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Here's a trip report for a stay at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, which is part of the Caesars Total Rewards program and group of casino hotels and resorts. I stayed in this room which is called a one-bedroom suite on the 28th floor for one night. Our reservation was for two nights, but one night was more than enough.


On Saturday, June 17, 2017 my girlfriend who lives in Las Vegas thought it would be fun if we checked into one of the nearby Las Vegas Strip resort hotels for a "staycation." Since I am a Seven Stars member of the Caesars Total Rewards program, I knew I could get a free room at a Strip hotel. She wanted to try The Flamingo so I called the hosts' office and found I was eligible for a free two-night stay along with a $100 dining credit and some free casino play. We checked in Sunday afternoon and found that we had a one-bedroom suite with a high floor and a great view of the east side of Vegas with the High Roller observation wheel in the foreground. It was a beautiful view of the mountains beyond Vegas.

This one-bedroom suite was breathtaking. It was beautiful, fresh, clean and we just couldn't even imagine what to do with all the space. The living room included a guest bathroom and there was a micowave and a small refrigerator and of course a large flat screen TV. I guess if we had a party the large area would come in handy -- but it was just the two of us for two nights and three days, or so we thought it would be for two nights and three days. Below are photos of our one-bedroom suite.

One bedroom suite at Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas.
It comes with a dining table, sofas, TVs and more.

The TV was a good size for watching movies and the sound was good and the TV was a proper distance from the bed for viewing.

The bedroom was large, comfortable, with clean
and attractive furniture and was very plush.

There was no doubt that the room we had was luxurious and pleasant and wonderful. The air conditioning worked well. The room was quiet. We watched movies and the TV and audio system worked fine. See more photos below of the luxurious one-bedroom suite and read more about just how well-appointed the room was. But then, continue reading and you will discover how the rest of our visit made us regret our choice.

The king-sized bed was very comfortable and came
with extra pillows and attractive linens.

The master bathroom off the bedroom was wonderful. It was large and roomy and came with a luxurious bath with jets and the shower had jets too. The shower even had a large shelf or bench at one end. Everything was clean and well-stocked with extra towels and soaps and shampoos and conditioners. I usually stay in the new Augustus and Octavius Towers at Caesars Palace but this one-bedroom suite at The Flamingo was far superior.

The bathroom was luxurious with a tub with jets
and the shower had jets too. Clean and beautiful.

The bathroom had two sinks mounted on the vanity which is essential for couples. I've been in rooms at the Bellagio with a direct view of the fountains that only have one sink. Having one sink is a way for a hotel to save on plumbing and water charges and cuts the luxury level. Having two sinks and plenty of counter space adds to the luxury level of The Flamingo.

There were two sinks. You must have two sinks
for a couple. Too many hotel rooms don't.

This room at The Flamingo included toiletries that have been eliminated at Caesars Palace. The Flamingo provided body wash in addition to soaps, a vanity kit, and various lotions and conditioners. These used to be standard in the Augustus and Octavius Towers at Caesars Palace but they were eliminated when Caesars filed for bankruptcy protection.

This room came with body wash, mouthwash and
extras you don't find in Caesars Palace.

Yes, in the closet there were two fresh robes that were plush and comfortable. Caesars Palace eliminated robes from rooms a couple of years ago. I was also impressed to find not only the standard iron and hair dryer, but there was some sort of curling iron or flat iron for hair in the bathroom as well. We wondered if that curling iron or flat iron was left by a previous guest or was really part of the room?

There were even two fresh robes in the closet.
The robes were plush. No robes at Caesars Palace.


We finished playing in the casino late Sunday night and then when we thought about ordering room service for a late, late dinner we found that there was no room service. At The Flamingo, room service is available only during certain hours. Room service was available Monday morning for breakfast and we placed our order. We were told the delivery would be made in about 45 minutes but it was closer to an hour and a half. 

What really disappointed us -- no, what really shocked us -- was how our breakfast was delivered. We were both used to room service at Bellagio and at Caesars Palace where meals are brought on a cart by a waiter and served on china with silverware and drinks are poured and there is a setting for each person. But at The Flamingo, our room service meal came in a large paper shopping bag with cardboard containers holding cardboard bowls of oatmeal and plastic utensils in cellophane bags that are no different than what you get at Jack In The Box or McDonald's. Even worse, the oatmeal was not hot, and the bacon we ordered did not come with the initial delivery and came about 20-minutes later. The fresh fruit came in a large plastic cup and we wondered how fresh it was. The check came to $52 including a service fee and a tip of 18-percent.

By the way, when I was handed the check for my signature I asked if a tip was automatically included. I asked that question three times and I had to ask it three times because the waitperson wouldn't answer. Finally, I reviewed the check myself to find that indeed an 18% tip was automatically included. There was a blank line for an additional gratuity and it seemed to me that the waitperson didn't want to answer my question hoping that I would enter a tip on the gratuity line. Had I done so, it would have been a secondary tip in addition to the 18% I was already charged. Below is the photo of our room service delivery -- with the bacon missing.

But there was no luxury when it came to room
service. Breakfast came in a paper bag.


My girlfriend is 54 (I don't think I'm supposed to reveal her age but to be fair to you I think it's important that you have this information). I am 65 (let's be fair and honest). We were treated very well when we checked in at the Diamond and Seven Stars Check In, and we were treated very well when we talked to a host and when we were at the Total Rewards desk to inquire about shows and how to pick up our free play. We were also treated well at the cage which is the casino cashier. We were also treated well by bartenders when we decided to have a drink and play some video poker at the casino bars.

But we weren't treated well by everyone.

After checking in on Sunday, my girlfriend wanted to get some sun by the pool. She went down to the pool area with her room keycard and her Seven Stars players card, but she didn't have her license with her and she was denied entrance to the pool area. She came back to the room to get her ID (Nevada driver's license). On her second visit to the pool, a young man working the entrance asked her to remove her sunglasses so he could compare her to the photo on her license and then he suggested that she would be more comfortable in the separate pool area where kids, mothers and grandmothers were. She was offended and went to the main pool.

In the main pool area she said there was a lack of service. She was unable to order a drink from a cocktail server and she said there was no one picking up towels left on the ground or draped over the side of the pool and in the water.

I didn't go to the pool but I did spend some time in the casino. First, I wasn't impressed at all with the video poker games that were available. I play a standard game of video poker called Bonus Poker. In the high limit room where there were $5 per coin and higher games I found 7/5 Bonus Poker which is not considered to be good or a "full pay" game. At Caesars Palace, full pay 8/5 Bonus Poker is available in the high limit rooms. What was worse at The Flamingo was that at lower denominations the pay table for Bonus Poker was as low as 6/5. As a result, I didn't play much video poker. Instead most of my play was at Craps.

Unfortunately, the pays on certain bets at the craps tables were lower than what you would find at many other casinos. For example, the pays on Big Red or Any 7 was lower as were the pays on the horn bets. But the biggest disappointment in the craps pit was the performance of many of the dealers and some of these dealers I would call the worst dealers I have ever been exposed to.

Many of the dealers stood at the tables and openly complained about their schedules and about the rules that they had to follow to manage the games. Look, we all have problems at our jobs, but we're not supposed to talk about them publicly and that's exactly what these dealers were doing. And to make matters worse, sometimes they were so wrapped up in their discussions about their problems and complaints that they overlooked the actual craps game.

Several players, including me, were betting on the Bonus bets which are paid if certain numbers are rolled. The dealers are required to mark the numbers that are rolled to determine if the Bonus bets will be paid. But at three different tables I played at the dealers were so involved with their discussions that players (me included) had to remind the dealers to mark the numbers that had been rolled.

The craps dealers at The Flamingo share a problem that other Caesars casinos craps dealers have: there is no boxman to help run the game and I am on the dealers' side on this issue. Caesars should bring back boxmen so the games run better and smoother.

The Flamingo has another problem with their table games: their casino chips are a mess. When I say a mess I mean that the chips have too many different designs with too many different color patterns and as a result chip denominations get mixed up. There are $25 chips that look like $100 chips and $100 chips that look like $25 chips. I was told that the problem was caused when The Flamingo orders different designs instead of keeping to a singular color design.

At most casinos, $25 green chips have a solid, standard green outer rim color. But at The Flamingo, the $25 green chips might have an outer rim or ring of different colors that might include black which is the color for $100 chips. In fact, I was once paid a $100 chip when I should have received a $25 chip -- and yes, I did tell the dealer immediately.

There were other problems that made us want to check out after one night instead of two. The lack of a good room service for meals was a big reason. The overall look of the hotel was another. The hotel is old and dingy and tacky and it was hot and sticky.

When I did call to check out and to apply reward credits and comps for some of the room charges I was left on hold with the front desk for more than ten minutes. Finally I hung up, but I later found out that the comps and discounts were properly applied.

We did stop by the Diamond Lounge before leaving and the buffet when the lounge first opened was fairly good. The staff was very friendly, but like other Diamond Lounges in the Caesars system there was a line of Diamond players waiting to get in almost as soon as it opened. As Diamond Lounges go, this was good but not great.

This staycation wasn't worth the effort. We both agreed we should have stayed home instead.

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