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A Flawed Die At A Vegas Casino

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Are all casino dice fair dice? Here's where we will explore the subject and tell you about reports of dice that are not fair or have flaws. If there are unfair or unbalanced or flawed dice, you should care and remember that your money is literally on the line.


Update March 7, 2017  There are lots of rumors about casinos that use flawed or unbalanced dice. Usually these rumors are false and they are spread by craps players who were unlucky, or perhaps they were spread by dice influencers who were able to control their shots. It's easy to blame the dice. But I recently played at a Las Vegas casino where there really was a problem with one of the dice.

I am not going to mention the Las Vegas casino where I encountered the flawed die because frankly it wasn't the casino's fault. The fault -- if there was a fault -- was at the factory that manufactured the dice.

I was at the craps table at that casino at 4-AM, when new dice are usually introduced to the various craps games in the casino. A new, sealed box, of fresh dice from the factory had just been delivered to the pit and the pit boss opened the new factory-sealed box and delivered five fresh dice to each table.

You know when you have factory-fresh dice: they are clean and smooth with razor-sharp edges and corners. You can feel the sharpness with your fingers and sometimes the corners and edges are so sharp they feel like they can cut you.

I was given new dice when it was my turn to be the shooter. I picked two dice from the five and made my first throw and established a point. Then I threw a second time and a third. But when I gripped the dice for my fourth throw one die felt odd -- and it was odd. Some of the material used to fill a pip (dot) for the face showing a six had partially peeled away and had created a flap of material.

I realized that this flap of material could alter the performance of the die because the material could stick to the material on the craps table. In a worst case it could trap the face of the die with a six to the bottom.

Sometimes having one die face frozen (such a six) is a good thing. If a Six was always out of play, and with a 1 on the opposite side always in play I would never see a 6-6 show. But what if I wanted a 6-6 to show?

In fact, in this game, I did want a 6-6 to show because I was playing a craps game where a 6-6 was needed to win the ALL bet or the TALL bet in the side bet called Bonus Craps. Below is a photo of a casino craps game with a Bonus Craps layout. As you can see, hitting midnight or 12 or 6-6 is necessary to win the big paying Bonus Craps bet.

Bonus Craps layout at a Las Vegas casino.
12 is needed to win the Tall and All Bonus Bets.

As soon as I noticed the flaw I called for a floorman and brought it to his attention. The floorman carefully examined the die, saw the loose flap of material, and scraped it off. He returned the die to me but I would not accept it. I asked for a replacement die instead and my reasoning was that with that tiny amount removed from the side with the 6 showing, that face of the die was now lighter than the other faces and more likely to finish face-up. Of course it was a minimal amount of material that was scraped off, buy why use a die that is off balance by even the smallest amount?

Casino dice are made with precision. The pips which are the dots that indicate the number of each face are actually drilled into the cube and then the holes are filled with material so that each face of the die is equally balanced. The fill material is of the same weight as the material used to construct the cube. This means that the face with 6 pips is the same weight as the face with 1 pip, or 2 pips, or 3 pips and so forth.

Of course as dice are used, edges are worn and corners are worn, and worn dice cannot possibly be as exact as new dice. This is why I prefer new dice. But a new die with some material removed, or a flap of loose material from a pip, should never be used because that's starting out with an imperfect die.

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