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Here's where we will tell you about a new solution for leaking pipes in your home or business from ACE Duraflo and its new ePIPE system. Everyone dreads the idea of a leak in a pipe that could call for opening up your walls or floor or even the slab foundation of your home or building in order to repair. Nothing is worse than a leak except for the costs of repairing the collateral damage including repairing walls, flooring, repainting, and possibly replacing architectural accents and wallpaper that might no longer be available. A pipe leak can be a nightmare, but the ACE Duraflo and its new ePIPE solution could end prevent that disaster.

Call 800-359-6369 before you let another plumber or piping company rip apart your house.


Updated September 26, 2017  ACE Duraflo with its ePIPE system can fix your leaks without destroying your home or business. Those of you who remember me when I was the consumer reporter on KCAL9 might also remember that I reported on this company and how it was able to seal pipes to cure leaks including pinhole leaks. Now, they have a new system with ePIPE that is even better, faster and cleaner. What you get now is a clean, healthy and safe solution for pipe failures.

With the ACE Duraflo ePIPE system your pipes are restored without ripping out walls or your ceiling or the slab your home is on top of. It's a three-step process that is done through the regular connections in your home so there is no damage to appliances.

The process is often completed in one day, and sometimes in just a couple of hours. First your pipes are heated and dried and then corrosion is removed with a sanding process. The third step is the sealant: a special epoxy is applied to seal the inside of all of your pipes stopping leaks and providing safe, healthy drinking water.

The ePIPE process is patented in the United States, Canada and Europe. And ePIPE has been engineered as an effective long term solution for preventing lead leaching into the drinking water supply from inline lead components such as lead pipes and fittings containing lead.

And if all of that doesn't impress you remember this: you won't have to call in carpenters and painters and wallpaper hangers to repair your home because with the ePIPE system there is no damage.

For more information go to their website or call 800-359-6369 and call them before you let another plumber or piping company rip apart your house. Remember the patented ePIPE process provides superior protection against leaks and reduces the leaching of toxic materials like lead and copper from pressurized water supply pipes. The patented ePIPE process restores pipes in-place with an application of an epoxy barrier coating that results in a restored epoxy-lined piping system.

Pipes that have been restored and protected with ePIPE reduce the loss of water and reduce the leaching of toxic lead and copper into your drinking water to levels that are well below those of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the World Health Organization (WHO). Our Best Buys TV Show report is below.

In the video below, actual customers discuss the ease and convenience of the service they received and you will see that leaks are stopped without ripping up floors and breaking through walls. This company is clean and neat and will protect your home as they seal your pipes with a perfectly safe epoxy.

Here are some important facts to keep in mind:

It's possible that your leak problem can be resolved in as little as two hours and in most cases you can have the water back on the same day -- by 5PM.

Their process can be applied to pressurized piping systems from one-half inch to four inches in diameter.

The process can be applied to piping within a building, and to main and service lines, and to fire sprinkler systems and more.

You can have leaks stopped that range from coating a single line to your entire home. They also can stop the leaks in multi-family dwellings, commercial buildings, schools, hotels, office buildings and more.

Of course there is less of a mess and no destruction of your home or business with this process and it takes less time that with a traditional repipe which could mean ripping through walls and floors and ceilings. Once the process is done, because there are no repairs to make afterwards, it will seem like they were never there.

The ePIPE company also offers on-site lead detection and testing as well as recommendations and remedies for reducing lead that might enter your water system.

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