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It's clear to everyone that following the October 1st shootings from the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino that security throughout Las Vegas will be increased. No one wants to give another mass killer the opportunity to repeat what happened that night. Here's where we'll discuss options for security and what might be implemented.


Update March 27, 2018  Casinos have always had an open door policy because they wanted to make it easy for people and money to come in. But if you ask any guest, getting out, however, has been a problem. Exit doors were often hidden and casino cages or cashiers were often placed in the back of casinos to make it more time consuming to get your money out. But I think this will change in the interests of safety. I think in the future we will see more clear signage pointing to emergency exits.

I think it is also more likely guests coming into casinos and hotels will pass by some sort of metal detector. I doubt they will be so sensitive that they will pick up cell phones and keys, but they will be tuned to detect larger metal objects.

I think it is also more likely that when you valet your car, or self-park, that at some point a security worker will come by with a mirror to check the underside of your car for possible explosives. These hand-held mirrors cost less than $100 each and while they are low-tech they can be very effective for spotting explosives (see the photo below). I also think that when you arrive, valets will automatically open your car's trunk not only to retrieve luggage but also to give a quick look inside.

Guests checking-in to Caesars Palace in Las Vegas might have had their luggage sniffed by a dog trained to detect explosives (see the photo below). Some guests questioned the casino about the casino's right to have K9 Units do this but the customer representatives simply said "this is private property, so we can." 

But even before you get to your hotel, all eyes are going to be on you. Taxi drivers in Vegas now are being told to report to their dispatchers if any guests are arrivin with large amounts of luggage or unusual looking luggage.


Bomb-sniffing K9 unit at Caesars Palace
checking luggage of guests waiting to check-in.

It is also more likely in the future that when you check your bags with a bellman either at the valet or when you enter the casino resort that your bags will be scanned in some sort of xray machine similar to what is at airports. I don't think bags will ever be opened without the guest being present.

It is also likely that in the future your hotel room will be inspected even if there is a "do not disturb" sign on the door. I think that resorts will institute a rule that says guest rooms must be inspected at least once a day. This doesn't mean that someone from the hotel will barge in on you unannounced, but it does mean that your room will be called and at some point there will be a knock on the door if you fail to allow someone in whether it be housekeeping or security. I know there are a lot of casino players who keep cash and valuables in their rooms especially during special events such as the World Series of Poker, but these players will have to adjust to the new rules.

As soon as the idea about room inspections was raised, many players complained that there would be an increase in room thefts by hotel maids. I don't think that's going to happen and anyone that worried about a theft shouldn't be staying at the particular hotel.

Another question is how far will a maid go to inspect a room? Will a maid open the drawers of your dresser or go through your bags? I think the answer to that is no. But will a maid look under the bed and in the closet? Yes. Maids do have to look under beds to clean and in the closets they have to check the supply of hotel hangars and for things such as laundry bags.

Over the last several years, many casino resorts did away with the custom of nighttime "turn down service" when a housekeeping staff person would deliver chocolates on the pillow and turn down the blankets to make the bed ready for sleep. I think turn down service will return -- and not because the casinos want you to enjoy a chocolate mint before bedtime but because they want another opportunity to inspect the room.

Cameras are not allowed in guest hotel rooms and that will never change, but there might be more monitoring of the number of times rooms are entered and there might be more cameras throughout the resorts to monitor activity.

I also think that as part of the new security dining carts from hallways and from rooms will be retrieved faster. Again this gives an opportunity for hotel staff to monitor activities in hallways and in rooms.

In an interview given by Steve Wynn to Fox News the casino owner described new security at the Wynn resorts and casinos. One thing he mentioned that I have never heard before was about his security people carrying guns.

For decades the unwritten rule for Vegas casinos was that their guards and security personnel would not carry guns of any kind. The reasoning was simple: if casino personnel fired a weapon and injured an innocent bystander the loss to the casino would be greater than any amount of money a robber might steal from the casino. But now the stakes are higher: casinos face a bigger threat than some robber stealing a few thousand dollars in cash.

Being practical, it's very hard to steal from a casino. The big money is locked up in the cage which is heavily fortified and frankly if you did get your hands on some loot there are enough cameras inside and outside to enable the police to track you down.

But in the interview with Fox News, Mr. Wynn commented about his security personnel carrying guns. This would create a new environment for Las Vegas casinos.

Those of you who play in California casinos, including the various poker casinos around Los Angeles, know that security guards there do carry guns. So do security guards at smaller casinos in Ventura County.

It is indeed possible that in the future more casinos will have armed security but it would be to protect people and not money.

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