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It's amazing how computer and electronics prices have dropped over the years, and how each year (or really every six months) you get more for your money.  Well on this page of our web site, we are going to write up summaries of the computer shops and services with best buys.  Remember to mention "Alan Mendelson" when you shop for extra discounts.


Update October 8, 2017   I have removed this page from our home page our page because we haven't heard from Laptop Xchange in Montclair in months, and to the best of our knowledge Computer Annex in Ontario has not been doing well with a lot of complaints on social media including Yelp. In our last conversation with the owner of Laptop Xchange which was several months ago I was told that the store was being left to fend for itself while the owner looked to a new business. I can't in good conscience suggest that my viewers shop at these locations. Frankly, if I were in the market for a new computer now I would check out Best Buy first. Computer prices have dropped to such a low level it almost makes no sense to shop at stores that sell refurbished or pre-owned computers.


Update October 27, 2016  Laptop Xchange in Montclair has started its 2016 holiday sale with deeply discounted prices on factory certified, factory refurbished laptops and computers from major companies including Apple and HP and Acer. Factory refurbished means that the computers might have been sold and returned, or the boxes might have been opened in the stores, or they were used for demonstrations. But now they have been checked over and certified by the factory so they are like new. There is easy financing and no credit check is required. Watch our TV show report below.


Update June 15, 2016  Laptop Xchange in Montclair is already starting its back to school sale. You will save on factory refubished, like new laptops and desktop computers. You can get a like new, factory refurbished laptop for only 329 dollars and this is ideal for students to use at school. Don't risk your student taking a more expensive laptop to school. For around 400 dollars, Laptop Xchange in Montclair has high quality, factory refurbished computers great for college students. For less than 600 dollars Laptop Xchange has desktops and laptops for mom and dad and powerful enough for business use. Again, these are factory refurbished and in like-new condition. There are Apple laptops available as low as 600 dollars and these are also factory refurbished. Our Best Buys TV Show report is below. There is more information about Laptop Xchange below.


Update May 6, 2016  Laptop Xchange in Montclair has announced its 2016 Memorial Weekend Sale. If you mention "Alan Mendelson" or the "Best Buys TV Show" you get $50 off any laptop priced at $300 or more. That $50 savings will pay for your gas from anywhere in Southern California so you can save on their factory reconditioned laptops and computers.

Laptop Xchange has all different brands including Dell, HP, Toshiba, Asus, Lenovo and Apple. They are all refurbished but are in like-new condition. Some of them even come with a manufacturer's warranty because are refurbished by the factory.

Laptop Xchange also has some of the newest models available like Lenovo's touch screen convertible. There are some ultra books which are very light and slim. Prices range between $300 to $900.

Laptop Xchange can also handle your special orders. If you don't see it in the store, they can get it for you. Just let them know which specific models you are looking for. They buy, sell and trade.

Laptop Xchange
9748 Central Ave
Montclair, CA 91763


Update April 9, 2015  Laptop Xchange in Montclair continues to be the price leader for factory refurbished computers from major manufacturers and they have special prices on high-end Apple products. Now, Laptop Xchange also will make house calls and come to your business to give you service on your computer and network. They also have discounts on toner. Watch our TV show report below.


Update November 15, 2014  Laptop Xchange in Montclair has announced its holiday specials for the 2014 holiday shopping season including gift items, software, and new and pre-owned computers.  There are pre-owned laptops starting at $99 that are ideal for a second computer or a computer for kids to use in school.  Watch our Best Buys TV Show report below. 


Update July 19, 2014  With only a couple of weeks before the fall 2014 school year starts, check out the specials below from Laptop Xchange in Montclair.  If you worry about sending your students to school with an expensive, new computer -- consider a quality, pre-owned computer or a factory reconditioned laptop from Laptop Xchange.  There are other special packages available.



Update July 8, 2014  Laptop Xchange is the discounter of new computers and the reseller of factory reconditioned computers as well as pre-owned computers.  Laptop Xchange is a great place for back to school shopping because you will find laptops and desktops in all price ranges.  If you are worried about your young students bringing an expensive computer to school then go to Laptop Xchange for a pre-owned laptop starting as low as $99.  They also have accessories and repair services, and they have very popular financing available.

Laptop Xchange
9748 Central Avenue
Montclair, California
(909) 625-5747



Update April 17, 2014  Laptop Xchange in Montclair, famous for its $99 pre-owned laptop computers, has announced its Mother's Day Specials.  See the picture below.  These deals end on Mother's Day.  Mom will love that you saved money at Laptop Xchange and mom will never make you feel guilty if you buy her a quality, factory refurbished computer.  And the quality computer equipment and accessories purchased at Laptop Xchange will make your mom proud of your good judgment.  So make your shopping trip to Montclair -- and avoid a Mother's Day guilt trip this year. 



Update January 4, 2014  Laptop Xchange in Montclair has extended its various specials from the holiday shopping season, including:  Windows XP Laptops starting at $99 (limited to quantity on hand), Windows 7 Laptops starting at $399.99 (limited to quantity on hand), Laptop and Tablet Cases 30% off, Norton Anti-Virus starting from $32.99, 1 Year Hardware Protection $79.99 on Laptops. and an accessories Bundle available (up to 50% off). Our new Best Buys TV Show report with the holiday specials, is below.


Update October 11, 2013  If you hate the Windows 8 operating system (and there are those who do) then Laptop Xchange in Montclair is now selling high-quality factory refurbished and factory certified laptops in excellent condition with Windows 7.  If you need Windows 7 or just don't like the features of Windows 8 for business or for school you will save about $200 below original prices on these laptops.  The store continues to offer easy financing with no credit check required, and there is no interest charged if you pay within 90 days.  As always, Laptop Xchange offers complete repair services.  And now, there are layaway plans for the holidays.  Computer accessories are also available.  Remember you can buy, sell and trade here.  Our Best Buys TV Show report is below.

Laptop Xchange
9748 Central Avenue
Montclair, California
(909) 625-5747 


May 30, 2013  Laptop Xchange in Montclair is having a June sale for Dads and Grads.  This is the time to be sure that Dad has a spare laptop for the backyard and for his fishing trips, and you want to pick up a laptop computer for Grand Dad because seniors are online now.  And help your graduate stretch his budget with a discounted new or factory refurbished computer.  And there is financing available and be sure you call them for more information.  Watch our TV show report below.


Update April 27, 2013  Laptop Xchange in Montclair has started its 2013 Mother's Day sale and the sale will continue until the end of May.  You will find extra discounts on new and factory certified refurbished desktops and laptops.  Financing is available without a credit check and ask the store for details.  Remember, if you buy your mother a computer anywhere else she will make you feel guilty for paying too much.  Watch our TV show report below.


Update March 5, 2013  Laptop Xchange in Montclair has certainly grown since it opened about a year ago.  The company now has financing and offers discounts on new computers in addition to its basic business of buying and selling used and factory certified used computers.  Watch our TV show report below.  Laptop Xchange was honored by the Upland Chamber of Commerce and local business leaders on its first anniversary.

Laptop Xchange
9748 Central Avenue
Montclair, California
(909) 625-5747 


Update December 29, 2012  There are many new deals at Laptop Xchange in Montclair include brand new computers that are deeply discounted, and financing that does not involve a credit check, and for a limited period of time you can get a low-cost upgrade to Windows 8.  Laptop Xchange continues to offer the best deals on factory certified refurbished computers and you will find excellent values on pre-owned computers.  And Laptop Xchange has great service with factory certified technicians.  Watch our Best Buys TV Show report for January 2013 below.


Update October 28, 2012  A large inventory of factory refurbished Apple products including Macbooks and Macbook Pros are now at the Laptop Xchange store in Montclair.  Watch our Best Buys TV Show report below, and for more information about the store see the report below the videos.

Below is another report about the factory certified / refurbished deals.


Update August 8, 2012  Laptop Xchange, the discounter of quality used and factory refurbished laptops and computers has announced its back to school and back to work specials.  Laptop Xchange always has quality used laptops starting at $99 but now you will find quality Mac Books starting at $650.  You will find higher end laptops and Mac Book Pros discounted as much as $300 below the regular low prices and these are quality used and factory refurbished models.  Every laptop purchased for back to school comes with a 30-day service plan in case you catch a virus and this is great security if your student is using their first computer.  Watch our TV show report below.

Also, there is a $22 value package that includes a mouse, mouse pad, flash drive and charger and you save more than half on this back to school special.  Check the store for daily deals.  We saw one deal for a laptop as low as $60 but remember these are daily deals and they last until they're gone which is usually the same day.

Laptop Xchange
9748 Central Avenue
Montclair, California
(909) 625-5747


Update June 26, 2012  Laptop Xchange is a national franchise of computer stores that buys, sells, trades and services personal computers with the emphasis on laptops and tablets.  The Laptop Xchange store in Montclair will buy laptops, tablets and certain Smart phones and they also buy Apple and Mac products.  And they will sell quality laptops and accessories and they will allow you to bring in computer gear and trade for a different piece of equipment, too.  They have a service department and offer a free laptop repair estimate.  Other services include fixing screens, removing viruses and malware, and fixing defects and broken connections.

What impressed me about Laptop Xchange in Montclair is that it doesn't look like a resale store.  It's as nice or nicer in appearance than any other computer store with a large variety of laptops and smart phones and tables, and attractive displays and a very helpful staff.  The sales staff is actually made up of computer techs who repair computers so when you are asking one of these "sales people" about a computer they can tell you all about it including its inner workings.  They also repair desktop computers.

Laptop Xchange also has a large inventory of factory refurbished and factory certified computers and there are not only store warranties available but also extended warranties that you can purchase.  What is really interesting is their lease-to-own program that allows you to take home and use the computer for months at a time while you make small payments.

Call for hours, but the store is usually open 7 days a week.

Laptop Xchange
9748 Central Avenue
Montclair, California
(909) 625-5747

Update July 5, 2012  Laptop Xchange is getting new inventory all of the time and the newest arrivals include factory refurbished Unibody MacBook Pros which are the newer Apple models  You can save hundreds of dollars buying these factory refurbished laptops.  Also in the store now are Ipad 1 and Ipad 2 models priced as low as $349 each and remember there is always a 90-day instore warranty on these and all of the computers you buy at Laptop Xchange.  You will also find among the new arrivals Apple IMacs starting at $1,399.99 and Boot Camp is available and these computers have some extra software included.  Remember that laptops start at $99 and they offer complete repair services on computers, tablets, and smart phones by Apple and Dell certified technicians.  Our new Best Buys TV Show report is below with these summer deals.

Below is our original Best Buys TV Show report on Laptop Xchange from May, 2012.


Update March 15, 2012  Moms like computers too, and Computer Annex USA in Ontario has some great gift ideas for Mom for Mother's Day.  There are digital cameras starting at $39, and netbooks starting at $229 and some of these come in fashion colors and I'm told that vibrant pinks and purple are very popular with the ladies.  You will also find a leather case for the iPad that has a keyboard with bluetooth so that Mom can use a keyboard instead of the touch screen.  These "keyboard cases with bluetooth" are priced just $69 each and they retail for $99.  There are also some stylish computer monitors that Mom would like that have artwork and turn the computer monitor into an attractive furniture accessory.  There are also stylish laptops in trendy colors.  Our Best Buys TV Show report is below.

Computer Annex USA
115 North Mountain Avenue, Ontario
(909) 933-3577


Computer Annex USA
115 North Mountain Avenue, Ontario
(909) 933-3577

Update January 15, 2012  Computer Annex USA is a true outlet and discounter.  It gets deals direct from the manufacturers, and it also provides computers for businesses and local governments in California.  Sometimes there are extra computers, monitors or other equipment after an order for a government or business has been filled and then Computer Annex USA gets to sell that extra inventory in its Ontario outlet at lower prices.  Computer Annex USA also sells older equipment that it replaces for businesses and governments which is why Computer Annex USA is loaded with used and refurbished computers and other equipment in its outlet store.  All used and refurbished computers and equipment are sold with a 90-day warranty on parts and labor.

Here are some of their current deals for January and February 2012:  There are 7-inch Android tablets with wireless Internet for $99 and these can retail for $169.  Other tables include an HTC tablet with two cameras and operates on both 3G and 4G networks and this is priced at $499 but retails for $699.  You'll find other Android tables starting at $149.

You can get a Polaroid digital camera for $39 that retails for $79.  Used and refurbished laptops start at only $99 and remember the 90-day warranty.  If you want a new laptop they are discounted up to 60% off and the brands include HP, Sony and Dell..  New netbooks start at $229 each.

There are many desktop computers to choose from:  You can get a refurbished desktop with a 19-inch screen, keyboard and mouse with Windows XP Professional loaded and it's priced at only $189.  This system came from a local government and originally was priced at $899.  If you want a new desktop there are systems starting as low as $349 from HP, Lenovo, Acer and Compaq and these overstocks are up to 70% off retail.  Computer Annex USA also has refurbished Power Mac towers.

An exception deal on a new desktop is a custom made system assembled by Computer Annex USA.  These custom systems come with an Intel tower, monitor, Cannon printer, all the cables and accessories and Windows 7 software and the price is only $399 complete.

There are also HP touchscreen computers that have a built-in TV tuner with HD and a webcam priced at $999 and that's a savings of $500.

If you want a new-in-the-box HP desktop system you'll find a great deal at Computer Annex USA priced at only $599 and this system comes with a new, color printer.  This was a special purchase direct from HP.  There are also monitors and HDTVs that are discounted up to 65% off and these screens range from 23-inches to 47-inches.

You will also find iPods.  And now Computer Annex USA offers instant credit that you can apply for either in the store or online.  There is no credit check and you only have to show an active checking account and show that you are employed.  You also get 90-days same as crash with this instant credit program.  Apply at the store or online at and remember that there is no credit check.

Computer Annex USA continues to offer repair services with A+ certified technicians, and the techs are certified by Microsoft and Cisco.  Watch our new Best Buys TV report about these January-February 2012 deals below, and remember to mention my name in the store for extra discounts.


Update September 21, 2011  We all like getting a bargain and that includes getting a bargain on a new or refurbished computer.  So here are some tips to keep in mind when you are shopping for a new or refurbished computer at a liquidator or outlet store or discounter.

First, ask about exactly what you're buying.  Why do I say that?  Because sometimes -- not often, but sometimes -- the computer in the box is not the same computer that is described on the box.  It happens-- sometimes by accident in outlet stores where computers may be accidentally packaged in the wrong box.

Check the markings on the box for clues that the "new computer" isn't really new.  It could be refurbished or a store return that went back to the factory and was repackaged.  It might be a "second" meaning there might be some cosmetic flaws such a crack in the plastic case, or a scuff on the case.  Now, there might not be anything wrong with a refurbished or repacked computer -- but you should know what you're getting.

At an outlet store or liquidator ask about their return or refund policy.  You might find out that there are no returns allowed, and no refunds so if yu don't like your computer perhaps you can only exchange it for another.  Are there "restocking fees" or a charge you have to pay when the store agrees to give you a refund.

Ask about warranties and guarantees.  Is a factory or manufacturer warranty still valid?  Does the store have a warranty or guarantee?  Make sure you get all the promises in writing.

And ask about support.  Does this outlet just sell the computers and equipment but can't help you later if you have a problem setting it up or learning the operating system?  Some outlet stores just sell -- and really have no idea what they're selling or how to make it work.

And if this outlet or liquidator is selling used computers, you have to go even deeper into what protection and guarantees you are getting when you buy the used computer or equipment.  If the promises end when you walk out the door with your purchase -- don't walk out the door with a purchase.


Update December 26, 2011  There are all kinds of ways to get on the Internet these days for getting information from websites, for sending and receiving emails and texts, and for showing presentations to clients.  Just a few years ago you carried your laptop into a meeting, and then there were the netbooks that were much smaller and lighter and made web browsing on the go easier.  Then came the tablets at about the same time that smart phones were showing bigger and better screens for web surfing.  Tablet prices are coming down and tablet features are getting better, but you have to wonder if we'll all just rely on the new super-duper smart phones that are coming in waves of upgraded designs and features and lower prices, too?  These days, it's an odd site to see someone carry an actual laptop computer into a meeting.  I see presentations on tablets -- or just on a smart phone screen.


Update September 21, 2011  I love walking into an Apple store whenever I see one.  And there are several in local shopping malls.  And when I go into an Apple store to check out their newest models and prices, it doesn't take long for a sales associate to approach me and to offer assistance.  I like that.  It beats waiting around at Best Buys trying to get the attention of a sales associate for help. 

After the usual cordial words and greeting from the sale associate, I can get to the meat of the issue.  My usual questions are about the newest computer deals, namely, were there any computers on sale or with discounted prices? 

I ask that because I know that most big chain stores have specials that they don't promote and you have to ask for them.

That's when the Apple sales associate guides me over to one of the display computers and opens up one of the computer's Internet links and takes me to the Apple web site for their stores where they show discounted computers.  The last time we did this, the computer I saw as discounted was virtually the same laptop model I was looking at in the store -- but the discount price was a savings of about $200 for mere cosmetic changes. 

The point is simple: always ask about discounted models.  In fact, with computer models changing every six months or even more frequently, there can be plenty of discounted models to choose from.  And when you shop at the Apple stores, there's always more inventory that you don't see.  Oh, and one more tip -- ask the sales associates when the next price cut is coming.


Update September 21, 2011  Computer Annex USA in Ontario is a liquidator that I featured several times over the years, and it has relocated but still offers new and used and refurbished computers and consumer electronics that are popular.  The store is at 115 North Mountain Avenue, Ontario.  Call them at (909) 933-3577 and their website is but check in the store so you can see their newest deals and arrivals and to check the prices yourself.  On a visit in May we saw Android Tablets as low as $169 and digital cameras as low as $39 and complete, new in the box, desk top computer system for under $400, and there were Nintendo Wii systems with controller at just $149.  We have not been back since then so please call the store as inventory and prices may have changed. 

Computer Annex USA is also well known for selling overstocks and liquidations from factories as well as refurbished computers that came from businesses that upgraded their computers.  At this discounter you can find HDTV and low priced video security systems for homes and businesses.  There are also computer accessories for sale here and a staff that is ready to help.  There is also a complete repair center.  Our TV report is below.

Below is one of my previous reports from their former location in Ontario.  Please note their new address above.


AP Computer Repair in Moreno Valley was a lucky find and a good find.  First, they're a great place to shop for low cost computers.  And they fix your computers and systems.  AP Computer Repair actually offers 24 hour service for computer problems.  No kidding.  You can call them 24/7 and many times they can fix your problem by linking to your computer over the Internet.  AP Computer Repair serves all areas of Southern California this way -- and not just the Moreno Valley and Inland Empire.  AP Computer Repair offers desktop and laptop repairs, virus removal services, and they can come to your home or office to set up and install networks.  For house calls and office calls and for information call them at (951) 653-4700.  Or go to their website for information.

AP Computer Repair has a store at 12625 Frederick Street, Suite F-11 in Moreno Valley.  You can also bring your computer to the Moreno Valley store for repairs.  And ask them about how they can build custom computers and work stations and how they can set up gaming computers and complex gaming systems.  AP Computer Repair also sells new and refurbished computers.  There are Dell desktop systems priced as low as $250 and refurbished Gateway laptop computers with a 14.1 inch screen for as low as $270 and of course these come with guarantees.  Watch our video report below.


Update August 31, 2010   There was a time when there were computer discount stores that would undercut the prices of the big retailers by selling overstocked merchandise and new computers that were in fact "old models" by only a few months.  Well, those days are over.  First of all, the computer industry is now so competitive that profit margins are very low and the big retailers can lead the price cutting more than any "Mom and Pop" store could.  The big retailers can also get the bigger discounts from computer makers and financing deals, and even offer zero interest rates.  Smaller stores can't do that. 

What computer discounters and liquidators remain are likely selling older machines or used and refurbished machines.  About five years ago when prices of new computers were still high, it made sense to buy used and refurbished computers from these discounters and liquidators.  But today, prices of new computers are so low that it doesn't make sense to buy any model more than a year old.  Computer discounters and liquidators are going out of business -- they just can't keep up with the rapid change in the industry and they can't lower their prices enough to compete with the new computers that are coming out at rock bottom prices.

The best advice for computer shopping today is to shop around.  And remember, if you don't need a new computer today and you can wait three months -- then go ahead and wait for newer technology and perhas more technology at a lower price.

A1A Computing for Apple and Mac Products

A1A Computing is at 12437 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, and this is just on the border of Santa Monica near Centinella.  This discounter got my attention for its low prices on various Apple and Mac products.  They service Macs.   In the past they were selling Apple notebook computers and Apple desktops that were refurbished models and computers that might have been traded in at low prices.  The company goes through them, checks them over, and may come with a 90-day warranty.  You can check each computer in the store before you walk out the door.  There is also a one year warranty available at an extra cost.  But as we know, if something is going to go wrong -- it will go wrong in the first 90 days of use, which is why most consumer advocates suggest that you do not buy the extended warranty.  And at these low prices that this discounter charges, why bother with an extended warranty?

A1A Computing also has classes to teach the use of software.  The in-store classes are with an Apple certified trainer.  If you have general questions about a program they will help.

The main focus is repairs and service and they make house calls and business calls to make repairs.  They also buy used PCs Macs and recycle them, and you can trade in your Mac for a new purchase.  They like to think of themselves as the CarMax of Macs.  To get a quote on your machine call them at (310) 914-3200.


Computers are getting smaller all the time.  If there was one "look into the future" that the movie 2001 missed it was that computers would get smaller in the future.  Remember the big "electronic brains" that filled a room?  A then computers that filled a wall?  Then the miracle of desktop computers and the miracle of laptop computers.  Well, they are even smaller.  And now, even a cell phone can pack a big electronic brain.  There are notebook computers the size of a small notepad, and there are computers that can fit in the palm of your hand.


About four years ago, when I bought a desk top computer, I subscribed to an Internet and computer security program, and I also signed up for automatic renewals that are charged to a credit card.

Then a year ago, I bought a new computer and signed up for a new security program.  I donated my old computer to a charity-- but I forgot to cancel my security plan.  Well, sure enough, on the anniversary date for my "old computer" the security company put through the charge to my credit card.

Luckily, it only took a phone call to the company to remove the double charge.  but in the future I will remember to cancel automatic renewals on computers I no longer use.


A little secret about Best Buy:  this chain, I am told, will offer discounts and incentives to close a deal.  Among the incentives: they will "throw in" accessories for a large computer purchase.  The accessories can range from cables to printers to software.  In fact, a lot of businesses might be doing this now to make a sale.  In the clothing industry, for example, it was common for a men's store to "throw in" a tie or shirt and tie with the purchase of suit.  To boost sales in this tough economy we might be seeing more of that.

Here on our new media website "Moneyman" Alan Mendelson who is the original Best Deals TV Show reporter on KCAL9 and consumer advocate, shows you the best deals on TV, and the best buys, bargains and where savvy shoppers go to save, and how to get the most for "your money" with the best of Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura County, Riverside County and San Bernardino County. Some content on is paid advertising. The Best Buys TV Show is a paid infomercial program which may also include news and information which is not sponsored or paid for by advertisers.

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