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Julius Tower at Caesars Palace Las Vegas

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Here's a review of the new Julius Tower at Caesars Palace Las Vegas. I stayed in this room on the 7th floor of the Julius Tower for three nights.


Update July 27, 2016  I just completed a three-night stay at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas and I was in room 773 in the newly remodeled Julius Tower. The Julius Tower is actually one of the original towers at Caesars Palace but along with the new furnishings and new decor the tower has a new name.

The Tower also has new door locks. When you approach your room door you will not find a slot to insert your keycard. Instead you press your keycard against a disc above the door handle and a green light will flash on the disc when the keycard unlocks the door.


The Julius Tower is very convenient to the casino. In fact, the elevators for the Julius Tower are literally steps away from the main cage and a short walk to the buffet and several restaurants near the main casino, called the Palace Casino, at Caesars. If you want a tower that is centrally located it's the Julius Tower.

As soon as I stepped off the elevator on the 7th floor I was impressed by the new decor which is about as nice as what you'd find in the hallways of the newer Augustus and Octavius Towers at Caesars. Below is a photo of the king bed in room 773.


For me the most important part of the hotel room is the bed and the king bed I had was just as comfortable as any other. It was clean and neat and nicely decorated. What impressed me was that the lights on the nightstands on both sides of the bed had lights with dimmers that worked well. Most hotels have lights with three brightness options -- but these new lights could easily be adjusted.


The furniture was new and there was the usual dresser with three large drawers which seems to be standard throughout Caesars Palace. There was also a desk and it was easy to set up a laptop computer on it. There was also a lamp on the desk, again with a dimmer switch. There were outlets for plugging in the computer or phone chargers. There was also a lounge chair instead of a usual sofa, but the lounge was appropriate since this room was smaller than what you might find in the Augustus or Octavius Tower. The flat screen TV, however, did appear to be larger than what was in rooms in other towers at Caesars.



After the bed, the most important feature of a hotel room for me is the bathroom, and here I was disappointed. What was good was the double sink. If you are going to share the room you must have double sinks. My biggest complaint with Bellagio is that the fountain view rooms I've had at Bellagio have a single sink in the bathrooms. There is also sufficient counter space in this bathroom in the Julius Tower room at Caesars. There is no TV in the bathroom in this room, and I mention that in case you like the small TVs in some of the other bathrooms at Caesars. There is, however, sufficient lighting and a magnifying mirror. The door to the bathroom is a sliding door.


There is also a newly designed, large and luxurious shower in the Julius Tower room. I was very impressed with the shower. There was plenty of water pressure and there was a hand wand for the shower as well as a large, traditional shower head. Hot water came up through the system quickly. There was ample space in the wall rack to hold shampoo and soaps. A complaint I have with the shower in the Octavius Tower is that there is little space in the rack to hold anything but a bar of soap and that mistake was corrected in the Julius Tower shower. The shower is also large and there is a small lip at the door that prevents leaks onto the bathroom floor -- another good design. By the way, there are extra towels on shelves under the sink and you might overlook them.



What was missing from the bathroom was a tub or a jacuzzi. There was only a shower. Also missing was a closet or enclosure for the toilet which meant that to have privacy only one person at a time could be in the bathroom using the toilet. In other hotel rooms at Caesars the toilet has its own closet or side room. There was only one holder for toilet paper next to the toilet, though there was a second roll of toilet paper on a shelf under the sinks.



I had no problems while staying in this room. Housekeeping serviced the room properly and at an expected time. The air conditioning, WiFi and TV worked flawlessly. There was no trouble with the phone or any of the lights. There were convenience snacks and a refrigerator stocked with treats at the usual prices. This room had no view, so I didn't bother to take a photo of the rooftop that I saw looking out of the window. If you want a view, I don't think the Julius Tower offers anything to write about on Facebook.

While the Julius Tower is convenient to the casino it is not convenient to the Augustus Tower valet that Seven Stars members use. In fact, if you stay in the Julius Tower it makes more sense to use the main valet at the main entrance.

Seven Stars and Diamond Total Rewards member might find the Julius Tower inconvenient because the Seven Stars and Diamond check-in office is in a room near the Augustus Tower and between that check-in and the Julius Tower you'd have to walk thru the main lobby and check-in and go through much of the Palace Casino and past the casino cage. And if you are going to the Julius Tower during a busy time of the day or evening, the route you will take will be crowded especially near the casino cage where there can be a line of twenty or more players waiting to do their business.

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