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Here is where we will post information about the paid parking policy at the MGM casinos and resorts in Las Vegas, as well as some comments about the policy.


Update May 23, 2016  There is nothing new or high-tech about the MGM Paid Parking System that will start in Las Vegas on June 6th. Many hospitals and even shopping malls and office buildings already have a similar parking system. When you pull into the garage you will receive a ticket at the gated entrance. The ticket will have a time and date. Before you leave the garage, you will walk to a payment center (see the photo below) where you will insert your parking ticket and the payment center machine will show the amount owed. After you pay the amount by cash or using a debit or credit card, the validated exit ticket will be dispensed. You will use the validated exit ticket to open the exit gate.

At a high-volume parking area suck as a shopping mall there is usually an attendant to handle problems including when someone fails to pay for their parking before they get to their car. In some parking areas, there is a chance to pay for parking at the exit gate but the faster method is to pay for your parking before you get to your car.

These parking systems are smart. You are given a certain amount of time to actually exit the garage once you pay for parking. This will prevent you from paying for one hour of parking and then keep your car in the garage for a full day or for a week.

The parking payment centers look like ATMs and are usually positioned near major entrances to the parking garages and you will see signs posted that remind you to pay for your parking before you go to your car.

I've used systems like this at several parking garages in the Los Angeles area and never had a problem with a misprinted or damaged ticket, or with a parking center payment machine that wouldn't accept payment. However, sometimes these parking center machines do fail just as ATMs sometimes fail so it is important for parking garages to have multiple units available.

Motorists are more likely going to find a line at the payment centers than a line at the exit gates -- except when someone tries to exit the garage without paying for parking.

I suspect that with valet parking, guests will pay for parking at the valet just as many of us do now at restaurants and clus that have paid valet parking.

Parking pay station at the Aria Hotel and Casino.
Pay for parking before you walk to your car.


Update May 20, 2016  The MGM casinos and resorts in Las Vegas starting on June 6 will be charging certain visitors for parking their cars. There will be charges for self-parking as well as valet parking. If you are an established casino patron with the MLife players club program there are no parking charges for certain levels of play. In some cases, short term visitors are not charged for parking and local residents are not charged for parking for some periods. Below is the official notice about the parking policy that appears on a room reservation and we post it here so you can see the fine print.

PARKING NOTICE: Starting on June 6, 2016 we will begin instituting paid parking at MGM Resorts parking facilities. Vehicles that are self-parked for more than one hour at the MGM Resorts properties listed below will be subject to a parking fee.

The self-parking fee is $7 for vehicles parked between 1-4 hours and $10 for vehicles parked between 4-24 hours at the following resorts: Aria, Bellagio, Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand, Mirage, and New York - New York.

The self-parking fee is $5 for vehicles parked between 1-4 hours and $8 for vehicles parked between 4-24 hours at the following resorts: Excalibur, Luxor & Monte Carlo.

The valet parking fee is $13 for the first 4 hours (no grace period) and $18 for between 4-24 hours at the following resorts: Aria, Bellagio, Delano, Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand, Mirage, New York - New York, and Vdara.

The valet parking fee is $8 for the first 4 hours (no grace period and $13 for between 4-24 hours at the following resorts: Circus-Circus, Excalibur, Luxor and Monte Carlo.

All parking fees repeat every 24 hours. Parking fees may be higher during special events.

Self-parking is complimentary for M life Rewards Members level Pearl and higher and valet parking is complimentary for M life Rewards members level Gold and higher. All complimentary parking is subject to availability.

For registered hotel guests, the 24 hour parking fee (self or valet) includes "in and out" privileges at the guest's originating MGM Resort property and also includes the same "in and out" parking privileges at any other MGM Resort property within the same 24 hour period, subject to availability.

LOST TICKET: If you lose your self-parking ticket, we will attempt to determine how long your vehicle has been parked at our facility. If we can verify how long you have been parked, you will be charged for the actual amount of time parked. Otherwise, you will be charged a lost ticket parking fee of $30.00.

Parking fees are subject to change and parking is subject to availability.


There has been a lot of negative reaction to the fees, and frankly I haven't heard even one positive comment about them. Established casino players will be exempt but registered hotel guests who are not established casino players will still have to pay.

I have to wonder if this will start a "black market" for MLife player cards? Will you be able to give a spare card to a friend or neighbor so that they can avoid the fees at parking? Or, will you have to present identification such as your driver license when you park or valet your car? If you do have to present ID it would mean more delays getting in, and possibly more delays for getting out.

The lost ticket fee of $30 is troubling but I am sure it is designed to keep someone from parking for multiple days and then claiming they "just pulled in three hours ago" and misplaced their ticket.

The parking fees might give visitors a reason not to rent a car and for a limited trip away from the casino/hotel just take a taxi.

The parking fees might give short term visitors a reason to park at a non-MGM facility and walk to the MGM casino if they intend to visit or play in the casino for a short time but more than the free one-hour parking time.

Most of all, MGM's new policy gives rise to the possibility that other casino companies will institute similar paid parking plans.

While regular patrons of the casinos will not be bothered by this policy because they will not have to pay, new visitors and convention visitors will be paying. This policy is not friendly towards first-time visitors or to convention business or to new casino players.

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