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Here's where we'll tell you about locals casinos in the Las Vegas area, what they offer in terms of gaming and bonuses for players, and what you should expect when you patronize them.


We've all heard the term "locals casinos" but we all probably have different thoughts about just what a locals casino really is. Many out-of-towners think that the locals casinos are the major casinos and resorts that are not on the Las Vegas Strip or not in downtown Vegas. These locals casinos include mega resorts such as Red Rock Casino in Summerlin, The Rio on Flamingo, The Orleans, Boulder Station and Sam's Town. But to the true locals living in the Vegas area the locals casinos include the mini casinos that have a couple of blackjack tables and a couple of dozen slot machines, or the bars and taverns with perhaps a dozen slot machines or video poker machines. The "bar scene" mini casinos can even have their own slot clubs and might even offer their own credit lines, and the video poker paytables can be as good or even better than what you would find at some of the mega resorts along the Vegas Strip.

Meanwhile, Sam's Town has lowered the payoffs on the Small, Tall, All bets on its craps tables to match the payoffs of the Caesars and MGM properties. I'm disappointed that they did that. It was refreshing that a locals casino was offering a better play on these jackpot bets for a while, at least. While Sam's Town has now matched the pays at the big Las Vegas Strip casinos, it is still limiting the maximum bets on the Small and Tall to $25 and only $10 on the All.


Update November 6, 2017  Many casino goers are hesitant to walk into the "high limit room" at many casinos fearing the minimum bets are out of their range. But if you walk into some high limit rooms, you just might find some games with the same limits as those found on the main casino gaming floor. For example, Sam's Town on the Boulder Strip offers $1 video poker games in its high limit room just like the $1 games found on its main casino floor.

But you will also find some specialty games in the high limit area including $5 video poker games with a progressive that applies to various games, and there is a $2 Double Bonus video poker game with a special progressive jackpot if you happen to hit a sequential royal flush. A sequential royal is AKQJT or TJQKA. As I write this, the prize for hitting a sequential royal was above $173,000 and continues to build, while the regular progressive royal was north of $9,000. On a traditional $2 video poker game ($10 max bet) a royal pays $8,000 without a progressive adding to the payout. See the photo below of the sequential royal machine at Sam's Town and a photo of an actual sequential royal that was hit at another casino. By the way, sequential royals make up only about 1% of all royals hit on video poker. The chance of hitting a regular royal flush is about 1 in 42,000 plays, but this number will vary depending on the specific game you are playing. 

$2 Double Bonus video poker game at Sam's Town
with a huge jackpot for a sequential royal flush.

A sequential royal flush from Ten to Ace.
This was hit on a $5 Bonus game at Caesars Palace.


Update August 31, 2017  I have to commend both the management at Boyd, Sam's Town and the movie theater inside Sam's Town for quickly responding to our report (see the article below) about the lack of soap inside one of the men's rooms in the movie theater area. The issue was with the movie theater and a maintenance team which replaced the mirrors in the men's room, but failed to install soap dispensers on the mirrors at the time the mirrors were changed.

In an email to me the manager of the theater said "we had our mirrors replaced due to graffiti. Since our soap dispensers mount to our mirrors they were pulled down for that process. The installers put in our new mirrors and after that my staff should have closed the restroom to the public until my maintenance personnel was able to reinstall the dispensers. Judging from your concern (our article and email to them) that didn't happen as planned. We missed the mark on this one," the email continued.

Again I have to commend everyone for a fast response.

I think there is a lesson here for every consumer: if you see a problem tell the management. Things can get fixed when management finds out.


Update August 29, 2017  In this section about Vegas Locals Casinos I am mostly going to write about the good things about playing and visiting and dining, but I can't overlook the bad things. Recently I ran into a very bad thing inside Sam's Town on Boulder Highway. Sam's Town has some nice restaurants and a major movie theater company operates there. This bad thing happened inside a restroom in the movie theater and I don't know if the movie theater company is responsible or if Sam's Town is responsible. The bad thing is pretty bad: there was no soap dispensers in a men's room. Both soap dispensers not only were removed but the holes where the dispensers used to be appear to be capped. And to be sure, there was no other soap option. See the photo below.

Inside a men's rest room in the movie theater at
Sam's Town Casino: no soap at all.

Ironically, there was a sign (required by law in most jurisdictions) telling employees that they must wash their hands. The sign (see the photo below) includes the words and an image of hands being washed with lots of soapy bubbles. But, there's no soap for employees to follow directions. I wondered if the same employee who scooped out my popcorn used this same restroom and could not wash his hands with soap before returning to work? By the way, I like to point out casinos that have the best public restrooms and to see my report about these outstanding public restrooms please click here.

Posted sign above the sinks in the rest room for
employees to wash. Do they bring their own soap?


Update June 14, 2017  I thoroughly enjoyed my recent visit to the Skyline Hotel & Casino on the Boulder Strip in Henderson, Nevada. The Boulder Strip is home to several larger casinos popular with Vegas locals. I was invited to meet friends at Skyline to take advantage of their $8.95 prime rib dinner special, but after dinner I discovered that the Skyline Hotel & Casino also offered a lot of full-pay video poker games that you will not find along the Las Vegas Strip, and the full-pay games were available at the 25-cent per coin level. What also impressed me about this place was the free parking, and you could park in a lot only steps from the main entrance so you didn't have to deal with hiking to a parking garage. We went to Skyline for dinner and discovered there was a bar with live entertainment and a loyal crowd. There were only three gaming tables for blackjack and 3 Card Poker but no craps which was disappointing. This is not a casino for high rollers because I was told there were only three bar-top video poker machines for $5/coin play. Most of the casino floor had games that ranged from penny slot, to video poker that ranged from 10-cents to 25-cents per coin. Skyline Hotel & Casino is adding a players club in August but right now they have various drawings. There is a small poker room and when I visited only one table was being used with a $2/$4 Limit Poker game.

Skyline Hotel Casino on Boulder Highway in
Henderson, Nevada, part of the Las Vegas area.

The prime rib dinner was really good for the money. It wasn't the best prime rib I ever had but it was certainly delicious and I had a very large portion and frankly half of the portion was all I needed. You can't mess a baked potato and there was plenty of sour cream to pile on it. I also had apple pie for dessert and while I only had half of the prime rib they served I ate that full slice of apple pie and wanted more. There are other dinner specials including shrimp and lobster specials which my friends and I said we wanted to try on future trips.

There are daily dining specials including a
Prime Rib special that is very good for the price.

Skyline has an interesting video poker promotion: you get a 25% bonus paid if you hit two royals within 24 hours. This is not impossible. I've hit two royals within 24-hours twice in my life and I know someone who hit royals back-to-back on the same machine with only the downtime waiting for the handpay in between the two royals, and I know someone who hit five royals within about 18 hours. So, hitting two royal flush hands within 24-hours is very possible and getting a 25% bonus paid on the second royal is worthwhile. Couple this bonus with the full-pay video poker paytables on many games even at low denominations and playing video poker here becomes very attractive. However, high rollers should keep in mind that only three video poker machines include the $5 denomination so if you have a video poker team only three of you can play at any one time.

There is a 25% bonus if you hit two Royal Flush
hands within 24 hours in video poker.


Update April 19, 2017  There are mini casinos just about everywhere in Las Vegas including the big supermarkets and the big pharmacies. Many of those mini casinos are operated by Golden Entertainment which also owns and operates the PT'S Bars and Lounges. Their video is below. At a 24-hour Smith's Supermarket (owned by Kroger) there is a mini casino with a cashier on duty that has about a dozen or so slot and video poker machines (photo below). The cashier/attendant told me that similar mini casinos are in local Albertson's Supermarkets and VONS Supermarkets.

Golden Entertainment is a publicly traded casino operator that caters to locals and has several brick and mortar large casinos in Pahrump, Nevada and they have a player's reward club program.

Golden Entertainment mini casino in Las Vegas.
Inside a Smith's Supermarket owned by Kroger.


Update April 19, 2017  There is a lot of information already known about Sam's Town on Boulder Highway, so I will skip that information. I will say that there is still free valet parking. I do want to mention that Sam's Town offers a free 40-minute lesson on how to play craps and at the end of the lesson you get a $20 match-play coupon.

Also, Sam's Town has several different craps tables with different bonus bets on them. Most of the tables have the "repeater bets" which pay a bonus if numbers are thrown a certain number of times before a 7. One table has the Small, Tall, All bets. Sam's Town is the first casino where I saw the Small, Tall, All bets offered. At Sam's Town the maximum bet on the Small and Tall is $25 and on the All the maximum bet is $10.

There was also a bet I had never seen before: four numbers before a 7, which pays even money. This particular bet can be made only with the starting hand of a new shooter. Sam's Town has craps games with $5 minimum bets but I did see a sign advertising a $3 minimum game which might be available during slow times.

I was impressed to see in the high-limit slots area various $5 progressive video poker games. What caught my eye was an 8/5 Bonus Poker game with a royal flush progressive. The 8/5 paytable is a "full pay" table so the progressive on the royal was an extra bonus, plus the game is eligible for comps and cashback.


Update April 15, 2017  Club Fortune Casino in Henderson is a mini casino that features table games as well as slots and video poker, and it has it's own players club that offers comps. There is one craps table that had a game going with $1 minimum bets, but no bonus bets. The craps game had regular 3X, 4X, 5X odds which is standard for Strip casinos and it paid triple on the field if a 12 is thrown. When I visited the casino the craps game was staffed by a single dealer who booked and paid bets and ran the bank and the stick. There was a floorman who was a supervisor who also watched the nearby blackjack games.

Club Fortune Casino had a snack bar and a small bar and showroom and a separate bar at the front of the casino. There was free parking. The casino was clean and neat and the staff was very friendly. The restrooms were also clean.

I don't usually write about snack bars but this one is worth mentioning because the sizes of the servings were larger than what I would expect. I ordered a very tasty dessert which was about enough for two people to share and the price was under five dollars.

After signing up for the free players club card, I was sent in the mail a coupon for $10 of free slot play. And there is a promotion for free play if you earn a certain number of slot points on the first day of your visit.

Club Fortune Casino is at 725 South Racetrack Road in Henderson.


Update April 15, 2017  It's unlikely that an individual bar or restaurant with perhaps a dozen slot or video poker machines would have its own unique slot club. After all, administering a slot club and offering bonuses, is more efficient if there are many members. Small bars and restaurants just don't have the clientele or the economy of scale to have their own players club operation. So, it makes sense that small bars and restaurants would join in a players club organization that serves many small bars and restaurants and that's what the Gamblers Bonus organization does. Gamblers Bonus provides a slot club organization to small bars and restaurants and it has about 300 member bars, taverns and restaurants now.

Gamblers Bonus offers traditional slot club benefits such as bet tracking, and cash back and other bonuses to reward play. Gamblers Bonus also has a unique promotion called "video poker bingo" which pays a bonus amount if players make all 13 quads in video poker. The bonus amount could be as much as $30,000 or more if the player makes all 13 different quad hands in a small amount of play. As more hands are played the bonus amount drops. This means that some players who make all 13 four-of-a-kind combinations might be awarded $28,000 if they made the quads with a small amount of play, or some players might only win $25 if it took hours and hours and hours of play to make all 13 four-of-a-kind hands.

Gamblers Bonus is free to join and if you are at a bar that offers it you should sign up. Players can also earn comps towards free food, free drinks and other promotions.

For players who are near to completing the "video poker bingo" game for quads, there might be some strategy adjustments. If you are near the big money jackpot, you might want to drop certain full houses, and certain two-pair draws to concentrate on the quad draws that you need to win the bingo jackpot. As an example, if you are playing Bonus poker and need quad 5s to win $15,000 and you are presented with a hand of 55-66-J, rather than the conventional play of holding the two pairs (fives and sixes) you would just hold the fives hoping for quads.

Something else to keep in mind: if you are usually a 25-cent per coin player and move up in denomination you might find that the jackpot amount for the bingo game also increases.

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