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Here's where we tell you about Binder & Associates, PLC who are Attorneys at Law. Their main office is in Pasadena but they serve clients throughout the region. Binder & Associates have attorneys with over a hundred years of combined experience helping those who have been injured in accidents. Binder & Associates handles virtually all types of serious injury and wrongful death claims and they work to protect the rights of people who have suffered back injuries, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and other catastrophic injuries beause of another party's wrongdoing or negligence.

Binder & Associates is at 251 South Lake Avenue, Suite 920, Pasadena, California 91101. Call them at 626-793-9124 for a free consultation or go to for more information.


Update March 22, 2017  If you are injured in any kind of accident or injured because of negligence or wrongdoing you should always call a lawyer. Unfortunately, many consumers rely on the advice of friends or relatives or their own insurance companies -- or they rely on assurances from those who injured them -- not to call an attorney, and this can be a very serious mistake. Only an attorney who is actually representing you can give you a fair and honest opinion about what rights you have and whether or not you have an actual case that needs an attorney.

The attorneys at Binder & Associates welcome your call and they will talk with you on the phone and even meet with you at no cost so they can discuss your rights, your injuries and your case with you. Binder & Associates will even talk with you at no cost if you already have another attorney and they will talk with you to be sure you are getting the proper represenatation and that your case is being handled properly.

Yes, it is okay for you to call Binder & Associates for this free second opinion and there is no reason for you not to call them for this free second opinion. Of course if you have been injured and you don't have an attorney yet, call Binder & Associates for a free consultation about your case. Sometimes you won't need an attorney but don't make the mistake of going it alone when your case really did need an attorney to handle it. Watch our TV show report below.


Update February 27, 2017  Binder & Associates does all of its injury case work on a contingency fee basis only. This means that you as their client pay nothing out of pocket and there are no up-front costs. Binder & Associates is paid only from the award made to you as a result of your case. If there is no award made to you, then Binder & Associates is paid nothing. Even if your case involves hundreds or thousands of hours of research and work you will pay nothing unless you are awarded damages for your injury. This is why you should call Binder & Associates: it costs nothing out of your pocket and you can get professional and up-to-date legal guidance at no charge.


Update February 27, 2017  The personal injury attorneys at Binder & Associates offer representation in all types of injury cases including:

Paralysis, burn injuries, brain injury, wrongful death
Motor vehicle accidents, car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestran accidents
Mass transit accidents, train accidents, aviation accidents, bus accidents, boating accidents
Construction site accidents
Dog bite accidents
Premises liability
Discrimination cases, Sexual Harassment
Insurance Bad Faith

It is the goal of Binder & Associates to bring you economic justice for your injuries, especially if insurance companies act in bad faith. If you have been injured Binder & Associates wil do everything they can to help you receive the maximum compensation that you need and deserve.

DISCLAIMER: Lawyer advertising.  All visual depictions of events are dramatizations.  This advertising is paid for by the Binder & Associates.  Warren Binder is a licensed California attorney and is responsible for this communication.  This advertisement does not constitute legal advice and is not a guarantee, warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of any legal matter.  Every case is different.  Results depend on the unique law, facts and circumstances of each case.  The hiring of an attorney is an important decision that should not be based solely on advertising.  Ask for free information about your attorney’s background and experience.  No representation is made that the quality of legal service to be performed is higher than that performed by other attorneys. No representation is made that the lawyers are certified specialists or experts in any field of law.  No legal services will be provided unless a written agreement is signed by the client and lawyer.

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