Kam about his $1,000 guarantee to close your mortgage on time. Conditions apply. Watch our interview below. 


Update December 26, 2019  Independent mortgage broker Kam Zarnegar has updated his list of services for 2020, and many of these services include new types of mortgages that were recently made possible. Ask about his $1,000 cash guarantee to have your mortgage ready for your closing.


Kam Zarnegar and his team have the latest programs for first-time home buyers and these programs can include low or no down-payments and closing costs. In the past, many assistance programs had limits on the incomes of the buyers -- but there are now new programs that offer down payment and closing costs assistance without any income limits at all. Call Kam Zarnegar about these unique programs that other mortgage brokers may not have.

There are still other forms of assistance for buyers that do retain limits on income, and these are also offered by Kam Zarnegar. These assistance programs with assistance for down payment money and closing costs come from various City and County agencies.

The State of California has a new program to assist first time buyers and it is called the CalHFA Program. While this program does have income limitations it can be very helpful to buyers who lack downpayment money. Let Kam Zarnegar explain it to you and show you the benefits.

Kam Zarnegar is also up-to-date with the new Mortgage Credit Certificate programs that can lower your effective interest rate by as much as 20-percent.


There are many potential self-employed homebuyers who for one reason or another do not have a current tax return, or can't file a current tax return because of issues with paperwork or their tax records. There are still others whose tax returns don't reflect their true current income. Tax returns that don't reflect your current true income shouldn't prevent you from buying a home or refinancing your current home. Kam Zarnegar works with non-traditional lenders who understand these issues and can provide special loan programs that can help these borrowers. These loan programs can have surprisingly low interest rates. One of these programs is called "Stated-Income" which only requires a self-prepared income statement. Another is called "Bank Statement Program" which qualifies you based on your average monthly deposits into your business and personal bank accounts.

If you're employed, you can skip tax returns, W2s and pay stubs and get qualified using a one-page verification of employment or "VOE" from your current employer.

If you are a real estate investor and you are buying or refinancing a rental property such as a condo, house, duplex or four-plex, there is a NINA program which stsnds for no income, no assets, no employment verification.

If you have equity in your home, there are also Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC) available that are based on the equity in your home. Kam Zarnegar also has a special HELOC that doesn't need proof of income, unlike most banks. Call him about this special program.



One of the problems that many home buyers have is that traditional lenders want you to fit their "ratios" or standards for a loan. If your income is too low or if your other debts are too high, many traditional lenders will not qualify you and reject your "ratios" for a mortgage. But mortgage broker Kam Zarnegar has sources for loans for buyers who have a high debt-to-income ratio. Call him for information.

And if your credit score is low there are low credit score programs available. Private money loans and Hard Money Loans are available and Kam will try to get you the best interest rates available. There are also loan programs for foreign nationals. Let Kam Zarnegar explain them to you.


Update May 29, 2019  Independent mortgage broker Kam Zarnegar has been in the mortgage industry for 30 years helping consumers and investors find the right mortgage to fit their needs. His independent mortgage company serves all of California for Home Loans and Commercial Loans. They offer Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Jumbo, FHA, VA, Reverse Mortgage or HECM, SBA Loans and other loan programs that many banks won't touch. Kam Zarnegar deals with more than 100 different money sources that have lending standards that many banks don't have. As a result of this competition, Kam Zarnegar is able to get you a competitive loan program with a low interest rate, even if you don't meet the guidelines and requirements of traditional bank loan programs. He discusses this in our TV show video below.

Kam Zarnegar and his money sources can help you even if you have circumstances traditional banks can't deal with, such as one day out of bankruptcy, foreclosure, past unemployment and other credit blemishes. He also specializes in "Stated Income" loans and loans that do not require tax returns, W2s or pay stubs. That's what really makes Kam different and why you should call him. He also  can help many small business owners and independent contractors qualify for a mortgage. 

Kam and his team are based in Encino, California and this company serves all of California. Call 818-822-2492 which Kam's personal cell phone number. He is so committed to his clients that he makes his personal cell phone number public.

Mortgage Broker Kam Zarnegar
17609 Ventura Boulevard #208
Encino, California 91316
DRE LIC 01039303


Update June 6, 2017  Independent mortgage broker Kam Zarnegar now can help you obtain a Mortgage Credit Certificate if you qualify. The Mortgage Credit Certificate enables you to get a dollar for dollar tax credit on 15% to 20% of the interest you pay in a year. What this does is effectively lower the interest rate on your mortgage and helps you save more tax dollars. In effect, it lowers your interest rate between 1.5% to two-percent.

Not everyone qualifies for a Mortgage Credit Certificate so call Kam Zarnegar to see if you qualifty. Watch our TV show report below.

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