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Here's where we will tell you about the mortgage and real estate services of U.S. Direct Lender in Pasadena, California. They serve consumers, investors and real estate professionals in the California market.



Update February 6, 2019  There are times when you might need a short-term, emergency loan. You might need a loan for three months, or for a year. Regular banks and mortgage companies won't help you, but US Direct Lender might be able to help.

Let's say, for example, that you found your dream home and you need to put down a deposit right now -- but you don't have the cash. This company could get you an emergency loan based on the equity in your current home in as little as 48 hours so you can make that deposit and get your dream home. Then, when a regular bank loan comes through in 30 days or 60 days, this emergency loan can be paid off.

This is a private money lender and gets its money from investors. If you need fast cash and you have equity in your home or other real estate, give them a call and in some cases they can close the loan in as little as 48 hours. They specialize in what's called hard money loans, and bridge loans and construction loans, and other short term loans when traditional lenders won't help or can't get the money to you fast enough. Be sure you understand the terms because private money loans do differ. This company, for example, does not charge an upfront fee, it does not require a minimum FICO score, and a previous bankruptcy will not automatically disqualify you. Terms and interest rates will also vary.

These short term loans can be used for a real estate business, for example. The key is having equity in your property. Our Best Buys TV Show report about U.S. Direct Lender is below and in the report you'll learn how they can help first time buyers get downpayment money, and how they can help homeowners stop a foreclosure or get emergency cash.


Call them at 626-460-8900 to discuss exact rates and terms. Their new office is in Encino. You can email them at: 

NMLS  1196618

Not all guidelines can be changed. Some loans are brokered. Rates may vary. Call for details. 

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