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If you are thinking about advertising with us, consider our demographics.  We reach a wealthy, homeowner audience that will drive miles to save money.


To my friends who own businesses and wish to get their message out to the public, here is a warning.  If you are still spending your money on thirty and sixty second television commercials, or radio commercials, or cable TV commercials, or in newspapers and in hand outs, you are still living in the dark ages. 

People don't watch commercials anymore.  They can pass by commercials using their digital recorders, or if they are watching TV and not a digital recording, it is likely that the viewers turn away from the TV to go to the bathroom, go to the microwave, reach for their phone, or yell for the kids. 

And newspaper readership is down, way down, and newspapers are literally smaller in both the number of pages and the size of pages and going out of business.  Yes, even the beloved Los Angeles Times has only a fraction of the circulation it used to have and its pages are smaller as well.  And what about radio?  Well, do you have paper and pen handy to write down phone numbers that you hear in radio commercials?  And can you see what a radio advertiser is selling?  Are you even concentrating on the radio ads or are you concentrating on driving?  I am sorry to be so blunt-- but that is the reality in today's advertising marketplace.

Today's consumers are, frankly, too smart and too busy to pay attention to traditional thirty and sixty second commercials on the radio and on TV, and that includes cable TV. 

But what media survives and deserves your advertising dollar today?  Well, you're looking at it -- the Internet and web sites such as this one.   And one reason is that consumers now "window shop on their computers" because it is faster and easier and much cheaper than getting in their cars and driving to a store or to a mall. 

And another advertising method today that works are TV infomercials which, if crafted properly, can entertain while they inform and sell your business service and products.  We produce mini TV infomericals (one minute to 7 minutes long) that are used in our Best Buys show and we produce stand-alone half hour infomercials for individual advertisers. 

Recent studies show that one of the fastest growing forms of advertising is video on websites.  And yes, we produce videos for websites in addition to the videos we produce for TV and Cable.

We call our infomercials by a different name -- informercials -- because we craft our infomercials to do more than contain info, they also inform the viewer.  And the style of many of our infomercials follow "reality concepts," and we call this reality advertising.  And it works because it is a mix of advertising and news.

You don't have to be a genius to realize and accept that the advertising industry has changed.  Heck, they're even singing about it on YouTube and below please watch and listen to this song which is as up to date and accurate about changes in the advertising business as any textbook or industry white paper analysis could be.  After watching the video please continue to read about our Internet video and infomercial production advertising services. 

Thank you, Alan Mendelson


To help you, our advertisers... we have various Internet, TV and other media promotional and marketing campaigns.  We have an extensive email list made up of TV viewers who signed up for our email updates and we send out email blasts promoting our shows and our advertisers.  We have active Twitter and Facebook accounts and we have scores of other websites that link to the articles on our website.  Higher traffic to our web site,, also means a bigger TV audience.

And with our new weekly schedule that started in January 2010, our "Best Buys" show now appears in TV listings, unlike our competition whose shows are listed as "paid programming" and are broadcast maybe once or twice a month with no regular schedule or broadcast times.

A note about our recent shows: they included reports from many home improvement companies.  In fact, about half of our recent shows  highlighted home improvement. Home improvement and furniture are some of the most searched for subjects on our website.


Do you have a best buy that you want to tell Southern California TV viewers about?  Or how about viewers in the Las Vegas area?  Are you having a special sale or promotion?  If that's you, you belong on the Best Buys TV Show hosted by Alan Mendelson.  And you belong on our web site -- see information about our web site traffic and service reliability below.  We now have a website that caters to Las Vegas residents as well as a new TV show in Vegas called "Vegas Best Buys" and it is on KVVU Channel 5, the Fox station in Las Vegas.

We also produce videos for company web sites, and for YouTube and for other social networking web sites where you want to get your message out.  We also produce videos for shareholder and board meetings and for public seminars and meetings.

We have now become a major producer of half hour TV infomercial programs. 

We can produce a TV infomercial program quickly and efficiently and control costs.  Our "news style" used to produce our infomercials adds to your company's credibility.  We call our style "reality advertising" and we think it is very effective because of the news style that we use.

We also can advise you about placement of your TV infomercial program including which station, which time period and what is the best value for your advertising dollar.  We also can buy your TV infomercial time on local TV stations here in Southern California but also on Cable TV Networks for national TV distribution.

We are a full service advertising agency and a TV infomercial along with videos for your web site and on YouTube and social networking sites, as well as radio and TV commercials should be part of your overall media plan.

We also produce half hour TV infomercial programs that can be broadcast in other cities including Las Vegas, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Bakersfield and Palm Springs and we are prepared to produce videos and commercials in the Las Vegas market for Las Vegas television broadcast quickly and efficiently and at low cost.  And we have done this for other markets as well.

When it comes to being on our Best Buys TV Show, Alan and our staff will help to mold your TV story to show like a news story that will give our viewers the information they need to take advantage of your service or product.  We can deliver viewers and Alan Mendelson has the experience to craft your mini-infomercial to get those viewers into your business.

We can craft product reports that are as short as 30-seconds or as long as 6:00 for our regular Best Buys TV Show.  We have, from time to time, even offered 10-minute segments on our Best Buys TV Show.  Or, we can produce stand alone, independent 30-minute infomercials just for your business that can be shown on TV here in Southern California or in other cities or nationwide on various networks.

The video reports that we produce for our Best Buys TV Show with Alan Mendelson are also made available to you for your use on your own web site; and we post the videos on YouTube, and we have the videos on this web site as well, in a "category page" that fits your business.

Please email us for our competitive advertising rates.  No one can produce a quality half-hour infomercial for less money than Alan Mendelson's team!  And no one can produce a mini-infomercial for less or with better quality than Alan Mendelson's team!

Take a look at our sample video (below) for more about the TV report we can produce for you.

Contact:   Alan Mendelson

Here on our new media website "Moneyman" Alan Mendelson who is the original Best Deals TV Show reporter on KCAL9 and consumer advocate, shows you the best deals on TV, and the best buys, bargains and where savvy shoppers go to save, and how to get the most for "your money" with the best of Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura County, Riverside County and San Bernardino County. Some content on is paid advertising. The Best Buys TV Show is a paid infomercial program which may also include news and information which is not sponsored or paid for by advertisers.

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