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Are you looking for a wedding planner or a venue for your wedding or your big event such as a party, reunion, or corporate event?  There are some places in Southern California that will give you a great location along with great service and of course great prices.  Here is where we will tell you about interesting places and services to check out for your parties and events including weddings and Bar Mitzvahs and Sweet 16 parties, as well as business meetings and events. We also have some online links to help you plan and celebrate your wedding and big events.


Update December 25, 2011  A year from now, I will be at the wedding of a relative.  What gift will I bring or give?  Some couples simply want or need a check.  Others have a plan and they "register" with a department store or different specialty stores and let their guests know what they will really like to receive.  I like the idea of a wedding registry.  I like to know that I'm buying the right gift, and I would hate to show up with a toaster oven only to find there are a dozen other toaster ovens on the gift table at the reception.  In fact, as soon as get a wedding invitation or even a "save the date announcement" I ask "are they registered anywhere?"

I would hope that retailers who do have wedding registries would also offer discounts to shoppers who give gifts through the registries.  And why not?  If Marco and Martha are announcing to their immediate 300 closest friends and relatives that they are registered at Joe's Magnificent Home Makeover and Plumbing Supply Store wouldn't Joe want to show some appreciation to Marco and Martha by extending some sort of discount?  So if you are the wedding couple going to a store to set up a wedding registry, why not ask if they will offer a discount because of the business you will be bringing in?  And if you do decide to give a gift by purchasing an item from a wedding registry set up at a store why not ask if there's a discount for gifts bought through the registry?


Update October 1, 2011  Well, it happened, someone came to our website looking fo ideas for a wedding on 12/21/12 or December 21, 2012.  If you think why not a wedding on 12/21/12 you've probably haven't heard yet that December 21, 2012 is the day that our world will be hit with some major calamity or life changing or even life ending event because 12/21/12 marks the end of the ancient Mayan calendar.  Some suggest the Earth will be swallowed up by a black hole or the earth will collide with a meteor that even Bruce Willis won't be able to stop as he did in the movie Armageddon.

But before you write off the end of mankind -- and womankind -- on 12/21/12 keep in mind that some say that this date will mark the start of a new and wonderful age for mankind.  Perhaps it will be the day that the cures for cancers of all kinds will be found, or perhaps it will be the day that Congress agrees on a way to balance the budget?

Well, it might also be a good day to get married even if your BFF is telling you that marriage is like a black hole and to consider getting married means you were hit in the head by a meteorite.

On our Forum I mentioned some commercial ideas for 12/21/12 that mostly include Las Vegas.  You can read that Forum by clicking here.  I am sure some Vegas wedding chapels will promote 12/21/12 as a great day to be married but they and other event planners are sure to be asked to be paid upfront just in case the world isn't here on December 22nd to collect on their bills.

But if you want to gamble on the world ending and on the big leap of faith called love, I guess Vegas is the best place to place your bets on December 21, 2012.

Just a couple of things to keep in mind:  12/21/12 is a Friday which might be a problem for your out-of-town guests.  It's also just days before Christmas and that could cause some scheduling conflicts.  Weather could be an issue for those who live in or travel from the snow belt.  And airfares might be higher than normal and honeymoon travel might be more expensive because of the holiday vacation season.

But a wedding on 12/21/12 is also an opportunity for some creative ideas.  As a centerpiece on each table at the party you can have a rock if you think an asteroid is going to hit us.  Or for the optimists, your wedding favors can include a leather-bound calendar and schedule book for 2013, or even a perpetual calendar.

I like the New Age belief that 12/21/12 will mark the start of a new, wonderful existence, and using this theme on your save-the-date announcement and wedding invitation and at your ceremony and wedding could really be fun and memorable and inspirational.

And just in case the doomsayers are wrong about 12/21/12 marking the end of the world, you might want to be sure you have that prenuptial agreement signed.


Update August 31, 2016  You gotta love Vegas for the way people get married and get engaged.  Some of you know that Shelley and I were married at a craps table at Caesars Palace -- with a Rabbi performing the ceremony and yes I stomped on the glass and the whole casino yelled Mazel Tov when I did.  About five years ago I reported how a couple got engaged at Bally's with a special jumbo slot machine.  He planned this with the help of the Bally's and she seemed totally surprised by the winning spin of the jumbo slot and by the ring... although we don't know exactly what surprised her more.  I thought getting married at a craps table was the ultimate Vegas event -- but rigging a slot machine to show the words "Will you marry me?" is pretty neat too.  And the advantage of the slot machine is, of course, that the groom-to-be didn't have to worry about choking on the words.  Bally's did have a video of this event on YouTube but the video has since been removed.  I don't know if that means the couple is still together or not.


Update April 22, 2011  For your guests, your wedding or other big event starts with the invitation.  Actually, it might even start with the "save the date" announcement that you will send them.   Celebrate can give you the expert care and service and ideas and planning to make everything for your wedding or special event come out perfectly from the save the date announcement to the invitation to thank you cards and they also do complete wedding and event planning.  They are also expert florists.  If you need a unique idea they can develop it for you and if you have a one-of-a-kind thought they can make it happen.  Their prices are always competitive and they can handle any budget -- big and small -- for flowers, invitations, event planning, bridal showers, stationery and more.  They have in-house designers to give you immediate attention.

Celebrate serves all of Southern California from their office and studio and showroom at 23127 Lyons Avenue, Newhall. 

Call them at (661) 259-8611 or go to their website for information and to see their photo galleries of floral designs, spectacular weddings, and invitations that prepare guests for an event they'll never forget.  This is where you should start your affair.  See our TV report below.


Update October 28, 2011  Before you get married in Las Vegas check out the website for information about the process (it's easy) and warnings that it might be too easy to get married and how there is a whole industry just waiting for you to show a glimmer of interest in tying the knot.  Oh, we don't want to discourage you, so we have some tips to make the process quick and easy just in case you want it quick and easy.


Here's something to plan for: a free wedding at the Anaheim Indoor Marketplace.  Really -- no kidding.  Every Valentine's Day, the Anaheim Indoor Marketplace gives free weddings to help lovers celebrate this special day.  The Anaheim Indoor Marketplace gives you the venue, pays for the various costs of a wedding, and they'll even throw in refreshments, limos, and more if you call and register your special event with them.  Read more about the Anaheim Indoor Marketplace on our "Discounters, Outlets in Orange County" page and call to register for the free wedding.  Call (714) 999-0888.  See our video report below.


A lot has happened since we first visited Boulder Creek Ranch about two years ago.  They had a devastating fire that destroyed their lodge and major facility, but they are back in business catering events in their large party tent.  Prices and features have changed since our first visit.  But Boulder Creek Ranch is still an interesting place to hold a wedding or other event.  Boulder Creek Ranch is at 10209 Choiceana Street, Hesperia.  This is off the 15 Freeway.  Call them at 866-841-9251 or go to for information.

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