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What you need to know about the business of beds and mattresses....

The beds and mattresses business is very competitive and you should always shop around for the best deals and check current ads for the latest special prices.  We have always wondered-- how can stores guarantee that they have the "best deal" on a certain mattress, and how can they say they can give you a free mattress if you find a better deal?  This is a big secret in the bedding and mattress business.  And here's what you should know:

How can they guarantee "you can't find it for less elsewhere?"   Well, the answer is because different mattress stores have different "exclusive" styles and code numbers on their mattress.  So if "Company X" says that they have the best deal on "Mattress XYZ123" it is because "Company X" is the only mattress store in the world selling "Mattress XYZ123" and it is impossible to find it elsewhere.


Update May 9, 2014  I have been recommending Beds Etc. for its values and deals for many years and now Beds Etc. has a special page on this website with its newest deals and promotions.  Click here to go to this special page for the six Beds Etc. stores here in Southern California.


Update July 11, 2013  Custom Comfort Mattress is a family-owned Southern California company that cherishes the fine art of high quality bed and mattress manufacturing.  But each bed and each mattress is handcrafted using quality techniques that have disappeared from other companies and other bed and mattress factories.  I got an inside look at the Custom Comfort Mattress factory in Orange County and I got to see first hand how their experienced craftsmen create each individual bed and mattress using the best materials and the best techniques.  And what this means for the customer is a quality bed that will offer you many more years than what you'd expect.  Our Best Buys TV Show report is below.

You've heard advertising slogans from other companies that suggest you need to replace your mattress after 8 years -- but mattresses made by Custom Comfort Mattress are designed and created to last fifteen years or twenty years.  And there are several reasons why a Custom Comfort Mattress will last longer.  One reason is the materials that are used such as quality springs made in the USA, and how the springs are covered, and how the beds are made with natural cotton that is grown in the USA, and how the cotton is tufted so it will not shift.  Some mass produced mattresses use deep layers of foam that over time will collapse and cause lumps -- but you won't find that on a mattress from the Custom Comfort Mattress company.

Also, Custom Comfort Mattress crafts mattresses that can be rotated and flipped over so that they wear evenly and longer.  The same way you rotate the tires on your for longer use, when you rotate and flip your mattress you will also get longer use from it.  And, a Custom Comfort Mattress with a pillow top will have a pillow top on both sides so that you can even flip and rotate a pillow top mattress.

And while Custom Comfort Mattress uses the best materials and offers the best service and the best craftsmanship you will not pay more.  Custom Comfort Mattress keeps prices low and often can offer quality that elsewhere might cost twice as much.  Even their elegant West Hollywood location offers high quality mattresses at low prices.  And when you shop at a Custom Comfort Mattress store you will appreciate their no-pressure sales because no one is paid a commission for making a sale.  They will take the time to make sure you are getting the mattress you really want.

Custom Comfort Mattress
Los Angeles County and Orange County


Update March 25, 2017  To find our reports about Bedder Mattress in the San Fernando Valley, click here for their special page on our website. Bedder Mattress has closed their location in Sherman Oaks and their remaining store is in Mission Hills.


Update July 10, 2013  Beds Etc. is having a July Sale at all of its locations in the Los Angeles area.  The deals include discounts on adjustable beds and Beds Etc. can also help you customize your bed for height which is ideal for kids and folks who need particular heights.  Watch our Best Buys TV Show report below.


Update May 6, 2013  The BEDS ETC. stores have started their 2013 Memorial Day sale early and there are great deals on exclusive beds that are designed to help you sleep better as well as great prices on adjustable beds and massage beds.  At Beds Etc. you will always get the best advice for buying a bed and they can help you customize your bed so that it is the proper height.  Watch our Best Buys TV Show report with information about the Memorial Day sale prices that are available now. 

Call Beds Etc. at (800) SLEEP 411 or check them on the web at for more information. There are now 5 locations in Studio City, West Los Angeles, Torrance, Gardena and the newest in Tarzana.


Update March 20, 2013  Electropedic Factory has two showrooms in Southern California -- one in Burbank and one in Garden Grove.  The company showrooms are called Electropedic Beds and they offer a giant selection of electric adjustable beds and chairs.  The Electropedic Factory showroom stores can deliver any adjustable bed model, size, mattress and firmness the very next business day anywhere in Southern California.  They carry all sizes including twins, fulls, queens, kings and they also feature dual queens and dual kings.  See our full report and TV video on our "Beds, Chairs / Adjustable" page.

Electropedic Beds in Burbank
907 Hollywood Way
Burbank, California


Update September 18, 2012  We just toured the Ortho Mattress factory in La Mirada, California and now we know how Ortho Mattress can offer high quality mattresses at hundreds of dollars less than what comparable mattresses cost at other stores.  Because Ortho Mattress has its own factory, it can control costs from the purchase of materials and components, to labor and assembly, to distribution and even profit margins.  Ortho Mattress literally does eliminate the middle men which is why its private brand mattresses have all of the features of comparable major brand mattresses -- but at a much lower price.  At the factory we saw high quality mattresses sold with Ortho's private labels that offer the newest technology and features that major mattress makers offer but Ortho's prices are much less.

Ortho Mattress also offers major brands -- so it is a full service mattress company.  And you will find competitive prices on the other major brands.  Because Ortho has its own factory here in Southern California, you can have mattresses made to your exact specifications -- any size, any shape, any materials.  Ortho has the newest mattress technology including modern memory foam and prescription gel mattresses that will keep you cooler and give you more support.  Pillow top mattresses cost less at Ortho Mattress because Ortho controls the cost of pillow top production as well.

Ortho Mattress has been recognized in various consumer surveys as having the best mattress stores in Los Angeles.  Ortho Mattress has more than 60 locations throughout Southern California including the Inland Empire, San Diego and Los Angeles areas.  Immediate delivery is available in many cases because of the huge inventory.

Call 800-734-6784 or to to for information and locations.  Our new Best Buys TV Show report is below.


Update August 16, 2012  Beds Etc., with convenient locations around the Los Angeles area, has started its 2012 Labor Day Sale.  You will find great deals on great mattresses including a high-tech line of mattresses made by Serta that are made with gel to make sleep more comfortable by keeping you cooler in bed.  And the savings are cool too.  You can get up to $400 off an adjustable bed or get a box spring free on this Serta gel mattress.  Watch our report on the Labor Day sales below and further down this page is more information about the Beds Etc. store locations.


Update May 13, 2012  Beds Etc. is having a Memorial Weekend sale with great deals.  Our new TV report will be added here soon.  Call Beds Etc. at (800) SLEEP 411 or check them on the web at for more information. There are now 5 locations in Studio City, West Los Angeles, Torrance, Gardena and the newest in Tarzana.  Watch our TV report below with some of the deals in this sale.


Update February 8, 2012  Below is our report on the Presidents Weekend sale at Beds Etc.  Beds Etc. has various locations in Southern California and when you shop here you are getting more than "Best Buys," because you are also getting a bed that will give you the best rest and best sleep.

The sales staff at Beds Etc. is factory trained and this means that every three months factory representatives come to Beds Etc. to be sure that the sales staff knows the latest features that are available. The factory direct showrooms of Beds Etc. have mattresses, daybeds, electric adjustable beds with massage, and there are custom iron beds.

Check out the Beds Etc. clearance center and outlet store which is at the intersection of 190th Street and Vermont, which is just off the 405 at the 110 Freeways. At the clearance center you'll find all of the top brands as well as closeouts and overproduction and mattresses that have to be liquidated by factories. Beds Etc. is family owned since 1964.

Call Beds Etc. at (800) SLEEP 411 or check them on the web at for more information.  There are now 5 locations in Studio City, West Los Angeles, Torrance, Gardena and the newest in Tarzana.

Watch our Best Buys TV Show report below featuring the 2012 Presidents Day Weekend sale.

Below is our original Best Buys TV Show report.  Please note that prices and merchandise may have changed.


Update August 2, 2011  Just Like The Model in Orange County is the discounter of designer furniture used in builders' model homes.  And now, Just Like The Model has a new department selling new bedding and new mattresses.  Just Like The Model made a special deal with a factory to get high quality mattresses at low prices.  Visit the new mattress department at 18429 Pacific Street, Fountain Valley. 

Call Just Like The Model at (714) 968-9888 or go to for information. 

You can see our TV report on our "Furniture / Orange County" page.


Update August 2, 2011  A-1 Carpet Market has expanded to include a furniture and bedding department and you will find bedroom sets and mattresses and bedding supplies at discounted prices. 

The main location is the A-1 Carpet Market Cerritos store at 17512 Studebaker Road and you can call them at (562) 402-8017 or go to for information

The furniture and mattresses are also available at two other locations:

1499 West Arrow Highway, San Dimas  909-394-9051

3111 East Thousand Oaks Boulevard, Thousand Oaks  805-497-8575

You can see our TV report on our "Furniture / Los Angeles County" page.


Update August 4, 2011  There is a discounter of memory foam mattresses that cuts prices up to 70% for mattresses similar to those sold with major brand names.  This company can discount because it doesn't use major brand names and it sells direct to the public over the phone and through its new website  This company can deliver or ship.  I was amazed to find out that memory foam mattresses can be compressed and rolled up into a large tube for shipping.  Memory foam pillows are also available.

A queen memory foam mattress starts at $499 and a king memory foam mattress starts at $599.

This company is growing and is looking for others to open up their own stores selling these mattresses.  Call about information including how a store can be set up in your home or garage, supplies, training, inventory, etc.  Entrepreneurs can sell over the Internet or from their homes or set up a store or sell from a flea market or swap meet. 

For information call 310-310-1645 and keep in mind that this is a new phone number and different from the number they had before when we did our TV report.  Watch the TV report below and see how you can also get into this business.  Remember, the website address has changed to and is different from the website address that you see in our Best Buys TV report below.


This custom furniture store in Culver City also has several high quality lines of beds and mattresses that it discounts.  Please see the report on Interiors Made Eezzy (that's easy) in our "Furniture" section, including a TV report about the high quality mattresses that they discount.  Please keep in mind that we haven't visited this store in quite some time, and you should call first to verify prices and availability.


Larry St. John & Co. Furniture Island in Gardena, the discounter of custom made furniture at discounted prices, is also in the custom mattress business.  You can get mattresses to exactly fit your specifications, so if you have an antique bed frame there is no problem getting the exact mattress size at Larry St. John & Co.  Memory foam mattresses are also available.  Larry St. John also has a large selection of beds and childrens beds that can be customized for size, color stains, fabrics and design.   When you check out the new custom mattress department you'll find Larry St. John's "non-prorated warranty" which means it won't cost you a dime to get a replacement mattress during the warranty period.  And no chain store can offer a deal like that.  Overall, you will find prices up to 60% off what the big chain stores charge for furniture -- but the chains can't customize the way Larry St. John can.

Larry St. John & Co. Furniture Island is freeway close at 18101 South Figueroa Street, Gardena.  Call them at (310) 630-5828 or on the web at -- and really enjoy your furniture and mattress shopping.  There is a video report about Larry St. John Furniture Island on our "Furniture" page and we will soon have a video highlighting the custom mattress at discounted prices.  Watch our TV report below for more about the custom mattresses and the "non pro-rated warranty" that this quality discounter offers.  Please keep in mind that we haven't visited this store in quite some time, and you should call first to verify prices and availability.

Let "Money Man" Alan Mendelson show you the best deals, best buys, bargains and where savvy shoppers go, and how to get the most for "your money" in Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura County, Riverside County and San Bernardino County.

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