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Employment Law and Labor Law is now a specialty and here we will present infomation about  attorneys who specialize in protecting the rights of workers including workers who face discrimination on the job or may have lost their job because of discrimination.


Update September 23, 2016  Attorney Charles Odiase specializes in labor law and employment law and offers a free consultation. If you face discrimination on the job, or if you lost your job and you suspect discrimination, you should call him for a free consultation. In many cases, he will handle your entire case with absolutely no out of pocket expense. There are various state and federal laws to protect you which is why you should consult with an attorney immediately if you lose your job or have a problem at your job and you suspect some kind of discrimination. Attorney Charles Odiase also handles accident cases and catastrophic injury cases and attorney Charles Odiase also offers a free consultation for these kinds of legal issues. Our Best Buys TV show report is below. Attorney Charles Odiase serves clients in all of California.

Attorney Charles Odiase

Here on our new media website "Moneyman" Alan Mendelson who is the original Best Deals TV Show reporter on KCAL9 and consumer advocate, shows you the best deals on TV, and the best buys, bargains and where savvy shoppers go to save, and how to get the most for "your money" with the best of Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura County, Riverside County and San Bernardino County.  Our Best Buys TV Show has the best TV deals and is the only regularly scheduled weekly best deals TV show in Southern California.  We show you the best buys and best deals on TV and more deals and bargains on and and watch for our Las Vegas TV show Vegas Best Buys.  Some of the content can come from paid advertising and from our advertiser paid TV infomercial programs.  The Best Buys TV Show is a paid infomercial program which may also include news and information which is not sponsored or paid for by advertisers. has the highest ranking among competitive sites in Southern California according to the independent website ranking companies and and our Best Buys TV Show is the most watched shopping and consumer information show in Southern California.

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