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You can "smell a best buy" here.... Everyone buys cologne or perfume or fragrances for gifts or for themselves, and where you shop makes a difference.  There are discounters and some discounters specialize in brands that are no longer carried by mainstream retailers.  In some cases, there are speciality shops who carry brands that are no longer sold in the United States but are available in Europe.  Some discounters are also wholesalers who might have their own store.  Some specialty fragrance operations also get deals on "testers" or samples.  Some speciality operations might sell merchandise that was shipped in "plain boxes" because there was a miss-match in the size of the orders for the product and the packaging.  And then there are some stores who sell private brands that might have the same fragrance without the brand name.


Update February 16, 2020  Su Perfume Club in Ontario is now The Perfume Club and it has moved to a new location in Ontario. The Perfume Club continues the tradition of being a true discounter of major brand perfumes and colognes and fragrances and you will find discounts on many of the popular designer fragrances sold at department stores and specialty shops.  These are authentic fragrances in their original packaging. There are also gift sets available at deeply discounted prices. You will save up 70% off retail prices. The outlet store has plenty of free parking and it's open 7 days a week. Below is our Best Buys TV Show report about the original Su Perfume and since The Perfume Club follows the same low price philosophy we are keeping the original video here. But please keep in mind that the address and phone number have changed and we have that new information below.  This is a great place to shop for Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Graduations, and Christmas gifts and year round for yourself.

The Perfume Club
2310 South Vineyard Avenue
Ontario, California 


Update November 29, 2012  Perfumes West For Less on Westwood Boulevard in Los Angeles has been in the discount perfume business for more than 28 years and it was one of the originators of the discount fragrance business.  Perfumes West For Less specializes in discounting current and hard-to-find women's and men's fragrances.  Everything is always discounted.  Popular gift sets are always 25% off.  And there is always free gift wrapping which makes shopping here perfect for gift-giving.  You'll find all of the popular designer fragrances here for men and women including Gucci, Calvin Klein, Hugo, Burberry, Juicy Courture, Shalimar and more.  Our Best Buys TV Show report for the 2012 holiday season is below.  If you know someone who loves a particular fragrance that is no longer carried in department stores -- Perfumes West For Less is the place to shop.

Perfumes West For Less
2099 Westwood Boulevard
Los Angeles, California  90025


Update January 4, 2012  If you're shopping for perfume and cologne for Valentine's Day 2012 the discounter Bargain Line in downtown Los Angeles should be tops on your list.  You might recall that I featured Bargain Line in my Best Buys reports when I was the consumer reporter on KCAL Channel 9 and Bargain Line continues to a price leader and major discounter for the top brands of fragrances for men and women.  At Bargain Line you will find true bargains on fragrances with the most popular brands including Gucci, D&G, Armani, Fendi, Christian Dior, Ferrari, Burberry, Polo and more and prices are always deeply discounted up to 40% off retail and sometimes more.  These are all authentic designer perfumes and colognes so shop with confidence with shrink-wrapped and factory sealed boxes.

If you want something more for your Valentine -- or any time of the year -- consider the discounted prices on designer and fashion watches including watches by Fossil, Seiko, Milage, DKNY and Michael Kors.  These are first quality watches with prices up to 40% off.  You will also find designer sunglasses, and top pens, and there are perfume and fragrance gift sets, and handbags for women. 

Bargain Line is in the heart of downtown Los Angeles and just a short walk from some of the business district's biggest office buildings and the jewelry district and Bargain Line is close to the 110 Freeway entrance.  You can find metered parking.  Our Best Buys TV Show report is below.  Bargain Line is open Monday through Saturday.

Bargain Line
605 W. 7th Street
Los Angeles, California 90017

LUXURYPERFUME.COM HAS THREE LOS ANGELES OUTLETS is a worldwide distributor of perfume and colognes and specialty products and now it has three Los Angeles outlets. offers online discounts to the general public and to businesses and to consumers who want to start up their own perfume and fragrance business.  Or you can buy perfume and colognes for yourself.  Buy a lot or just buy for yourself.  You can order at wholesale prices and sell to your co-workers or to your neighbors or at swap meets or set up your own online store.

Go to their website to find all of their newest and classic fragrances for sale including those by Paris Hilton, Fifty Cent, Elizabeth Taylor, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey and more.  

The main Luxury Perfumes outlet store is at 529 South Broadway in downtown Los Angeles (this is a new address and different from the address in the video).  There is a second outlet store called Starlux at 800 South Los Angeles Street.  And a third outlet store is in Huntington Park at 7130 Pacific Boulevard.  For information call (877) SCENT LA.

Remember you are buying authentic fragrances and you should be aware that a lot of counterfeit merchandise is being sold in the marketplace.  Watch our April 2010 video below.  Please note that it has been more than one year since we last visited this discounter and we do not know what their current inventory or prices are.  So please call them ahead of time.


Dahdoul Textiles is just off the 5 Freeway in Commerce at the Bandini and Garfield Exit.  It's at 7200 Bandini Boulevard in Commerce and you can call them at (323) 837-1030.  Dahdoul Textiles has never advertised to the public before so they don't have a website -- but they did let us in for a look at where "insiders" and wholesale customers shop, and those insiders and wholesale customers include savvy folks who have their own swap meet and eBay businesses and of course the buyers for the big chain stores.  Dahdoul is a wholesaler and if you shop here you can save up to 75% off of perfumes and colognes and fragrances.  Please note that it has been more than a year since we last visited this discounter and we do not know what their current inventory or prices are.  So please call them ahead of time.


Here is our original report on Luxury Perfumes Wholesale at 529 South Broadway in downtown Los Angeles (this is a new address and different from the address in the video).  Call them at (877) SCENT-LA to find out about their latest inventory and promotions.  As you watch the video below, please keep in mind that prices and inventory change and the prices and inventory you see may not be available.  Please call them first before ordering to verify merchandise and current prices.

Here on our new media website "Moneyman" Alan Mendelson who is the original Best Deals TV Show reporter on KCAL9 and consumer advocate, shows you the best deals on TV, and the best buys, bargains and where savvy shoppers go to save, and how to get the most for "your money" with the best of Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura County, Riverside County and San Bernardino County. Some content on is paid advertising. The Best Buys TV Show is a paid infomercial program which may also include news and information which is not sponsored or paid for by advertisers.

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