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Here is where we tell you about popular outlet stores and liquidators where you will find quality merchandise at discounted prices.  Many outlets and liquidators are selling department store and club store goods.  They might be a season old, or a year old, but you will always find sharply discounted prices.  Remember to ask about the return policies of these stores.  Some outlets will allow returns while others will not.  Also ask about the quality of the good being sold-- are they first quality or seconds with slight flaws.  Perhaps the shipping boxes or packaging was damaged.  Always compare prices and quality.

Please see our category page called "Discounters, Outlets in Orange County" as well as our pages called "Computers" and "Electronics" and "Pottery" and "Clothing" for some of the best buys from our latest TV shows.  We have some other outlets and discounters in other categories here on our web site.


Update September 3, 2015  Mr. Stuff is an outlet in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles that carries a variety of merchandise including small tools, small electronics, home decor, party supplies, tarps in case of rain, pet supplies, games, and more. It is a true outlet and the inventory changes all the time. There is a large selection of wall art including framed photos and prints at discounted prices. For more about them click here.


Update November 25, 2014  Bulldog Liquidators, the outlet store in Chatsworth, is loaded with a big supply of Samsung LED and professional display TVs and they are being deeply discounted for the holidays.  These Samsung TVs range from 39-inches to 65-inches and these are top of the line models.  They are all new in the box and the warehouse is stocked with these ready for you to take home.  You never know what bargains will arrive next at Bulldog and right now there are also deals on major appliances including wine coolers and ranges and ovens and dishwashers including models by Viking, Kenmore and Sub-Zero.  There is also exercise equipment, fully assembled, and ready to take home including exercise bikes, treadmills, and inversion tables.  Bulldog is loaded with chairs for dining rooms and offices.  There are many car seats for kids and you will find name brand toys.  Our Best Buys TV Show report with holiday 2014 deals is below.

Bulldog Liquidators
9200 DeSoto Avenue
Chatsworth, California 91311


Update September 10, 2014  Bulldog Liquidators has moved to Chatsworth and is conveniently located on DeSoto Avenue a short distance south of the 118 Freeway.  This is is a true outlet and liquidation store with new inventory arriving daily and prices are always 40% to 80% below retail prices.  Right now, Bulldog Liquidators is loaded with patio furniture and patio sets and these are new and some are still in the box, while other sets are already assembled but still in their original wrap.  This is a great time to buy patio furniture here in Southern California because you can use this patio furniture all year long.

Bulldog Liquidators also has landscaping tools and equipment including riding lawnmowers.  There are also baby products including strollers and offices supplies.

Bulldog is well known for its discounts on electronics including high definition TVs but these sell quickly.  Toys for kids are also in the store and there is a large supply of radio controlled mini helicopters.

Bulldog Liquidators is open Monday through Saturday and you never know what deal will be in the store next.  If you enjoy hunting for bargains this is a place to visit on a regular basis.  Our Best Buys TV Show report with the September deals is below.


Update June 29, 2014  For our report about Dahdoul Textiles in Commerce, featuring deals on department store designer fashions, designer luggage, designer furniture plus clothing and household goods, and any rugs, please click here.


Our page for Santa Fe Seconds and Santa Fe Outlet has moved.  To go to this page please click here.


Update June 29, 2014  The Save More Outlet that originally was in La Mirada has moved to Orange County.  For more about this discounter, please click here.


Update August 20, 2013  Mary & Rafa's Discount Outlet in Montebello is a true outlet that gets new shipment all the time from big department stores and wholesalers, and they never know what will arrive next.  But you can be assured that you always pay 50-cents on the dollar or even less for high quality merchandise ranging from men's and women's designer shoes, to household goods, to fine china, to furniture, to pool tables, to housewares and even food and cleaning supplies.  This is the kitchen sink of outlets because they get everything and you just might find a kitchen sink, too, along with room air conditioners and fans and home décor items.

Now at Mary & Rafa's is a huge inventory from a major New York Department Store of designer china.  Much of it is overstocked or discontinued and some of it has minor flaws but still are perfectly good for regular use.  The minor flaws are only cosmetic and a bump in the glaze on the bottom of a bowl filled with clam chowder will never be noticed by your guests.  And you can trust me on this one.  The china comes from the biggest names in the business.  Our new Best Buys TV Show report is below.

Mary & Rafa's Discount Outlet
1215 Washington Boulevard
Montebello, California


Update April 28, 2013  CA Liquidators in Commerce -- the outlet for department store fashions, gift items and housewares, is now open on two Saturdays each month.  CA Liquidators will be open to the public on the second Saturday and the last Saturday of each month from 8-AM until 6-PM.  This outlet supplies many of the outlet and discount stores in Southern California and now you can shop here yourself on two Saturdays each month and get tremendous savings just like the outlet stores get.  In the TV report below see some of the new styles for May including athletic shoes and party dresses and gift items from that Needless Markup store.  There are also deals on jewelry.  And you will always find clothing discounted for the whole family -- men and women, boys and girls and even infants.  There are also household items and gift items.

CA Liquidators
7344 Bandini Boulevard
Commerce, California 90040


Update November 23, 2012  We just got back from the CA Liqudiators warehouse sale in Commerce.  CA Liquidators has the giant warehouse on the west side of the 5 Freeway in Commerce and CA Liquidators is a giant liquidation company that buys excess merchandise from discount stores, department stores, manufacturers and wholesalers.  You will really find first quality merchandise for pennies on the dollar here, and discounts of 70% or more off of ticketed and department store prices are throughout the warehouse.

The CA Liquidators warehouse sale is on now and continues only until December 29th.  They are open every day.  Again, the sale is on only until December 29th.  You will find designer clothing, top brand shoes and major brand athletic shoes, toys, household goods, luggage, electronics, gift items and so much more.  Because this is a liquidation company new merchandise arrives at this outlet every day.  When I stopped in today I found NFL licensed tee shirts at 70% off, first quality flight bags and luggage at 70% off, major brand clothing at 70% off, and I also found designer clothing at 70% off and management asked me not to reveal the names.  Our Best Buys TV Show report about the holiday warehouse sale is below.  CA Liquidators is the supplier of many discount outlets and discount vendors around the country, and this is your chance to shop where the discount store owners also shop.

CA Liquidators
7344 Bandini Boulevard
Commerce, California 90040


Update November 8, 2012  About a year ago, Mary & Rafa's Discount Outlet moved to a new location -- and what a difference.  The new outlet building is huge, it is well stocked, the merchandise is neatly presented in sections and rows and there is plenty of free parking.  It it located just a few minutes from the Commerce exits of the 5 Freeway.  What is most impressive about Mary & Rafa's Discount Outlet now is the great selection of clothing and fine china that comes from big name department stores here in the Southern California area.  I am not allowed to tell you the names of the department stores -- but the brands on the fine china include the biggest including Gorham and Ralph Lauren and the prices at Mary & Rafa's are about 90% below the department store's original prices.  The fine china is neatly displayed and you can pick and choose the exact pieces you need to build your own set of fine china -- or you can pick up additional pieces for a setting you already have.  You will also find serving pieces.  You easily can put together place settings for four or six of the biggest names in fine china for about one place setting would cost at the department stores.

When it comes to clothing you will find a wide range of styles and you will find shoes and boots, too.  Some of the better clothing is carefully displayed on racks but you will find bargains loaded on the tables at the front of the outlet -- and here it's a real hunt for the deals.

Mary & Rafa's also has TVs, household appliances, and furniture and you will find seasonal items including holiday decorations and toys for Christmas.  These items came from some of the big club stores.  The outlet is open 7 days a week.  Monday through Friday the hours are 10-AM to 6-PM and Saturday and Sunday the hours are 9-AM to 6-PM.  You will always find discounts up to 50% off retail prices and sometimes more.  Our Best Buys TV Show report is below.  Remember that new merchandise arrives every day, so stop in often to see the new arrivals.  There are great prices on household necessities including cleaning supplies, paper towels, automotive necessities and these deals sell out quickly.

Mary & Rafa's Discount Outlet
1215 Washington Boulevard
Montebello, California


Please contact the 99-Cents Only Stores directly for their current deals.  The company likes to say that "there are almost 299 of the 99-Cents Only Stores."  Products frequently change for seasons and holidays.  For locations of the 99-Cents Only Stores go to or call (888) Lucky-99.


Update January 4, 2012  3-B is the name of a company that liquidators department store returns, factory overproduction, merchandise from other stores and merchandise from other liquidators and outlets in Huntington Park.  And yes, every garment is sold at 99-cents each.  You will find name brand clothing including jackets, skirts, women's fashions, kids fashions, men's clothing, even major brand name jeans.  You'll never know what will come onto the selling floor next at 3-B.  Look for the store with all of the 99-Cents Clothing signs and they are open every day of the year -- even holidays.  Sorry-- no phone number to call because they're too busy helping customers to take phone calls.  Check the clothing for tiny flaws from department store dressing rooms but all the clothing is new.  And expect to see clothing that might be a few seasons or a year old.

3-B 99-Cents Clothing
7010 Pacific Boulevard
Huntington Park, California


Update October 31, 2011  We are getting close to one of the busiest times of the year for buying jewelry -- the year-end holiday shopping season with Christmas, Hannukah and Kwanza.  And this is the time of year when some of the most prized gifts include diamond and gold jewelry and watches.  Many of us will make the trek to an outlet mall to save at outlets selling diamonds and gold jewelry and watches.  But most outlet malls are in the suburbs and you often have to drive an hour and spend at least half a day to look around.  And then you might find the prices aren't as low as you expect because in those big, fancy outlet malls the rents paid by the outlets can be high and those costs have to be passed along in the price tags.

So, you might want to check those smaller outlets in your neighborhood selling diamonds and gold jewelry and watches.  Now, you might be saying to yourself what outlets?  I'm talking about pawn shops.  They are all over Southern California and in some of the finest neighborhoods including Beverly Hills and they are all loaded with diamonds and gold jewelry and watches that are for sale.

Sometimes you will find brand new diamond and gold jewelry and brand new watches that were never worn.  But most of the time you will find older pieces which may be described as "classic pieces" and there is nothing wrong with classic diamonds or classic gold and there is certainly nothing wrong with some classic watches which can have a high collector value.

And let's be honest about something here: there is no such thing as old gold or old diamonds because all diamonds are millions of years old and all gold is millions of years old.  But if you don't like the classic setting that a diamond is in, pawn shops can sell you just the diamond or even reset the diamond for you into a contemporary setting.  Gold jewelry can be polished to look brand new.  And there is nothing wrong buying a classic Rolex watch.

And the best part of buying classic diamond and gold jewelry in a pawn shop, and buying classic watches, is that you really can save money.  But do shop around because prices will vary among pawn shops.  You might find that a particular older Rolex might have a different price in a Pasadena pawn shop and a Beverly Hills pawn shop.  I'm not saying which shop will have the lower price -- that's something you'll have to find out yourself.  Please check our page for Pawn Shop Deals / Loans.

Here on our new media website "Moneyman" Alan Mendelson who is the original Best Deals TV Show reporter on KCAL9 and consumer advocate, shows you the best deals on TV, and the best buys, bargains and where savvy shoppers go to save, and how to get the most for "your money" with the best of Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura County, Riverside County and San Bernardino County. Some content on is paid advertising. The Best Buys TV Show is a paid infomercial program which may also include news and information which is not sponsored or paid for by advertisers.

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